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" I'm not sure if this is the most cruel and dangerous place in the Entire known Universe, but definitely, it is in Herschel Space. Here, only the law of the strongest apply. Be aware at all times of your surroundings as you never know who would stab you in the back as soon as you are distracted. Home to runaways and criminals, its the headquarters of the Farschlag Syndicate. Everything you seek that is illegal can be found here." - Ero Lokara, Criminal Hunter

Banush is a planet in the Yehen System, in the Edira Galaxy. It is located in the outskirts of Herschel Space, however, it is far from the Nations of Herschel Space or any nation for that matter. This has made it an ideal spot for the Headquarters of the Criminal organization known as the Farshlag Syndicate.

The world has its own intelligent primitive lifeform, the Woima. But it was heavily settled by the Ekku, who displace them. The colony however, was very rural and hold very little Ekku. This race was then force to turn into criminal activities to survive, not only their harsh environment but their isolated area of space. Most notably, they turned into contraband. This led to contact with many alien races across the universe, with many settling in the Planet. The Ekku then transformed themselves into large scale traficants, smugglers and so on. Due to this, alongside other races they gather to found the Farshlag Syndicate.

The planet is arid and rocky, with life based on crustacean like creatures, moisture and spike like vegetation. Several large deserts cover the planet surface, with cold tundric areas in the north and south and burning sand deserts towards the equator.

Due to the far nature of this world, those who were persecuted in their nation without a place to hide, could seek refuge here.


The Planet has 3 rocky moons, known as Ushu, Zishu and Rashu.

It has only one large ocean, known as the Meishi Ocean, splitting the planet on two continent, Ishra and Shaish.

  • Shaish: This continent is very large, it has a sandy climate towards the center and very arid and tundric towards the north and south. Most of the cities and settlements are built near the rivers and water sources.
  • Ishra: Also known for being very rocky, in its northern oceanic shore large tundric areas extend, with many farms of moisture and fungus. On the other side large lands of rocks are built, with some Woima tribes holding large areas of the territory.
  • Rashu: Its a continent is the smallest


The planet saw the evolution of the Woima, tribal like creatures who live scattered all over the planet. This primitive creatures were displaced when the Ekku, seeking an isolated planet to scaped to, settled down, establishing the first settlements. Several conflicts and assaults arose among the Ekku and the Woima, being the later transformed into scavengers and raiders of Ekku settlements. This has prevail even to this day. As the Ekku were isolated by the rest of their species in a hard to live environment, even to them, they had to turn to illegal activities to support the viability of their homeworld.

Soon, they became a criminal organization of their own, acting inside Ekku space. They began as well forming ties with other criminal organizations. Attacks on the planet followed by other Ekku areas, but thanks to this criminal associations they managed to defeat the attacks and resist. Later, they did the same helping their criminal allies respectively. In the centuries to follow, they came to be so tied together, especially with the Aldorian Clans, the Krizik Criminal organizations and the Large Lewisian Criminal organizations, they join to form the Farshlag Syndicate.

The Criminal organization needed to support itself with a hidden heaven, isolated from direct action from large nations, like the Lewis Nations, the Krizik Nations or the Aldorian Nations, so Banush, on the other side of the known universe made the planet perfect to be set as the capital of the organization.


The total population of the planet is around 800 million people. Most live in the shores of the oceans and large rivers. The Colder tundric areas are more populated than the sandy deserts. The Rocky area of Ishra, holds almost a third of the entire Woima tribes. The rest of the Woima live dispersed all over the rest of the region, with some living under slavery, since even the time of the Ekku arrival.

About 18% of the population is Ekku, 16% is Woima, 10% is Krizik, 10% is Aldorian, 14% is Human and the rest, 32% is made of many other Alien races (Arati, Murban, Noraki, Koors, Yakons, Korkas, etc.. ).