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Diplomacy & Treaties

Diplomatic Relationships

Broad goals for Foreign Policy are decided by what is known as the "Council of Borealis." This Council is made up of the governors of every member nation as well as the president of the Federacy itself. Quarterly, these leaders cast votes deciding which direction the Federacy should go with its foreign policy. It is up to the Executive Branch of government to carry out these foreign policy goals. The Congress has the right to overturn these policy goals if there is less than a 2/3 majority in the Council's votes.

Military Alliances

War is declared by a vote of the Congress and Council of Borealis. Only one state, Sagittarium, able to maintain its own military as well; however, more reforms will eventually begin the task of combining Sagittarium's and the federal military, doubling the federal military's size. The Federacy itself only recently gained the power to create its own munitions and draft soldiers, meaning the much of its military infrastructure is still under the control of its states. The military still relies on tributes from its states to remain afloat.

Official Military alliances exist with the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations and there are numerous non-aggression and collaboration pacts with nations such as the Greater Martial Consilium, Alkan Intendancy, and Fusion of Crowns. There are also several treaties with some of The Lewis Nations that are mostly just treaties that allow the Federacy to borrow munitions or funds and pay them back later.

Diplomatic Relations by Country

Relationship Status National Opinion
Member Nation  Member Nation  Very Positive
Alliance  Alliance/Associate State  Positive
Guarantee  Guarantee  Neutral
Trading  Close Trading  Little Thought Given
Military Influence  Military Influence in other Nations  Suspicious
Rivalry.png  Open Rivalry  Alarmed
Conflict.png  Ongoing War  Hostile

Alliances and Positive Relations

Nations Relationship status National opinion
Sagittarium.jpg Sagittarium Formal Alliance Associated nation
Entente.jpg Entente of Ventemir Formal Alliance Associated nation
Intendant II.png Alkan Intendancy Formal Alliance Alliance
Regnum Aureiga - Flag.jpg Regnum Aureiga Formal Alliance Alliance
CUEN Flag.png Commonwealth of United Economic Nations Guarantee Guaranteed Independence
GM.jpg Greater Martial Consilium Guaranteed Independence Free Trade/Non-Aggression
Flag of Empire 1.jpg Empire of Mankind Guaranteed Independence Alliance
Flag of Humanity.png Intergalactic Federation Guaranteed Independence Alliance
UNFG Flag.png United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy Guaranteed Independence Cordial Relations
Tenshi2.png Tenshi Guaranteed Independence Cordial Relations
Theocracy of Silverstar flag.png Theocracy of Silverstar Poor Relations Poor Relations
QPA Flag.png Quintet Payotari Association Openly Hostile Openly Hostile
Sedrua Flag.png Sedrua Openly Hostile Openly Hostile

Military Organization

As a federacy, the military operates in four major branches, the Federal military, the Sagittarian military, the Regnum Aureigan military, and the Entente military. While the federal military operates entirely at the behest of the Federacy's Ministry of War, the other militaries operate at the behest of the leaders of these states, requiring coordination between the four offices. As such, the Federal Government often ignores the other branches unless for joint training exercises or meetings due to the general disagreements the leaders can have.

The federal branch is divided into five smaller "sub-branches." Kriegskosmos is the largest branch of the military at over half of the budget. The Kriegskosmos, formerly called "the navy," possesses the lion's share of the Federacy's military spacecraft. They are usually not deployed as there is simply not a conflict large enough right now for them to be deployed. The Marines do most of the fighting at the current moment. As the second largest branch, comprising over a third of the total budget, marines are responsible for more delicate operations than the Kriegskosmos and its massive battleships are suited for.

Wehrthaum is the next largest branch of the military. It is mostly dedicated to the research and defense rather than offense. With bases across the Federacy, Wehrthaum is a mostly civilian ran research organization that works closely with universities and private companies to study the secrets of Thaumaturgy. The Mage's Branch, as it is simply known, is the next largest branch. This branch uses the fruits of Wehrthaum's discoveries offensively, often using Magi as soldiers.

The last major branch of the military is the Henderict. This branch, originally founded over 100,000 years prior in the Yohjan Confederacy, is responsible for special force operations and reconnaissance. It is the most independent of the branches, having its own leader, an artificial intelligence, named Claudia.