The Berry Galaxies are a pair of almost identical irregular galaxies in the Telusian Group. They are home to many civilizations and species, and are located near the Flower Galaxy and its satellites.

The Berry Galaxies are some of the smallest galaxies in the Telusian Group. However, its four nations, the Federal Republic of Chimerta, the Kingdom of Magesiv, the Salvaterian Union State, and the Lypan Technocracy have brought it outsized fame. The Berry Galaxies are sometimes considered to be distant satellites of the Flower Galaxy, but most consider them to be their own, beautiful thing.

Pathos Galaxy

The larger of the pair, the Pathos Galaxy is home to several intelligent species and nations. Currently, the galaxy is split between three major nations, the Federal Republic of Chimerta, the Kingdom of Magesiv, and the Salvaterian Union State. These civilizations are about evenly matched, and are currently at a stalemate until one decides to support another in their efforts to rule the Pathos Galaxy.


The Pathos Galaxy is an old, relatively metal-poor galaxy. Because of this, planets are not as common as they are in larger galaxies such as the Flower Galaxy, and fierce fighting takes place over each and every one. The only exception to this is the Partera Nebula, which is filled with planets. Fierce fighting still takes place over that area as well.

Apsila Galaxy

The smaller of the pair, the Pathos Galaxy is only home to one advanced intelligent species and nation, the Lypan Technocracy. This civilization is relatively reclusive, and has few relations with outside species. However, the three Pathos nations are each hoping to win the nation to their side which would give them an advantage.


The Apsila Galaxy, being just as old as the Pathos Galaxy, is similarly planet-poor. The Apsila Galaxy is much smaller as well, and it would be utterly war-torn if it weren't for the fact that is fully controlled by one nation. Apsila's stars are almost all Population II, and have very few metals within them, meaning that despite its size, the Lypan Technocracy is not very advanced.

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