Balaena Magnas were ancient amphibious creatures native to planet Douma of the Hope System. They once dominated the planet, however after Acconda crossed into Douma's orbit, they all but fell to ruin. They existed from 3,400,001,030 BCE to 1,600,215,000 BCE.


The Balaena Magna most closely resembled the ancient Earth species the Diplocaulus, albeit much larger. The Balaena Magna were three hundred and seventy seven kilometers in length. How they grew to this size in currently unknown.

They were so large that smaller creatures would create entire ecosystems on top of them, burrowing within it's large scales as nesting grounds. It is believed that the Balaena Magna acquired sustenance through a strange form of photosynthesis interacting with the Magna Particle within them.

Balaena Magna were spread far and wide from each other. Two standard weeks after birth a Balaena Magna begins to move away from their mothers to find a new nest. Once they reach adulthood they begin to search for a mate. After a mate has been found they both burrow within the nest and the cycle begin anew.

A Balaena Magna nest was typically created underwater, however in rare occasions they've been known to create a nest on dry land. Some Balaena Magna nests exist on the planet today, however they've fallen into decay. Their life span was typically around seventy two local years.

Magna Particle

The Magna Particle is a particle that existed within Balaena Magna' bone marrow, and still exists within their fossils, all be it much diminished. How a strange powerful particle like this only arose within these creatures is unknown. It was soon discovered that it could be used to create vast amounts of energy, leading to further colonization of the planet.

The Balaena Magna completely relied on this particle for everything, nourishment, movement, sight, and organ functions. The particle is so plentiful that it powers nearly three percent of all energy used by the Ambrosia Alliance. However, reliance on a limited resource is considered to be ill-advised by the Confederacy. The creation of this particle using artificial means is consistently being researched, cloning of the Balaena Magna is also being researched.

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