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Azulithilid are a common species of aquatic Aquinlumismeridiem native to many deep-sea locations across Haven's saltwater oceans, though they are most commonly found within the southern Geilda Ocean, towards the continent of Vanriel, as they will typically grow in larger number in colder climates. The Azulithilid have a theorized global population of around two million. Serving as one of the most common Aquinlumismeridiem, the Azulithilid is a very famous species of aquatic flora among Haven's sapient populace, being used in the creation of numerous pieces of cultural art and iconography.


Azulithilid share many of the common traits known to species who fall under the Aquinlumismeridiem phylum, however, they have a fairly unique configuration in which they grow, forming a strange web-like maze of various stalks made from hardened AquinluminIfrarqel, giving the respective individual Azulithilid a glass-like texture and appearance. And much like most Aquinlumismeridiem flora species of Haven, the Azulithilid glow in a constant, faint blue-colored light through a process of bioluminescence the chemical of AquinuminIfrarqel takes once obscured from natural light. Which the Azulithilid uses to entice deep sea species of fauna to partake in consuming its stalks, which in turn will spread its saplings farther out into the deep than its normal sapling secretion method.

Unlike many Aquinlumismeridiem species that exist in depths as great as the Azulithilid exist within, the aforementioned species are fairly brittle, being able to be broken with very little effort by most aquatic species of fauna. As a result, an Azulithilid will have its stalks constantly broken in half by the slightest of nudges from a creature, and it will begin to regrow itself, only taking a standard hour to regrow completely, this time frame also applies to the saplings of the Azulithilid, as they spring up from a sapling only a standard hour after their creation.


Due to how brittle and weak the Azulithilid's structure is compared to other Aquinlumismeridiem species, the sapient populace of Haven does not often use the Azulithilid in the construction of structures or many objects. The notable exception would be that the Azulithilid is often times used in the creation of various pieces of jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, as the dim azure-blue light produced by them is considered to be very aesthetically appealing by many. The majority of the time, however, many of Haven's people use them to illuminate aquariums of theirs, as well as to give other ambient pools of water a deep blue glow.

Along with sapient species preferring other Aquinlumismeridiem species in the creation of protective structures, various species of aquatic fauna usually ignore the Azulithilid, with the exception of sustenance. However, some small species of fish have been known to create small nests within the maze-like layout of its stalks, laying their eggs deep within the sand to further protect them. This may seem foolish, however, the blue glow produced by the respective Azulithilid has been shown to divert a would-be predator's attention away from the fish and their clutch, causing them to eat their fill with the aforementioned Aquinlumismeridiem instead.