Blekiur is the 2nd major moon of Heittrisa, third planet of the Hope System in the Ambrosia Galaxy. It was also the former 4th planet of the system. It is a hot D-Class world.


Blekiur wasn't always the hot desert moon we see today. Originally, it was a volcanic hell world before be captured by Heittrisa's gravity. Once it settle into orbit, icy asteroids from the Hope Asteroid Belt crashed into the new moon, cooling it down and forming a thick oxygen rich atmosphere along with oceans. Unicellular organisms would arise within its oceans as well.

The moon has been "destroyed" twice in its history. Once by the C.Y.R.E.X in 604,000,000 BCE. And once by the True Alliance of Man in 10,509 CE, the latter of which lead to Blekiur's appearance today.


Blekiur is a hot desert world with a dynamic landscape of large jagged mountain ranges, small canyon systems, and large expanses of volcanoes.

The moon has plate tectonics, meaning the moon has continents. They are Blekiur Maximus East, West, North, and South respectively.


Blekiur's climate has changed many times throughout its life time. From a volcanic hell world, to a temperate Terra, and finally a hot desert.

It gets very little radiation from its parent planet, unlike its sister moon Cevla, however it gets massive tidal forces inflicted upon it by the gas giant. Leaving the moon very volcanically active.


Blekiur during the Etymology Era had a massive population of around fifteen billion people, with the vast majority being Havenites. This population lived mostly on the beaches of the various islands that once dotted the moon.

Afterwards, the Human Alliance of Ambrosia would construct a massive city know as Solitudinem on the surface due to the moon being relatively hospitable at the time. Even after Blekiur's failed terraforming, the inhabitants of Solitudinem would use robotic instruments to lift the city into the moon's atmosphere where it remained habitable.


Like most worlds under the control of the Havenites, Blekiur didn't have a unique culture during this period of its history, operating identically to most worlds their people lived on.

However now, Blekiur has a very unique culture while its operated as a world under its respective alliances. Its culture was based on a form of light isolationism, with its people very rarely leaving the moon. Hence the name of its only major colony. This also makes the moon experience very little trade due to the odd hostility its people, with them relying on goods they create themselves.


Blekiur began to form around 4,795,800,000 Standard years ago, originally it was the 4th planet of the Hope System, however on 4,200,340,120 BCE it was captured by the gas giant Heittrisa. After this its gravity began to attract icy asteroids within the Hope Asteroid Belt and throughout the remainder of the 4,000,000,000 BCEs these asteroids would crash on the surface on the moon, the ice on these asteroids would melt upon reaching their target, cooling the surface and creating vast oceans, and with the release of these chemicals a thick oxygen atmosphere formed.

Around 3,899,000,000 BCE life began to form within these oceans, eventually single cell organisms populated all bodies of water on the moon, from oceans, to lakes and ponds. It was very similar to early life on Haven and Douma, unlike them however, this life was unable to progress to the multi cellular stage.

Around 2,489,380,142 BCE the Havenites began to fully colonize the moon, constructing towering cites across the moon's surface. It was third most populace world within their home system, after Haven and Douma. After the Havenites joined the Etymology, the moon became an Ecumenopolis like many worlds under their domain, with a population of around four hundred billion. This world spanning city was destroyed completely by the C.Y.R.E.X on 604,000,000 BCE and barley any of it remains today. They destroyed the Ecumenpolis by using satellites in orbit, artificially heating the atmosphere to around 600°C like they did to countless other worlds, killing all of its inhabitants.

After the C.Y.R.E.X's attack, the moon remained extremely hot for thousands of years, but gradually overtime it began to cool down, eventually becoming a warm desert world with a thin atmosphere. It would remain as such for millions of years, until humans arrived in the Hope System. Though Haven was focused on when humans first arrived due to it being able to support human habitability naturally, Blekiur had a small resource colony built on 10,272 CE. This colony, grew larger throughout the rest of the 10200s until it became a functional city named Solitudinem. Other colonies would form across the moon in the decades that followed.

In 10,450, the Ambrosia Alliance would attempt to terraform the moon by safely directing ice asteroids and melting them in the moon's upper atmosphere. They would pump oxygen into the atmosphere as well. Using this method, they were able to create oceans and make the ground's soil suitable for planting flora.

However, due to this taking place during the Second Alliance War, the True Alliance of Man opted to sabotage the terraforming in 10,509 CE. They placed electromagnetic pulse-drivers within the cloud layer of Bleikur's parent planet. Once these were operational they were activated and over loaded the atmospheric temperature regulators, increasing the temperature of the moon by 90°C, evaporating the oceans and causing a run-away greenhouse effect. Giving the moon's atmosphere a distinct pink hue. The populace of Blekiur were able to safely evacuate however and sought refuge on the moon Cevla.

After this, the population of Blekiur used robotic instruments to elevate Solitudinem into the moon's upper atmosphere where its relatively temperate. The population returned to the moon and reattempts to terraform the moon is underway.


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