Azlan, also known as RS8474-1353-7-1552478-36 A3, is a temperate terra in the Alessi-Teutsch 3 cluster that is the "homeworld" of a group of Humans who were separated from their kin on Earth.


Azlan formed somewhere around the year 8,245,000,000 BCE in what is now the Alessi-Teutsch 3 cluster. However, it was only around 7,000 BCE that Humans were taken from Earth to live there. The first civilizations popped up around 1,000 BCE, and Bronze Working was invented in 750 BCE. It was only by 7,500 CE that the species invented it's first ship capable of FTL travel. It was close to this time that Humans from the Confederacy of Borealis found the planet. Within a few centuries, the planet, and by extension, the "Azlani Humans" as they are known, joined the Confederacy. It is now one of the most populated planets in the Alessi-Teutsch 3 cluster, and is also known to be a world of scientists.For more info go to timelline of Akirti system


Azlan is a planet filled with great plains, towering mountains, and vast deserts. There is a singular continent, one which the Azlani Humans call "Shentori". There are no polar ice caps at this point, seeing as they melted about 30 years prior to first contact.


Azlani Humans - The Azlani Humans are Humans, plain and simple. They have very few biological differences to Humans from Earth, save for that they grow slightly shorter (about an inch shorter) due to the marginally stronger gravity.

Azlani Nightstalker - The Azlani Nightstalker is an Ambush Predator native to the Island of Lukarna. It's mouth is made up of two halves, each facing each other vertically instead of horizontally.

Corohawk - The Corohawk is an avian creature that typically feeds on insects and small animals. They typically grow to 99 cm in length.

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