The Battle of Nuetis was an uprising, which was conducted by a rebellious force now named the Khanolian State of Collective Star Systems. This war took place on their homeworld, Nuetis. This battle originally started after a large group of citizens formed an uprising, right after their civilization surrendered to the Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction. This was likely the only major genocide that backfired on the Nawians, and it forced them to be more serious with their genocide program. Since then, no successful uprisings have occurred to this day.


Before the Battle of Nuetis began, there were several civilizations that formed an alliance against the Nawians. Once a genocide had begun on them, they underestimated the sheer Nawian fleet power. They were easily defeated, and the KSCSS was the last to fall. The populous was enraged when they were forced to surrender, but it was all in order to preserve the Khanolian race.

The populous of Nuetis was the most angered. They saw that their freedom was stripped away, and they were confined to large urban and rural complexes. For most of the day, the Khanolians would perform harsh manual labor, while also being frequently abused by their captors. Many other Khanolians, forced into run-down homes, had to live the life of constant fear and paranoia. Raids against their housing blocks were also frequent, to make sure that there were no rebels.

However, there was one resilient group of Khanolians, who would do anything to have even slight freedom. They set up many areas in the harsh areas of Nuetis, and began to form a group of rebels. This task was very difficult, as many surveying drones would come by. If they detected even a slight discrepancy, soldiers and the planetary police force would investigate. Many rebels were caught this way, and promptly sent to eternal torture, or straight up executed. Ones who resisted arrest, (most of them) were sent to a capital prison on Mor-Tibv, where the torture and executions regularly happened.

Even with these factors, the group of rebels stood strong. In their history, they elected many advisors and leaders, with the one active during the rebellion being Gounha Lopo. Gounha was a former soldier in the Khanolian military, and had much more fighting experience than the police officers. He would often recruit several dozen people to go on raids against the weaker Nawian bases, which centered a lot of attention to him. Many Nawian forces dismissed the rebellion as a tiny underground force, though.

After a subsequent amount of raids against important Nawian facilities. It appeared as if they had enough. Security in the cities became even tighter, and manual labor seemed never-ending. This only made the rebels angrier, performing attacks even faster, and more efficiently. Many rebels at this point reverse-engineered the Nawian technology, and they gained access to advanced machinery.

The Uprising

After many years of preparation, the rebellious group on Nuetis had garnered millions of members. Much of these members were disguised as citizens, and were not armed heavily. The older and more experienced rebels were constantly in hiding, with access to many reverse-engineered weaponry. New technologies also entered rebel hands, making an uprising more likely. The many other Khanolians that were not apart of the rebel group heard word of a potential uprising, and were hopeful for the future.

Suddenly, it began. It happened without warning, and at the night, when the police force was at rest. The rebels in the city called for arms, and the battles began. Cities were eventually lit on fire with incendiary weapons, and citizens eventually got the message. Most citizens, humiliated by the war, joined the rebels and armed themselves with whatever they could. There was hardly any coordination in the cities, just turmoil.

As the uprising was in full force, the Nawians realised what has happened. They sent a small section of their military to deal with the problem, thinking that it was not much but a small attack. The initial ships were heavily outnumbered, as rebel craft took to the skies and shot them down. Calls for backup were made, and the Nawians began to get angry. Much more soldiers and ships were sent, and strategic bombing took place. This only heightened the war, and the rebel weapons' factories began pushing out a large sum of firearms. Shipyards were also besieged, and advanced Nawian scout craft was under rebel control.

The rebels did not win everything, however, and many urban areas were flushed from them. The rural areas were completely run over with them, though. Manufacturing sectors were also fiercely guarded, and guerilla war began to occur. More scout ships were stolen, and flown to retake the cities. These operations mostly failed, so the rebels looks towards the stars.


After the rebel spied heard word of more Nawian forces approaching Nuetis, they knew that constant defense operations would be hopeless. By now, many small and medium-class ships were taken from the Nawians, and many rebels began to evacuate to the Commonwealth. While many ships were destroyed, a few managed to cross the border into embassy stations. After many days of this process, the Nawian forces created a blockade around Nuetis, preventing anybody from escaping. The war still raged on for many more months, with at least one city being under attack at a time.

By now, the Nawians were getting increasingly annoyed at the rebel forces, as it seemed attacks would never end. Attempts to reinstate their forced failed most times, as a result of the rebel's sheer numbers. As the Nawians were ready to send full military force to the region, the Commonwealth soon heard of what was going on. Eventually, local Commonwealth forces supplied the rebels with many ships, supplies, and technology. After they were supplied, they sneakily returned, and they gave the technology to the remaining forces.

CUEN Aiding

When the Nawians sent their first end of their military, they were surprised at the technological advantage that the Khanolians had. Most of the planets population, which were rebels, had begun to reclaim their cities, and institute freedom again. This was short-lived as the Nawians punched back with their ship number advantage. Almost anyone on Nuetis was taken in for questioning, or simply killed where they were. The rebels were simply too numerous.

As more waves of Nawian ships arrived, the rebelling Khanolians had an ever-increasing amount of trouble fending them off. Cities became wastelands, and hope appeared to dwindle as the rebellion lengthened. Still, rebels kept fighting day after day, stronger than ever. Defection was also easier as the blockade was disabled for a few weeks around this point. The CUEN also learned more about the Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction, taking note on their ideology and reasoning behind the recent conflict. After only days of hard investigation, the CUEN decided to declare war on the Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction.

When war was declared, the Dzar-Nawi Galactic Entente was very much nervous. They knew little about the Commonwealth, other than the fact that it was a formidable threat. Still, they continued their bombardments on Nuetis and nearby planets. The Nawian forces seemed to cower in fear after relatively small CUEN fleets completely flattened their best. Eventually, the Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction surrendered quickly, but this was not informed to the public. Instead, the Nawian people were told that the Commonwealth was a 'nuisance', and more misinformation was told to keep the perfect image of the Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction.


After the CUEN fended off the Nawians, the Khanolian rebels re-founded their homeworld, and began reconstruction. the CUEN also admitted to the Commonwealth, granting them eternal protection. This only made the Nawian commanders disappointed, and eventually outraged as the Khanolians surpassed the Nawians in technology, fleet size, and in their development index. Many attempts to begin a war with the Khanolian State of Collective Star Systems have outright failed from the Commonwealth's basic defense system, and the Nisrine War eventually killed off all Nawians. This marked the end of any conflict between the Kahnolians and the Nawians.

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