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The Barnel-Manwe are a bipedal intelligent species hailing from the world of Erhm. They are the prime species of the People's Coalition of Erhm, and a major player in the entire Eulciar Galaxy and Eulciar Union of Nations.


The Barnel-Manwe evolved from slow-moving bacteria living on nitrothermal vents on the bottom of the ocean floors of Erhm. Their predecessors crawled up onto land, and through numerous mass extinctions the rise of the mammal-analogue creatures took place, mirroring what has happened on thousands of other, warmer, worlds.

The primitive Barnel-Manwe set up a rudimentary agricultural civilization, but they could not sustain the numbers that came with their reproductive biology. Their civilization collapsed, and they learnt to be hunter-gatherer's again. However, one had the genius idea to kill one out of every two baby Barnel-Manwe, a idea that was rejected at first but slowly opened up to. This idea is taboo to speak about in Barnel-Manwe culture, as almost all Barnel-Manwe find the idea abhorrent.

With their population in check, they developed from a agricultural civilizations to a industrial civilization remarkably quickly, considering their extremely long lifespan at the time (>400 years). After only ten thousand years from the idea (around 25 generations) they had split the atom and had had three world wars.

They quickly realised the power that they had, as well as the opportunities that they could have. They quickly advanced into space with a fever that has not been matched since, and have stayed there ever since.


Barnel-Manwe culture is very hedonistic, focusing on the sacrosanctity of pleasure and happiness. It is from this that the religion Baeterism was founded.

Food, Drink, Sport, Music, Dance, Festival, Religion, it is all present here in extremely large amounts. On every world that you go to in Barnel-Manwe space, it is considered a crime not to participate in any 'cultured' activity.


Muscular System

The Barnel-Manwe, compared to other species on their planet, are remarkably muscular. They use similar systems to most other life in the galaxy, albeit slower and colder.

Circulatory System

The Barnel-Manwe do not have a heart. Instead, throughout their veins, there are thousands of miniature valves and pumps that creature pressure differentiations on one side and the other. These serve to move the blood around the body. The blood is also at a temperature of around 24 degrees C, compared to the rest of the body at a temperature of negative 200 degrees C. There is a lot of insulation surrounding the veins, which is one reason why the Barnel-Manwe do not have a central heart.

Digestive System

The Barnel-Manwe have one stomach which digests all of the food and liquifies is, before sending it onto the intestines. The intestines then proceed to suck all the water and nutrients out of the remaining food, and the remainder of the food is defecated. As Barnel-Manwe digestive system is not has efficient as other digestive systems in existence, the Barnel-Manwe often defecates tw to three times as much as would be average for other lifeforms with more efficient systems.

Reproductive System

Barnel-Manwe reproduce sexually, with spermatozoa being injected into the female to fertilise numerous eggs that have been released. Up to twenty eggs can be released at a time, though the average is about six. The female then releases the fertilised eggs from her body, to be cared for and nurtured until they hatch.

Barnel-Manwe population grows quickly because of this, with each birth adding around six new people to the world. Couple that with the Barnel-Manwe hedonistic lifestyle, you have the average couple having around a dozen to fifty children.

Caste System

There are four castes that a Barnel-Manwe can belong to. Each has different abilities and standard bodies, and each can only mate with another of their caste.


The Workers comprise of the manual labour workforce of the civilization, providing the brute force and labour that a nation needs to run itself. Workers are highly valued, as without them the entire Barnel-Manwe civilization would fail.

Workers are bipedal, with six arms sprouting out of their shoulders and sides. Each arm has a separate 'brain' which report to the primary brain situated in the head. This gives the arms semi-autonomy, so that tasks can be accomplished quicker and more efficiently.

They are often described as extremely muscular, not too bright and placid.


Warriors are exactly that - the fighters of the society. They make up the majority of the military, where they work off their surplus aggression by punching bags.

The Warriors come in different forms. The most common is the bipedal warrior, though there is also a quadrupedal warrior and a combination of the two. They are extremely muscular, and follow orders to the letter. They are not to bright, and have a huge amount of aggression.


Watchers are the scientists, the politicians, the admirals. They are the ones that run the society, but would not be able to actually do the stuff that they tell their subordinates to do.

Watchers are bipedal, with four arms. Each arm has semi-autonomy, not too help with tasks, like the Worker, but to contribute to the total brain power of the entity. Watchers are extremely intelligent and erudite, and often seem arrogant and aloof to those who observe from outside.


Walkers are those who carry out the orders of the Watchers. They fill out the positions of priests, entertainers and the primary workforce. They are the ones who run the civilizations, from the IT consultants to the phone operatives.

Walkers are usually bipedal with two arms. They have a singular brain, unlike other castes, but they do have a stronger muscles than the average Watcher. The Walkers are the ones in between, the everyday Barnel-Manwe.


Barnel-Manwe society is centred around hedonism. They live lives of luxury and pleasure, at the detriment of their non-sentient servants, the Tarr'vahash.

Since they live lives of extreme pleasure and opulence, they are usually described as 'spoilt children', who would do anything to get what they want and then quickly grow bored of it.