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"We are the ones who can navigate through the complicated net of diplomacy. We are trained to convince, to talk, to engage in communication and problem solving among communities, peoples and nations. We can provoke a war or prevent it by the simple act of the word. Be aware of the Blues as they may be the last hope to avoid a calamity or your best tool to gain glory out of a conflict. Dont ever understimate us, as we are the glue that keeps society united as one instead of letting it being engulfed by Chaos and swallowed into extinction" - Diana Talbot.

The Blue Branch is one of the 12 Branches of the Sisterhood of Kryso, an Order native to the Union, one of the Lewis Nations. It's Sisterhood headquarters as a whole are located in Kryso, but those of the Blue Branch are located in the Planet Toyan. In this world, they are in charge of training new members of this women-only Order. This branch is often called "the Messangers".

This Branch focus itself in Diplomacy, national and international relations. It's main goal is to manipulate foreign policy and nacional policy towards cohesion and peace for humanity and xeno-life alike. They travel extensively so that peace and stability are assured, that commerce and progress are viable in all corners of Human-inhabited space and beyond. This means that they have to be verse in many fields, most notably Common Sense, Manipulation, Charisma and the art of the word. Saying what is appropiate at the proper time is key for them to assure a succesful negotiation. They are also good at convincing others and twist their minds into believing something they would not normally do.

They are known for being great embassadors and advisors. They are often seen abroad either in Parlamentary sessions of foreign countries or in the high courts of Empires. This is true specially with the Lewis Nations. The Blues can be seen in the courts of the High Nobility of the Empire or either in the Parlament of the Intergalactic Federation or the Republic of Sion. They have to constantly fight against the foreign believe that they may be spies.

Their duties are not only focus on international affairs but also in national ones. So one can often see them dealing with internal Unionist conflicts or serving as advisors of the wealthy and powerful of the Union. Their main goal in the Union is to mantain peace at all coast with Diplomacy. Guarantee somehow that no civil war would broke out inside the nation. They are required to follow the Path of Awakening. Typically, the Path of Awakening that they most often do is the Path of Wisdom or the Path of Senses. Nevertheless some minority of them do as well the Path of the Seer. Sometimes some may do more than one Path although this is rare. All this paths fit perfectly with the policy of the Blues.


The Blues wear the color of their branch. This is either dark or light blue. However, to dont be confused with the national colors, they tend to wear dark shades of Blue rather than the typically lighter ones of the Union. In case they dont wear their typically blue attire that identifies them as members of the Sisterhood and the Blue Branch, they tend to wear laces or strips of blue attached to their wrists.

Functions and Power

The amount of power they manage is strong. A war can be prevented or provoked by the sole actions of the Blues if they work together towards that goal or manipulate those that can provoke or prevent such events. This is a big responsability and they are not put in hands of women of the order that do not known how to manage their inner passions and who are not mature or lack common sense.

Among the Blues, the jobs they carry are pretty much set since their are choosen into it. They do have a proper education that would make of them experts in negotiations and delicate issues. They have a cat's grace to talk about sensitive matters or to open discussions that are taboo. They have been trained for it since childhood. Thats the reason why most of the blues are confident enough to be sent as embassadors or negotiators in many of the inner and international conflicts of the Union. Sometimes the Blues may work for foreign powers as well or for inner powers alone to preserve stability within. They may act as judges in some special cases if needed.

The Blue's agenda also has a secondary goal. That is mantaining the nation cohesive as one. This is a difficult in a nation than expands in the emptyness of the cosmos, among several war away planets and very distant Galaxies. They work in fact to keep all this worlds and galaxies together as a cohersive nation the best way they can and have been doing it successfully for the past 43 000 years. This action also includes the other Lewis Nations as they see them as necessary allies of the Union in the emptyness of the void.

Psychokinetic Abilities

The powers of Psychokinesis are a must among any member of the Sisterhood. However, those of the Blue branch dont use them openly as other Branches may do. They use their powers for telepathy or to learn from the minds of others, to help them achive their tasks or to follow their particular agendas. They try to use them in a softly way and would only use them openly in case the person they serve is in danger or they are openly required to use them to safe a cause or to survive.

Notable People of this Branch

  • Obiana Asabe
  • Diana Talbot
  • Elia Barris