Bisydu is an temperate terra planet located in the Halfred system, 1050 light-years away from Sol. It is an important agricultural planet and hosts an industrial center. It is formally is under the jurisdiction of the Confederacy of Borealis. While it is no longer such, early in its history it was largely controlled by the Halfred Corporation.


The atmosphere of Bisydu is in chemical disequilibrium. Massive photosynthesizing populations of organisms, both natural and introduced, produce oxygen (which consists of about 65% of the atmosphere). About 30% of the atmosphere is CO2 gas and the remnants mainly consist of SO2.

There are no terrestrial animals living in the large continents, save for human-introduced species. There are plenty of marine creatures, however, size ranging from plankton-sized to that of whale sharks in Earth.

Out of the seven moons of the planet, two are large Luna-like moons while the other 5 are small and irregular. One of these smaller moons was probably captured and the others were most likely accreted from whatever created the two large moons.


The planet was discovered by Iuri Halfred on 4729 as he was prospecting the system for minerals. When the Halfred Corporation was founded, the planet immediately became the main hub of the company. While the SO2 in the atmosphere is toxic for human life, most miners were already equipped with an in-mouth gas filter which allowed them to breathe normally in the thick oxygen and SO2 atmosphere.

There was little effort to extract ores on the planetary surface during the Halfred Corporation's infancy as the planet's gravity well made metals harvested from there less profitable than from one of its moons. Industrial goods, however, were (and are) routinely ferried on and off of the planet.

As the company expanded, sulfur mining began from the planet's atmosphere and surface deposits in order to supply alloying materials for the local industry. The rapidly expanding population of workers in the company also motivated the company to begin extracting biological resources from the planet instead of expensively importing them from other systems.

This extraction gradually expanded, and soon enough the company was colonizing a large amount of available land. This was necessary as the number of workers had reached millions. Industrial activity by the company had warmed up the temperature significantly, increasing the amount of available land. Marine life, contrary to expectations, did not perish as expected - the increased amount of available nutrition actually helped the marine population of the oceans and lakes to grow.

Population growth increased as agriculture and mining business expanded. During the Orion War, a significant number refugees entered the system in order to escape from the combat although they returned to their respective homes soon after the war ended. In this period, the population of the system peaked and surpassed 1 billion.

The map of Bisydu, created before some of the icecaps melted and the ocean level rose.

The Fornax War, on the other hand, had a disastrous effect on the planet. The Molkor identified Halfred as an major system which was relatively close to the Confederacy's capital and thus sent a full invasion force to capture it. Although the Confederate defensive forces were able to hold out long enough to evacuate most civilians and a large amount of the industrial facilities, the Molkor invaders managed to secure some 60% of the industries and farms of Bisydu for use against humans. Facilities remained in Molkor hands until the war ended and was handed back through peace agreements, resulting in a relatively intact industrial base for the Halfred Corporation when evacuated facilities were returned.

Once the war ended and the planet returned, the Halfred Corporation took an estimated 30 years in order to rebuild damaged and sabotaged facilities before the planet's economy recovered. Halfred Corporation would operate for anouther four thousand years before a succession dispute resulted in the company being liquidated and assets distributed to Iuri Halfred's distant heirs piecemeal.


Back before the Fornax War, over 80 million people out of 1 billion living on Bisydu are employed by the Halfred Corporation. All others were the families of workers or those who indirectly depend upon the megacorporation for their income. Today, the economy is considerably more diverse, with general competition between much more corporations - some descendants of the Halfred Corporation, others newly founded following its dissolution.

The system is a major industrial site and exports significantly more goods than it imports. The arable land area available for agriculture is somewhat higher then what is available on Earth and is estimated to be able to feed a maximum of 52 billion people by utilizing genetically-engineered crops (excluding tower farming, oceanoponics, etc). Remaining imports are specific foods and system-rare metals such as Cerium.

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