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"Being the home planet for Aldorians, this planet is of very much value for them. All their nations can trace their origins to this planet, as well as their cultures. Today it has become a precious world and the official Capital of the Aldorian Dominium although all the Aldorian Nations Claim it for themselves, to the point of being a source of tensions. Terekis Ar Kodarna! as the Margakian say, long live to the Jewel" - Mosun Tew, Human Ambassador in Birnis.

Birnis is a temperate world located in in the Ren system, within the Minotaur Nebula, inside the Rodaun Galaxy. It is the homeworld of the Aldorian species as well as the capital of the Aldorian Dominium. It is regarded for all Aldorians as a home planet. The Planet's biomes is mostly Alpine and Tundra-arctic, except for some mild savannas in the central areas, most notably in Temer.

It is a diverse world with several cultures living within the planet. The main cultures are the Margak, the Teremir, the Palnir, the Inosh and the Uhara cultures.


The Planet has six continents: Enuhara, Fandor, Orian, Mirgalan, Temer and Losen

  • Fandor

It's the largest and one of the most populated continents of Birnis. It goes from the Northern Hemisphere, all the way to the border with the Southern one. Still, almost all lies within the Northern Hemisphere. It is large in the North and becomes straight towards the South. It holds the largest city and capital of the Aldorian Dominium, the city of Raldar, which extends itself thought several square miles. The Fandor continent is also the homeplace of the Margakian people, the Margak culture and the Margakian language.

The Continent is divided in four regionsThe Northern area, is separated from the Enuhara continent on the Northeast through the Enor Mountains, the highest mountain range of Birnis, with several Valleys and ethnicities living here. It's the birthplace of the Margak, who where pushed southwards thanks to Uhara raids from the East. The Northeast is the home region of the Ikaris Kingdom, a large and sophisticated nation of the margak.

The Western side is cold and full of fiords, with several Margak tribes settling here and absorbing the locals to form a series of democratic and egalitarian commercial states that center themselves in producing manufacturing goods.

The Central area is a plain like region, with two rivers crossing it from the Enor Mountains to the South, making the central valleys fertile regions and agricultural centers.

The Eastern side of Fandor is divided by a series of mountain ranges, and the valles on this side are settled by Margaks who organized themselves in a series of City States, that used to fought themselves but later organized themselves on a Confederacy and is the home region of the Aldorian Confederacy. It is a center of commerce, learning and high standards of living.

The Southern Region is where Raldar is located (towards the Southwest) and used to be a big city state that organized itself as a nation. They became a directorate, focusing on technological advancement and soon, a superpower that absorbed the rule of most of the Margakians in the South, West and Center of the Continent. It was from here that the Aldorian Dominium was created.

  • Temer

It's one of the largest continents and is located in the Southeast of Birnis. It is separated from Mirgalan and Losen through two isthmus of land. It is divided in two regions. One in the north and one in the south, who where prior to the birth of the Temerian Kingdom, several separated kingdoms that fought for over a millennia before becoming a unified nation.

Temer is a rather flat land, with the north having several bays and the south being rather cold and forested. The center is made of several large cold or temperate savannas of large grass that have become large agricultural fields. The center of the center of Temer is rather arid. The Temerians organized themselves into a Kingdom like structure, and is the home continent of the Temer language and culture, the Teremir Alphabet and the Aldorian High Kingdom, who was born after the War of the Two Brothers, when Temerian space colonist became independent from the Temerian Kingdom as a result of the war.

  • Orian

It's the Northwestern continent of Birnis, separate from Fandor through a small water straight in the far north. The Inosh people and the Margak are very distantly related since the ancestors of the Inosh lived in the Western side of the Enor Mountains and migrated to Orian thought the pass, created several City States. This city states became connected through commerce and avoided war at all costs. This led the Inosh invest in exploration and settlement through all the nations of Birnis.

The Northern western side of Orian has several large mountain ranges and the South, East and Northeast is full of City states. The center of the continents has several important rivers and forest, and the Inosh here are rather artisans, and manufacturers that commerce with the coastal more populated and important cities. It's the home continent of the Inosh culture and languages as well as the Aldorian League.

  • Losen

It's a set of Several peninsulas, separated from Temer in the south thanks to an isthmus of Land. Temer has always been a threat to the people of Losen, and they have united to fight it ever since. Each peninsula is a different nation of the Palnir, as the people of Losen are called. They all share a language, an alphabet and a similar culture, although they govern themselves in different forms, they all are ruled by Princes or Princess but in a more democratic way than the Temerian Kingdom, where large Parliaments and councils or Trade Guilds, protect the interest of the People.

The Center of Losen is made of agricultural rich savannas, while the northern areas are full of hills, and have a temperate climate, with rainy weather but beautiful forest and landscaped. The Southern peninsulas are colder, with valleys, fjords and snowy hills. This peninsulas are also beautiful and during the summer and spring months the lands is rich in agriculture. Its the home continent of the Aldorian Hegemony.

  • Mirgalan

It's a large continent located in the South. It is united to Fandor in the North through an isthmus, and through another isthmus, the continent is united to Temer on the East. It has several regions, one in the north, one in the east, one in the west, one in the south and one in the center. The North and the East are separated through a mountain range.

The Central area is a huge plain of short grass and windy unforested land. It's the home of two ethnicities, one is agricultural and lives in cities in this region, while the other is nomadic and rades the other cities in search of wealth, slaves etc...

The North is also agricultural and has a large influence from Fandor. It is located on several rich and fertile rivers. The East has also several nations with diverse ethnicities but they have a large influence from Temer, and are organized to fight against any Temerian expansion attempt

. The West is a fishing region, with a large Inosh influence from settlers on the other side of the ocean. Many Inosh have several large district in the Area. The South is cold and very tundric, it is the home of several tribes, similar to the Tarkas or Uhara, on the continent of Enuhara.

  • Enuhara

It's a Tundric and Arctic like continent, with very few forest, located on the southern and further east coasts. The Continent is united in the west to Fandor, but is separated from it, thanks to the Enor Mountains. The North is very cold and arctic like, similar to Greenland or Northern Canada or Northern Russia, where the Tarkas live as one of the most enduring Aldorians. The South and center Tundric plains are the home region of the Uhara tribes. Some areas on the south are more fertile and have large grass plains for cattle.

The Easternmost region is barren and icy, with large alpine forests and cold terrain. It is protected from the rest of Enuhara thanks to some low mountains. Several City states and commercial hubs have developed here thanks to the influence of the Inosh. This region is a bit different than the rest of Uhara and is inhabited by the Mirkas and has an important Inosh minority, who lives in districts in the several city states. The Uhara come to this region to acquire goods and commerce, rather than sacking the cities. Its the home continent of the Aldorian Assembly of Clans of Clans.

Culture and Languages

There are several languages in Birnis, but there are five main languages spoken. This languages are Margakian, Teremir, Palnir, Inoshian and Uharian.

  • Margakian Language

It is the main language of the Margak, the dominant culture of Birnis and the Aldorian Dominium, from which Birnis belongs to. The Margakian language is used as a lingua franca among many Aldorian communications and as a lingua franca specially among different nations with another language other than Margakian as their main language.

  • Inoshian

is the main language of the Inosh communities all over the planet and beyond. It is the main language of the Aldorian League and is also sometimes used as lingua franca, specially in the continent of Mirgalan and in Enuhara. It is also use in eastern and western Fandor somehow. The Language has been brought to space and is used mainly in the Aldorian Confederation and the Aldorian Assembly of Clans of Clans as a Lingua Franca.

  • Teremir

It is the language of the Great Temerian Kingdom of Birnis and is the main language of the Aldorian High Kingdom, the second biggest space nation of the Aldorians. Teremir has a complicated alphabet, that has two versions, one stylish for the Nobility and the King royal family and another one more simple for the common people and the daily life activities and announcement. The stylish can be found in sacred places, such as temples or important institutions. The Common people can read it but can't write it in such a stylish fashion, something the Temerian nobility learns to write it on their childhood.

  • Palnir

It is the language of Losen and its many republics. It is also the main language of the Aldorian Hegemony. Palnir has a special syllabic alphabet, but the elite uses the Teremir alphabet and are fluent in both alphabets. The Teremir alphabet has been adapted to write Palnir and is used mainly for Temples, ceremonial places, administrative place sand other important acts. The Elite uses this alphabet combine with the Palnir alphabet while the common people only uses the Palnir. It is commonly thought that knowing the Teremir Alphabet for writing Palnir is a sign of being high educated.

  • Uharian

is a language used mostly by the Uhara tribes either in the continent of Enuhara or the Aldorian Assembly of Clans of Clans. The Uharian has a standard based dialect to allow internal communication but each tribe uses a different dialect of the Uharian language, with tribes of Uhara from the west of Enuhara having a hard time communicating with tribes from the East of Enuhara. The Alphabet used is a very simple one, based on stripes.


The Planet was very standard in its early history, with many nation-states all over the planet, some of which have become the base for the Aldorian Nations in Space known today.

The Margak from the South and the East of Fandor have always been the most advanced and democratic of all the nations in the entire Planet. While the South has been a growing powerful Meritocratic and Unified State, the East has consisted of a Confederacy of City States of large economic and scientific value and progress. The Southern State began as a City state, just like the ones in the East but that had to face more threats than its neighbors as this city wasn't protected by the Orography of the East full of mountains and Valleys. forcing it to militarize and thus secure the area they inhabited, forging a small area of Influence that became a modern state. Today this state has been covered entirely by a large city that extends thousands or even millions of square kms. The Eastern Cities became the Germ for the Aldorian Confederacy, while the Southern region became the birthplace of the Aldorian Dominium.

The Inosh, splinted from the Proto-Margak at a very early stage, migrated through an isthmus to the western continent, settling in it, creating several city-states. After some periods of war, they increased the commerce between them to the point of being dependant on each other. This led to a unification under comercial interest. After this, they sought commercial expansion abroad and the Inosh became the the first explorers of the entire globe, setting comercial small colonies all over. They will do later the same in space.

The Temer from the Temerian Kingdom unified form two large Kingdoms who in turn merged from several smaller kingdoms. The the Aldorian High Kingdom in Space was actually created by the Temerian Colonized worlds after a Civil War of Succession. The Temerian Kingdom still exist in Birnis, under a King, but has no more ties (other than cultural) with the Aldorian High Kingdom.

The Palnir, are native to the peninsulas of Losen, and are considered the beacon of Art, Style and Beauty. Its one of the most developed areas in the planet. They organized themselves on a Republic of Nations, unified to face the threat of the Temerian Kingdom, its neighbor. They have thus organized themselves fiercely and although they have Aristocracy, it is an elective one. They have always had commercial contacts and interest with the Eastern Cities of Fandor. They are the Birthplace of the Aldorian Hegemony.

The Uhara, have always been backwards and underdeveloped, keeping their tribal ways. Thus, they have obtained tecnology and knowledge from its neighbors, setting massive ships in Space to raid. They are thus the origin of the Aldorian Assembly of Clans of Clans.

The Mirgalan Continent has been always pretty much divided and backwards. Tribes and many ethnic groups still exist in this continent. Most of the inhabitants have migrated to the Aldorian Confederacy, the Aldorian Dominium and to a smaller extend to the United Alliance.

Fauna and Flora