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"I don't know what it is but something about that black hole creeps me out. It's just...the eerie darkness inside it, and this feeling like it's watching, it unnerves me greatly. Even being a light year away from that thing wouldn't help" -Dr. Ryan Pearson

Black Pearl (RS 8474-1792-8-9446687-365 in 0.980) is a black hole, 139 lightyears from Sol, that is known to for causing paranoia (Referred to as BHIP) to those that go near it.


The Black Pearl system contains six dwarf planets orbiting the black hole. Each of these worlds are dark and barren with thin atmospheres. Black Pearl itself is nine solar masses in size and has a diameter of 58.32 km.


Black Pearl was first discovered by a long range FTL probe in 2325 and a maximum security prison was built on its closest planetoid in 5327 due to how obscure the system is.


For some reason, whenever someone goes near the black hole, a strange paranoia starts to overwhelm them. This first happened to Dr. Ryan Pearson when viewing Black Pearl from a window in a research vessel. He described it as being an "unnatural paranoia" and that the darkness inside Black Pearl "unnerves" him. He would later develop psychosis and end up in a mental institution. This isn't an isolated incident either, more personnel aboard the ship experienced the same effects when viewing the black hole. Only one crew member did not look at the black hole, and was able to navigate the ship back to Earth.


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