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"Haven Birch trees epitomize summer to me, as in most cases I've been around them as been during Haven's summer months. They are also one of the most uniform I've ever came across, as the hundreds of forests of Haven Birch trees I've traversed seem to have trees that look like exact duplicates of themselves."-William Tancard's: Haveborne Flora illustrated.

Haven Birch trees are an extremely common species of tree native across many biomes on planet Haven, with a global population of around four hundred billion individual trees, making it the third most populace species of tree on Haven. Its name derives from its overall physical structure and appearance, as it is almost an exact mirror image of other birch trees found on various planets.


Much alike the more common species of tree found on Haven, the Haven Birch family of trees can very diverse in appearance and physical structure, though they are most commonly considered to be a "medium" sized comparatively, usually only standing at about a maximum height of around seventy feet. They have fairly durable wood, taking around sixteen hundred pounds per square inch to break its structure. Their bark on the other hand, is extremely brittle, taking minimalist effort to break off from the main tree, as well as having a paper-like feeling texture. Haven Birch trees typically also lack many leaves, and during the planet's fall months, it is not uncommon to find a completely barren tree in just a few days.

Haven Birch trees grow remarkably quick for a tree species, only taking around twenty standard years to fully grow from a seed. Along with their fast growth, a single Haven Birch tree can produce up to a thousand individual seeds in just a few short standard years, with a tree success rate of around thirty eight percent, making a single Haven Birch tree able to create a vast forest almost single-handedly.


Due to their commonality, as well as its fairly sturdy structure, Haven Birch trees are often used in the construction of many things, such as walls for small structures like houses, to other items such as furniture, as well, their white coloring is often used in the creation of art pieces. As they are often very thin and lean, tree manufacturing plants often prefer Haven Birch over other common tree species as many of them can grow in a small area of land without impeding on the other, as well as their extremely quick growth and seed production cycles.

Many different burrowing species of bird that make their nests within the hollowed out structures of trees prefer the Haven Birch to other tree species, as they are fairly thin, making it comparatively easy for it to burrow without using too much physical effort. Usually these nests will be located near the tops of the tree, as to have a height advantage against would be predators at ground level.