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Ayomi (pronounced EYE-oh-mee) is a temperate terrestrial planet acting and seat of the nobility ruling the Entente of Ventemir. It is located within Ventemir. The planet has a fairly low population made up of mostly the nobility and aids for them. It was originally colonized by the State of Tenshi to act as the capital of their new gains in Ventemir. Tenshi has since lost its territory in the galaxy, with the planet becoming the capital of the independent Entente.

Currently, the planet is mostly pristine. The majority of its residents live in archologies dotted across the surface to preserve the native life. These multi-kilometer tall structures double as space elevators and head-quarters for operations of the noble organization. With a population of 4 billion, it has one of the smallest populations of any capital world.


The planet formed a mere 1.1 billion years ago, with life having only existing for the latter 575 million years of the planet's history. The planet lacks significant oceans, instead, the humid air condenses during the night, giving water to most of the planet besides its two large desserts.

The State of Tenshi first landed on the planet in 16,781 CE. It was not recognized as the capital until 16,790 when it proved to be isolated enough to be easily defended but near enough to important worlds to enforce their resolutions.

After being colonized, the large archologies were built all over the planet. In addition to these archologies were thousands of symbolic structures honoring various Monarchs (heads of the family) or former leaders in many of the toppled civilizations that once existed in Ventemir. One monument in particular generates the most tourism. This monument is a three thousand square kilometer park situated in one of the most fertile areas on the planet. It contains large statues representing each species in the Entente. This includes species not native to the galaxy such as Humanity and Dotsk which have a somewhat significant presence in the galaxy.

Native Life

The native life on the planet is almost entirely terrestrial with only a small number of aquatic bacteria exist in underground deposits under the surface. This life is mostly communal, evolving through cooperation rather than competition. Algae-like cells form groups analogous to plants and even life similar to bacteria cooperate. While not exactly a rare occurrence in the universe, this life is still intriguing for having developed multicellular behavior before even developing organelles.

Locomotion is not common. Only a handful of species exhibit it. This is mostly for the spores of these species and not the actual organisms themselves. These spores use large amounts of energy to spin a propeller-like organ affixed to the main body to quickly fly through the air. The spores usually fly for approximately three minutes before running out of energy where they then glide to their final resting place. They are usually several millimeters across at the largest.