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"We are the shadows, we are those who follow you on your worst nightmares and chase you with no remorse and without a break. No matter where you go, no matter where you hide we will find you and we will get revenge for the wrongdoings and even abominations you may have caused to others or society as a whole. We will kill you as it is better for everyone this way. We are freed from ethical values and morality but ironically comply with it, with what many called simple justice. We will find those that are in danger, those that have gone missing against their will and punish the perpetrators. No place in this vast universe is enough for you to be safe, sooner or later we will find you." - Tyra Lavey

Tyra Lavey, high-ranked member from the Black Branch of the Sisterhood of Kryso

The Black Branch is one of the 12 Branches of the Sisterhood of Kryso, an Order native to the Union, one of the Lewis Nations. It's Sisterhood headquarters as a whole are located in Kryso, but those of the Black Branch are located in the Planet Ubil but may use the worlds of Saikan, Orkun and Merkonen as secondary bases. In this world, they are in charge of training new members of this women-only Order. This branch is often called "the Killers" or sometimes "the Rastreators".

This Branch is the smallest of all the branches and its very secretive. Its basically an order of murderers. It works closely witht the Red Branch and the Grey Branch and focus itself in killing and executing those appointed by the Sisterhood. Usually fugitives or criminals that the Red Branch has no access to. They may also kill people considered "dangerous" if needed for the preservation and well being of the Union and Humanity.

The main field of study of the Blacks is death, agility, and secrecy. They have a mastery of silence, harship and dexterity to levels hardly understood by many. It is them who sneak like shadows whenever they are needed. They may act as well as spies or thiefs. Very few people have escaped being a target of the Blacks.

It is not rare for them to sometimes even work for foreign nations or operate in foreign nations under the orders of the Sisterhood or their government. They take death seriously and for every death they take, they must have life brought somewhere too. They can act as well as Judges if needed. For such tasks, they are often required to follow the Path of Awakening. Typically, the Path of Awakening that they do is the Path of Dexterity or the Path of the Warrior (or both). Sometimes also the Path of the Seer. As all this paths fit perfectly with the policy of the Blacks.


The members of this Branch wear, as it's name indicates, black robes of clothing. Nevertheless when on a mission they usually dont wear dresses at all like the rest of their peers but rather more suitable clothes that allow movement: such as running climbing, jumping etc... They may even wear normal clothing in some missions but as the rest of the Sisterhood, they will wear some strips of black lazes arounf their wrists to indicate who they are and to whom they present their allegiance.

Functions and Powers

The Black Branch is taken very much seriously by all the other Branches of the Sisterhood and is definitely a powerful tool of the Sisterhood but also very much feared by all of them. No one really trusts them and feels uncomfortable around them. Most of the Black are people who have suffered greatly or who have a dept to pay either material or inmaterial or maybe a dept with themselves. They may also be from other branches and punished by being sent into this one so that she may do horrors.

They are known to be excellent rastreators and my be employed for such tasks. They are also very much tied to the police, the secret police, the army and the government and may be employed to seek disappeared citizens or kidnapped people and set them free and bring them back to their families. They may opperate with the secret services quite often for such tasks. They are very much involved in investigations and detective-like tasks.

Runaways or Outcasts

If a sister rebels or departs ways, she usually is not allowed to remain a murderer as she will be going against the law. However, she may work as an assasin for private hiring. Often even outside the Union. This peers who have either left or abandonned the Sisterhood but keep using their killing abilities are usually targets of the former blacks. This run aways usually go into hiding, change their appearance and names and try to remain low key, working secretly as murderers for those who pay large sums to them to see someone killed. They usually hide within the Intergalactic Federation, the Empire of Mankind, the United Alliance or the Republic of Sion but sometimes they may hide in the Confederacy of Borealis, the Neo-terran Hegemony or further away. This is done for obvious reasons, since the Blacks do have a harder time reaching them in foreign nations.

Some have even lived like this their entire lives avoiding to be caught by the Blacks. The most famous of this is Everina Novak who is known to be one of the highest private murderers in the Lewis Nations, and ruthless murderer by hiring. It is very effective and very expensive and has avoided the other sisters of the branch for more than 4 decades. Some say she moves often, she has a false identity and has changed her appearance. She contacts her clients by third parties and rarely shows for them. Other members of the Black branch have lived their entire lives without avoiding being caught by the Black Branch (such as Ilin Oreish who lived from 78 910 CE to 79 320 CE, dying of natural causes peacefully in bed). Runaways are believed to have created a separate organization called the "Black Hand" to protect themselves from their peers and to support themselves into hidding as more and more of them avoid justice of the sisterhood. Sometimes they use their services not only for murder but for advice and may join criminal orbanizations and bands such as the Flashlag syndicate seeking for protection and giving this organizations pivotal information about the black branch to which its members are often a target of .

Psychokinetic Powers

The Psychokinetic powers of its members are highly used while doing their duty. They may perfectly use the power they possess while chasing their targets and following their tracks. They are expert rastreators and may use the power the parasyte and their path gave them to pursue a fugitive, criminal or heretic to give them the final blow. They use their powers openly but in discretion as they usually work in the shadows and dont like to drive attention towards them and their activities. Fame is given to the Red Branch while they prefer to go undercover.

Notable Personalities of the Black Branch

  • Tyra Lavey
  • Paula Megiden
  • Darva Tukelu