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I once looked towards this galaxy with wonder. It was small, but it would be a serene, isolated paradise for my people. Oh, how wrong I was...

Azurullya is one of the smallest galaxies in the Universe. While small, it possesses a very distinctive ringed shape and a deep cerulean hue. Under the control of the Theocracy of Silverstar, the galaxy has flourished and grown into a cohesive empire, despite only possessing three native sapient species. A large majority of the population are the descendants of immigrants from the older major empires.

The galaxy's main population center is the planet Oaliun, which hosts an extensive space station known as the Starforge. The star system is located in the Thavius Arm, a dust ring surrounding the central core and the primary star-forming region. The galaxy is home to few places one could call normal. Aberrations exist in unreasonable quantities throughout Azurullya's turbulent whirlpool of stars and gas. Everything from nebulae to stars to comets and minerals and people make up the massive catalog of aberrations that the Theocracy has created.

Although the Theocracy is an unusual form of government, it has had positive impacts on the environment in Azurullya. Political and religious unity are one and the same, which, under the impeccably stable rule of Moonmoon, creates one of the most unified nations in the known universe. This unity allows for elaborate projects to be undertaken and completed. Through the combined efforts of the Theocracy, life in the tumultuous galaxy is at least manageable for most people.

Azurullya contains just over 4.46 billion stars, none of which are older than 7.8 billion years. The interstellar medium also seems to share this age. Isolated stellar systems and a lack of supernovas also suggest that the galaxy has not been the site of any major star formation bursts in the past. All sources show a constant state of being, however that saying can apply to such a chaotic galaxy, since 7.8 billion years ago. No evidence of any matter in the galaxy exists before that. The galaxy is younger than any other galaxy in the universe, but theories seem to suggest that it may have had a sort of "refresher event" caused by one of the Shrieking Eye's ancient aberrations. Much like the process of starbirth, it is believed that a wave of chaos and creation happened to the galaxy, causing all matter to be destroyed and recreated.

Galaxies are organic, ever-changing creatures. Starbirth and violent stellar death cause ripples in the stars around them. Azurullya is this chaos tenfold denser than any other galaxy. The turbulent flow of stars and nebulae blends the galaxy together into a violent cosmic whirlwind faster than any large spiral. Even the voids of solitude, or what remains of them, which exist throughout the galaxy, have not been stable homes to life. The Theocracy may have made the galaxy more livable for most, but they cannot stop the chaos that is fundamental to the very nature of Azurullya.

Galactic Geography


Azurullya's core is a strangely peaceful region. The stars nearest the center of the galaxy move slowly and predictable compared to the outer regions, almost as if they are afraid to be noticed

Thavius Arm

Arc of Ouveris

Caerulem Termina


Notable Locations

  • Oaliun
  • Entroph
  • Smohera
  • Rylehcastra


Azurullya is not a quiet galaxy that plays by the rest of the Universe's rules. Azurullya is driven, it seems, to be independent from everything else. Thousands of materials and objects that do not abide by the wider Universe's laws exist within this galaxy's reaches, far too numerous and some far too powerful and large to contain. Within the domain of Azurullya, all are subject to the rules within.

Thyridium-type Aberrations

Thyridium-type aberrations are unorthodox materials that originate from within and remain almost entirely inside of Azurullya. While some of these are newer and more local, a majority of Thyridium aberrations can be found throughout all of the Cerulean Vortex.

Crystalline, translucent, and glimmering, the keys to the Universe exist in this substance. Scattered in vast quantities throughout the galaxy, interstellar travel has never been made easier.

Sphaera-type Aberrations

Shaera-type aberrations are celestial bodies with extraordinary properties. Usually, material from Sphaera aberrations will contain muted properties of the original. Through this, completely destroyed Sphaera can disperse and become a new Thyridium aberration. Alternatively, some Sphaera are the result of Thyridium aberrations coalescing in high amounts on a celestial body.

Tryptanyon star.png
Tryptanyon Stars
Hypertryptine may bend space, but in the hearts of stars it bends time instead. Aeons pass far away while seconds pass at their surface...

Torratolys (former)
Once, the Torratolys blessed the worlds of Azurullya with bounty and life. Once, the Torratolys knew the joy of complete creation. Once, the Torratolys was whole and roamed the cerulean skies. Now, the shards of the once-great Painter of Worlds cry out in loneliness, scattered across a verdant world.

Dexotrau's Infinite Starquake
A star, once burning bright, doomed to blow itself to pieces. One hour left before the main explosion, one hour left until its worlds are annihilated... but that one hour never passed. The star lies, half dead, in stasis...

Womb of Chaos.jpeg
The Womb of Chaos

Deagami Nebulis - A Series of Extraplanar Nebulae

The Deagami Nebulis are a collection of 7 nebulae that have not dissipated into the vortex of Azurullya for billions of years. They remain bright and each have anomalous properties that affect everything inside of them. Additionally, each one appears to be connected to a tiny, unique plane known as a Deagami. Deagami are unfathomably difficult to access.

The Nightmarelunen is a crimson red nebula that spans a few light years. When too many people enter, calamity befalls those within and Azurullya screams in horror...







Sapienma-type Aberrations

Sapienma-type aberrations are bound to a person. They usually manifest in the form of an unnatural ability or form. These are the rarest type of aberration within the galaxy, as they can almost never be passed down through bloodlines and only last a few hundred years at most.