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Bombers are a type of starfighter designed to destroy large, heavily-armored targets. They are often heavily armed, often packing weaponry powerful enough to destroy an entire armored column or punch a hole clean through a warship. However, their slow speed often makes them easy pickings for enemy fighters and anti-fighter defenses.


Bombers are the largest type of starfighter, with many of them being twice or three times the size of the average fighter. Their increased size allows them to fit far more powerful armaments. Flak laser turrets, torpedo launchers, and plasma cannons are all common sights on bombers.

A single bomber is often capable of achieving immense destruction on its own. However, when flying in squadrons, they are capable of leveling a city in minutes or easily destroying ships like dreadnoughts.

While powerful, bombers are often far slower than other types of fighters. This, combined with their low maneuverability, makes it easy for other types of fighters to chase them down. However, bombers are usually escorted into battle by fighter squadrons, meaning that enemy pilots will have to deal with them first before they target the bombers.

Notable Examples