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"Planet Belq, a hellish place with little water contained. Why one would live on it? Because, it is here where some of the universe's most important resources can be found." -William DeChasserie

Belq Weidrin is a warm planet in the Lewis Galaxy. It is found to be resourceful by many nations around it. But the people on the planet wish to remain neutral and non affiliated with surrounding nations. The People of Belq request peace and prosperity and want all to share the planet together.

Belq Weidrin

Belq Weidrin is located in the Southeast sector of the Lewis Galaxy. Somewhere off from the core sector, and about 2261 Light Years away from Elysium. The planet does not typically serve a true purpose, but used for many things, for example; Resource Mining, Volcanic Sampling, Tourism, Scientific Research, Ship Building, Tech Experimenting, Cave Drilling, and Desert Racing.