The Bablet are an energy-based intelligent species native to the Janus Network of naturally occurring wormholes spread all across the Ambrosia Galaxy. Their exact date of evolution is unknown, however records of their existence have been traced all the way back to the year 11,780,000,000 BCE, during the reign of the Ones that Came Before.


The Bablet are amongst the oldest, and most mysterious beings to ever inhabit the Ambrosia Galaxy. Originating from within the Janus Network, they stand as one of the few sapient races to hold dominion over the aforementioned network. Thanks to this, the Bablet have been known to many different sapient races and civilizations across Ambrosian history, however no known formal contact has ever been established by any civilization outside of the Janus Network, as they seem to lack interest in the ongoings of the wider Ambrosia Galaxy.

They stand as the most mysterious member race of the Janus Network, due to their isolationist nature, never communicating with any who are not considered amongst their number. This seems to be in direct contradiction to the other sapient races of the Janus Network, as formal relations have been established with them by a select handful of Ambrosain civilizations throughout the eons.

Though no formal contact has been established, the Bablet are evidently aware of sapient life outside of the Janus Network, as they have been known to intervene whenever a ship maybe entering within a Janus Gateway considered to be within Bablet territory, usually simply ejecting them from traversing the gateway any further. In rare cases, the Bablet have been known to forcefully capture respective ships outside of the network into a gateway, transporting them to wherever they wish, though the exact reason they do this remains unknown.

Despite their lack of interest outside of the Janus Network, the Bablet have fought over dominion of the respective gateway system for countless eons, battling with the handful of other supernatural races that call the network home. The most notable of these would be their constant border skirmishes with the Khakilagat, another sapient race native to the Janus Network.

These conflicts aren't waged in the traditional sense, with armies being formed and battles begin fought across border lines. Instead, a strange game of opening and losing different Janus Gateways is had, with the victor being determined by who can create the most complex new maze-like corridor within the Janus Network.


Baseline Biology

The Bablet appear to be made out of a string of mysterious energy, which takes the vague visage of the top half of your typical humanoid species, complete with arms and what appears to be a head. While towards the bottom most section of their bodies, a long electric tails like appendage is located, giving the Bablet an almost "ghostlike" appearance. Located at what would be their shoulders, large pauldron-like arcs of lighting extend for several meters in the direction opposite to the rest of their bodies.

The exact size of a Bablet can range depending on how large said Bablet decides to make itself appear as at the time, however their size can only be within the boundaries of the respective Janus Gateway they are currently within, meaning they can not exceed the size of its boundaries. As a result, the Bablet can be extremely massive, with some being reported as large as entire continents, making them one of the largest living entities within the Ambrosia Galaxy. This ability seems to be exclusive to the Bablet when compared to the other sapient races of the Janus Network, as they all appear to have an exact size they all adhere to biologically, and it remains unknown as to what exact beneficial purpose this has.

The energy that comprises their being isn't very well understood to any race outside of the Janus Network, however given where they originate, as well as their physically similar appearance, the Bablet are more then likely made from the same sort of mysterious natural energy created from within the Janus Network itself. How this energy is created or forms sapience remains unknown, and the exact composition and nature is also a mystery as it cannot be extracted by any known means.

Janus Network Manipulation

Like all races who have emerged from within the Janus Network, the Bablet have the supernatural ability to control the Janus Gateways that comprise, being able to open, close, or traverse them at will. While they are unable to create wholly new gateways, they are able to link two separate ones together, then place them in a new location across Ambrosian space, in a manner akin to that of creating a wholly new gateway. The limits of this aren't very well understood, but it seems that a single Bablet is only able to open and close one gateway at a time, requiring a group of them to be able to manipulate large swaths of various gateways.

The senses of the Bablet seems to be connected with that of the respective gateway they are currently within, being able to supernaturally sense whenever something is approaching them, then quickly weaving themselves out of the way of the oncoming object. Along with this, the Bablet are able to communicate with each other by sending various electrical impulses across the structure of the Gateway, allowing for near instant communication across almost any distance within the Gateway.

How the Bablet move about is also akin to that of all races who call the Janus Network home, as they have the ability to eave their respective bodies across the energy that surrounds the Gateway they are currently within. The exact speed of this isn't exactly known, however it seems to be fairly slow compared to an object being sent through the Gateway, with a Bablet only being able to move several astronomical units at a time.


Outward Behavioral Traits

The Bablet hold the crown as the most aggressive in terms of their isolationist behavior towards other sapient races amongst the races of the Janus Network, never interacting with any species outside of their own kind. As well, they are often times outwardly aggressive to the other sapient races that call the Janus Network home, always closing off their respective gateways form being able to be traversed by anyone else, as well as attempting to overtake gateways not inhabited by them, though the latter of which they are usually unsuccessful in due to lacking great coordination as compared to the other sapient races.

While they are withdrawn from the other races of the Janus Network, they outwardly show aggression and hostility towards their most despised rivals, the Khakilagat, so much so that their normally peaceful conflicts may actually turn violent, with actual causalities being experienced by both sides, though these events are fairly rare then compared to most conflicts the two partake in. Why this is the case remains unknown to any outward observers, but the two have seemed to be at odds for their entire respective existences, and it seems that this hostility will not end anytime soon.

Internal Behavioral Traits

The Bablet's behavior to one another is much more accommodating, as all Bablet are linked within a shared hivemind, as well as each one having a friendly demeanor to one another. Specific Bablet groups within a gateway will form into disparate hiveminds from one another, but despite this, the cooperative nature will almost always carry over amongst the numerous Bablet groups that are known to exist. However, it extremely rare cases, small internal conflicts amongst Bablet groups have been known to occur across the eons, however these are few and far between, as well as usually being brought about due to overpopulation within a singular Gateway.

Each Bablet hivemind has a respective hierarchy which is seemingly decided at pure random, however the chain of command seems to be universal amongst all known hiveminds, with a Bablet monarch holding the title as leader of the respective hivemind. The monarch will decide on all matters and actions that their individual Bablet group takes, including expansion into other Gateways. The exact nature of the monarch will vary depending on each Bablet hivemind in question, with some choosing to remain within their Gateway of origin, while others choose to expand their kind across any Gateway they come into contact with, usually leading to conflict with the other sapient races who call these respective Gateways home.

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