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When the Stiveerian Fleet entered point-blank range, Amahaers ordered all ships to crash into the Stiveerian ships, greatly increasing the chances for the Stiveerian fleet to destroy their own ships with friendly fire or by causing an Alliance ship to explode. Amahaers then ordered all ships to fire their guns on the Stiveerian capital ships.

This destroyed both of the Stiverian Dreadnoughts, 3 out of their 4 carriers, and a battleship. a second battleship was destroyed when a Stiveerian counterattack detonated an Alliance destroyer hugging the side of the battleship, causing the battleship to be destroyed along with the destroyer.

With his ship in critical condition, Amahaers had all ships execute a hasty retreat behind an asteroid moon. Varkrox was dead, all but one of the Stiveerian capital ships were destroyed, and their fleet was in disarray.


After Amahaers patched up his fleet, he attacked the Stiveerian fleet once again, forcing the final Stiveerian batteship to retreat. Using corvettes, Amahaers maneuvered the Stiveerian destroyers and cruisers into each other, causing more Stiveerian losses as well as causing Stiveerian morale to fall.

In the chaos of the battle, a single Alliance destroyer charged straight into a crusier's engine block, ripping the cruiser in half. The Destroyer, named the Rosnar, found itself in the middle of the Stiveerian fleet. One of the Stiveerian cruisers, which had been assigned as the new flagship, noticed the Rosnar and ordered all ships to fire Armor-Penetration shells and missiles at it, thinking that no destroyer would be foolish enough to charge into an entire enemy fleet alone and that it must be a capital ship.

Nearly every Stiveerian ship fired apon the Rosnar. shells and missiles flew throughout it's hull, depressurizing passageways and killing crew. The survivors put on spacesuits and went back to their stations, promptly shooting up the Stiveerian's new flagship. A second destroyer, the Andioth, left the Alliance formation, following the Rosnar's lead. this destroyer was correctly identified as a destroyer, and had it's reactor blasted out. The crew scrambled to the escape pods, and most managed to escape. A Stiveerian cruiser was shooting down the Andioth's escape pods, so the Rosnar shot up that cruiser too, all the while getting more holes in it by the other Stiveerian ships.

The Stiveerian fleet finally realized that Amahaers was not dead, and that he was on a crusier. the third ship in the Stiveerian fleet to be given the role of flagship ordered the surviving 2 crusiers, as well as a handful of destroyers, to attack Amahear's cruiser.

The Rosnar noticed this and went ahead and shot up some of those ships, because of course it did. finally, the Stiveerians realized that the Rosnar was not, in fact, a capital ship and switched to High-explosive shells and missiles.

Late Battle

Explosions rocked the torn-up hull of the Rosnar. the captain, his arm getting blown off in the explosions, somehow got his ship away from the battle and behind the previously mentioned asteroid moon. Meanwhile, back in the battle, Stiveerian morale had dropped entirely. the remaining ships jumped away, a few even crashing into each other,


Shortly after the battle ended, massive Alliance revolts caused the Stiveerian President to grant the Alliance independence.

Amahaers resigned from leadership, unwilling to continue carrying out his duties now that the Alliance was free

What remained of the Rosnar was towed back to Etpri, where it has become a museum ship, restored to it's state before the battle

The Captain of the Rosnar, Sorzean Fudha, would be given an equivalent to the Medal Of Honor in the United States today, for his bravery (and quite possibly stupidity) during the battle. He would live for 4 more years on a quiet farm in Etpri, but died of severe stress caused by PTSD from the battle. Aboard the Rosnar, a memorial is dedicated to him.

Artist's Interpretation of the Battle Of Etpri

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