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Bloodmoore is a large island located in the Eastern Geilda Ocean, east of the continent of Zazriel and Southeast to the Theltheim Isles, with a landmass of around ninety thousand and sixty-six thousand kilometres squared. It is famed for its unique coloration from space due to the sheer abundance of Rose Wood trees that inhabit the island, making it appear red. As well, it is well known by the Haven populace as it holds around sixty six unique flora and fauna species only native to the island such as the Sanguine Blossom, Bleeding Sapling, Theratak, and the Velooma Monster.

Despite its numerous distinctive features, it holds very few colonies due to both the hazardous native lifeforms, as well as attempting to keep the island's limited and rare inhabitants free from the dangers of urbanization. The only major colony on the island is the port city of "Bleeding Dragon" which is walled off from the rest of the island, as a means of protection for both its inhabitants, and the creatures of Bloodmoore. If one attempts to leave the city, then they will be harshly punished, as they fear the island is so isolated from the rest of Haven that even mere foreign bacteria interacting with them may devastate entire populations.

The life on Bloodmoore is so exclusive to itself, no known species of flora and fauna from the wider planet life on the island, with the notable exception of the "Velooma" flower, which is known to grow enforce across the River Crimson, so much so that it has left Bloodmoore the area of land where the largest concentration of the flower known on Haven.

Landscape and Geography

Almost the entirety of Bloodmoore's geography is comprised of a singular, giant forest of Rose Wood trees, giving the island a blood-red coloring. Millions of Rose Wood trees are known to inhabit the island, however it only has the second most concentration of the tree, being beaten out by the:"Forest of Rubies" in the One Wood Region of the continent of Zazriel.

This singular forest is known as the: "Forest of Blood" for obvious reasons. Within this forest, the many species of flora and fauna that are unique to the island flourish, making the island seem like an entirely different planet then the rest of Haven. No formal settlement has been established in this region of the island, though several research stations have been constructed in key areas of the forest to observe and document the endlessly intriguing inhabitants of Bloodmoore.

In certain regions of the Forest of Blood, other species of tree become more prevalent. Most notably, the: "Cages of Crimson" region is located in the southernmost point of the forest. Here, the Bloodmoore exclusive vine plant known as the "Petrified Wire" grows in a three hundred kilometer field. The plant itself is extremely dangerous, as it is very sharp and poisonous, leaving the area almost completely devoid of any forms of fauna.

Across the shorelines, large sandy beaches are located. These, unlike the forests, are rather barren, with only a few types of fauna foraging around them. Here, the port city of Bleeding Dragon is located, arranged in an encircling line all around the circumference of the island, hugging along the ends of the Forest of Blood. Thanks to its articulate construction, the city has been able to accommodate a fairly large population of around fifty million individuals, living in safety from the various creatures of the island that may otherwise attack them.

Around the shores of the island, countless leaves of the many Rose Wood trees that inhabit the island constantly falling into the sea. This has left the waters around the island in around a ten kilometer encircling line to appear as red as blood, a common motif the island seems to have. This effect has been given the nickname of the: "Bleeding Shoreline," giving the island a somewhat fearful and or hellish appearance from low orbit, as well on approach from sea.

Cutting across the island is the River Crimson, a fairly large river spanning the entire length of the island that experiences the same effect the surrounding Bleeding Shoreline does, hence the name. Here, various semi aquatic mammal species native to the islands weave through the endless leaves across the river, catching fish and other prey native to the river.

At the center of the River Crimson lies the Velooma Grove, an area of land where the rare flower Velooma grows en-masse. Though not exclusive to the island, the Velooma Grove holds the highest concentration of the flower more then anywhere else in the world. Here, the so called "Velooma Monster" can be found, a strange species of crustacean fauna that feed off of the flowers they take their name from.