Bava (71 Tauri 4) is a temperate ice giant planet orbiting Adephaga. It has five S-Class moons and fourteen captured asteroids for a total of nineteen moons. The Five S-Class moons are Called the Language of Bava The largest moon of Bava is Called Pyro.


Discovered in 2296, this world was classified as N-Class due to its similarity to planets such as Neptune and Uranus. It has been studied and then left alone as it is typical of its planet class but the the five S-Class moons are for studied.


The planet's iron core formed out of Adephaga's stellar disc more than 150 million years ago. Gases began to collect around its solid core until it became a proto-gas giant. Many asteroids began to collect within its orbit and those asteroids began to form into the five S-Class moons that orbit it today as well as the asteroid moons.

Physical Properties

Being an N-Class, the most notable thing about this planet is its tendency to rain large house sized chunks of ice deep within its atmosphere.

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