The system. Cursor denotes where the black hole is.

The Bee'onne system is an anomalous system in the Ouranir Galaxy consisting of a black hole, and what people have described as a brown dwarf with one planet. Nothing else was observed, not even a tiny asteroid. No life has been detected here, but the captain of the Isvoy was drawn here due to an extremely odd energy signature coming from a precise frequency in the radio band, one that has never been encountered before.


Bee'onne and its only "moon"

Preliminary studies indicate that this system was not naturally created. Indeed, even the star in the system confused the computer at first. It reported the star's age as being 8.3 billion years old, but follow-up dating suggests this star has only been around for a few thousand years at most. Studies of the "planet" were equally intriguing.

The planet, given a alphanumeric designator "B1" (which led to the entire system being dubbed "Bee'onne" by a drunk crewmember, who got embarassed when it was made official), seemed not to be naturally created as well, being the same age as the "star". It has a diameter of only 0.21e, and a mass of only 0.009e, giving it a gravity of 0.18g. Atmosphere at the surface is 0.0044atm It seemed that this "planet" was an attempt at some unknown race to create a time capsule of their race before their untimely demise. A surface team found the atmosphere suprisingly warm and breathable despite the tenuous nature of it. Gas analysis was inconclusive, save that it is an as-of-yet unknown gas, which seemed to be a kind of "super-oxygen" that reacts with the "star" creating a deep-red atmosphere.

The surface of Bee'onne near the terminator. You can barely see the "T8 Dwarf" in the sky. The planet is lit up through interaction with the atmosphere.


Artifacts brought back from the surface were far more advanced than humanity currently is. Some of the objects brought back were estimated as high as a Type V on the Kardachev scale. One object seemed to be an entire city in a 1cm glass ball. Studies on it concluded this was an actual city that was shrunk, rather than a model, and seemed to be abandoned.

Also found were the remnants of some sort of stardrive. Preliminary analysis was inconclusive; it did not seem to be a warp drive, as this was far more advanced than a standard warp drive. It also did not resemble the wormhole drive in any way.

What scientists say is likely one of the entrances to the interior. It was sealed ages ago.

Scans of the planet that were initiated due to the low mass indicated that it was actually hollowed out by whoever put the artifacts on the surface. However the entrance was sealed, since no entryway to the interior was ever found. It is likely whoever was here sealed the entrances before they left, preserving whatever was inside.

The large asteroid moon in orbit of the world (B1.D1) is nearly 500KM in size, and actually appears to be a large, abandoned worldship. There is a rather large crater on the ship that once was apparently some sort of FTL engine array.

The black hole in this system also seems to be artificially created, to protect the system from prying eyes most likely. Who knows how many explorers were destroyed by this anomaly.


We can say for absolute certainty that this planet was artificially created by some race of highly advanced beings, that then departed for reasons unknown. Perhaps they died out and wanted to leave a record of their legacy behind.

The alien furnace the computer mistook for a T8 Dwarf.

What the computer identified as a brown dwarf is actually a huge sphere of black metal that stays hot through reasons not fully understood. It stays a constant 527 Celcius, and the leading theory states that this is actually an alien nuclear furnace to protect their storage worlds from becoming too cold as is seen here, the "Planet" itself having a semimajor axis of only 1.422 million kilometers. How the megastructure operates however, is anyone's guess.

Scientists have determined the actual name of "Bee'onne", very roughly translated from a partial tablet recovered from the surface, as "Last Light", which seems accurate due to the nature of the planet. The aliens that used this planet obviously wanted to leave a record of their ever having existed, and created the entire system to carry it out. Either that, or this was a museum planet, used by countless aliens to create a time capsule.

The worldship moon obviously has not moved in some time. No exhaust was detected from it, and it appears to have lost its atmosphere very long ago. No deceased organisms were detected, indicating they have been decayed for years, leaving no chemicals to detect.

The black hole seems to have been made in a similar process to the ones that are created with the Wormhole Drive, except these were obviously made to last. It seems to be as old as the system itself; a few thousand years.

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