Betelgeuse, also known as Alpha Orionis is a large M2 Type red supergiant star located 724.07 light-years from Earth and was the target of the early missions by the Main Star Exploration Program. It has seven planets.


Betelgeuse has been observed ever since humans appeared in the African plains. Due to various reports, it is quite possible that during recorded history Betelgeuse was in the late stages of being a yellow supergiant before expanding into a red supergiant.

In 2483, after the discovery of the planet Terranova by the Wayfarer starship, a new ship was specially built for a trip to the famous star, the Kelvin. It was heavily shielded and loaded with scientific equipment. With the improvements on the Warp Drive, it took the ship less than a year to reach the star where they discovered seven planets orbiting the red supergiant. On a flyby of the seventh planet, a Hot D-Class, the sensors detected a possible artificial reflection, although on further visits these reflections could not be relocated.

Betelgeuse 7 as seen from the Kelvin

In order to study the star, a research station was placed on the seventh planet in 2485 by the URSS although it was abandoned in 2677 after tensions began to rise in the region.

It was the stop for many local space interstellar tours for the next few thousand years until a survey ship for Project Anaximander spotted an unusual reflection. Looking back in the ancient records the ship's AI recognized it as the same general location that the Kelvin crew had spotted their anomalous reflection. A probe was sent down and discovered a small pyramid about the size of an apple sticking out of the planetary dust. Underneath they discovered a pyramid that rivaled that of those at Giza. Inside was a surprisingly perfectly preserved temple/observatory that dated back before the then known dates of the First Civilization.

With the discovery of this artifact, Project Anaximander resumed in earnest to try and find more of these ancient artifacts. Because of the discovery of the Anera artifacts on the seventh planet, many are petitioning for either the relocation of the Anera temple before the star goes supernova at some point in the future.

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