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"A cold beautiful world, the gathering and key point of access into the Jord Nebula. The nation that controls it, will dominate the hole Nebula. The scientific embodiment of progress in the Alliance. Its fierce inhabitants are smart, adaptative and reserve people, with a high degree of culture and wealth. A peaceful universe wonder. Its marvellous landscapes have shaped most of the art in the Nation" - Scientific and Explorer, Lisa Martinez

Boreas is the one of the most important planet of The United Alliance, and its one of the founding members of the nation. It holds many important institutions and is the scientific, genetic, medical and educational core centers of the country. It's a Terran, rather cold World orbiting a sun called Ulysses, in the Ulysses System, located into the Lewis Galaxy, very close to the Jord Nebula. It is the main trade hub and its the key world of access to the Jord Nebula, due to its strategic position between the United Alliance and the Lewis Federation, boosting commerce between both nations. In fact, the Jord Nebulae is clearly visible in Boreas sky.

Due to its proximity to Federal space and Aldorian space, it has acquired many influences of the latter two. Many Aldorians have settled the planet due to its idyllic climate for them, prospering without problems. Today many Aldorians call this planet home. Boredaris is the name used by the Aldorians to refer to this planet.

The Jord Nebula is clearly seen in the Night skies of Boreas.

Geography and Characteristics

The Planet has five moons: Pandira, Melpomena, Auxis, Torson, and Ura. All of them are small in size but have different colors. They all have an average temperature of 16ºC degrees.

The Surface is made of 6 continents: Ida, Renania, Ossandra, Prodaxis, Elleman and Adaska.

  • Ida: Its a small continent in the north, very cold and full of snow for most of the year. It has a tundric climate, especially in the north, where it lacks most large vegetation as well
  • Renania: One big continent, full of mountains, fertile valleys, and plains. The second biggest in population, it has beautiful landscapes and large concentrated cities.
  • Ossandra: A volcanic zone that is known for its beauty
  • Prodaxis: The warmest of all, it has large plains, with some savannas and small oceanic dense forests.
  • Elleman: The Third most populated continent, full of mountains and valleys.
  • Adaska: Its the largest and most populated, with several tree forests, large farms, and beautiful peaks.

History and Origins

The Planet was founded by settlers from the Lewis Federation, coming from Aurora, Nexon, Elysium, and Anubis. The colony prospered due to being the entrance hub to the rich wealth of the Jord Nebula, and soon was made the capital of the Jord Nebula sector.

During the Independence, Boreas revolted alongside many of the Nebula worlds of the Federation. Still, independence wasn't so unanimous as in other places and a small civil war broke out in the Planet. The Pro-independent side won, but soon, the Federal Fleet arrived into the Area and Boreas was its first target. Invasion was inevitable and the planet fell to Federal authorities. Still terrorist attacks, guerrilla and revolts kept going on in Boreas, what really eroding federal forces. When the Fleet kept its way into the Jord Nebula and was defeated, it tried to recover and refuel in Boreas, but the population had already take back control of the Planet and finally destroyed the federal force.

An Alliance force sent military aid to the Planet and smaller fleets tried to seize the planet without success.

Finally, Boreas joined the United Alliance.

Boreas with the Jord Nebula and the Lewis Galaxy stella in the background


Up to 72% of its population are Humans, with 20% being Aldorians, and 8% belonging to different species, most notably Arati (5%) Murban (2%) and Noraki (1%).


They make the majority and are the founding species of Boreas.

Most of the Human population came from the core worlds of the Federation. These worlds were those of Elysium, Aurora, Nexon, Tartessos, Thalassa and Anubis. Three ships came from Elysium, two from Aurora, two from Nexon, two from Anubis, one from Tartessos and one colony spacecraft from Thalassa. They have preserved a lot of cultural aspects from these core world planets of the Lewis Federation.

Still up to a third of Boreas human population can trace its origins to settlers from the Empire of Mankind and the Union. Most of the architecture, fashion, art, and clothes are very much based or inspired on these two nations while its ideology, work ethics, approach to technology, and political aspects have been taken from the Lewis Federation and to a lesser extend from nearby Aldorian nations. Up to 1 in 3 can trace some of its ancestors to either the Empire of Mankind or to the Union. The unionist settlers came almost all from Tarsus with some unionists from Anubis. They make a small vibrant and influential minority and have preserved and influenced Boreas culture with Tarsian culture. Even if practicing the unionist religion they identified themselves as Alliance Citizens. Almost all belong to peaceful unionist factions. The settlers from the Empire have mingled better into Boreas society to the point they aren't really a distinctive community anymore but rather have mixed with Federal colonists and blend their culture with the majority Federal derive culture. That's why current Boreas have many Imperial and Unionist influences, especially in Art, fashion, cuisine, and architecture to say a few.

The most spoken language is by far Kreonese. It is spoken in a distinctive dialect known as Borean Kreonese, which differentiates itself by a heavy influence and loan words from Unionist and Imperial languages as well as some loans and influence from Aldorian Languages. Kreonese evolved in Kreon from Federal Tongue and expanded through commerce and influence all over the Jord Nebula.

In its early days, the Federal tongue was prominent, due to the colonist, as well as Imperial and unionist tongues. Still, influences from the Jord Nebula and growing commerce between Boreas and the planets of the Cluster, made the Humans of Boreas, gradually adopt the Kreonese language a commercial tongue, that replaced the previous languages. Still, the previous tongues influenced greatly on the variant and dialect of Boreas. By the time of Independence, only a bit more than half of the population spoke Kreonese. Once they joined the United Alliance, they came together with the worlds of the Nebula, and the influence of Kreonese grew so much, that less than a millennia after independence, all of the Boreas population was already Kreonese speaking.


Battle on Boreas, Hypernova-Class attack carriers can be seen on the sky.

Aldorians have settled here due to the idyllic climate conditions of the planet, very much similar to their home planet, Birnis. They mostly came from other United Alliance member planets (belonging to the Aldorian Hegemony for the most part), escaped slaves from the Aldorian High Kingdom, with many also coming from the Aldorian League attracted by the wealth and economic strategic position within the Jord Nebula. To a lesser extend some migrants came from the Dominium and the Confederacy. Some Uhara have also made Boreas its home due to the perfect weather, but they are still a minority among the Aldorians of Boreas. The top languages spoken are Palnir, Inoshian, Temerian, and Margakian languages. Much lesser-used is the Uhara language.

Other Species

Borean City

The Arati is the third most common species, though they form a small minority in the Planet and are far from reaching the same quotas of Humans or Aldorians. They make 5% of the Planets population. Conditions of Boreas due suit perfectly with Arati biology. They concentrate themselves mostly in the Northernmost and Southernmost latitudes, and live mainly in cities. They came mostly from the Jord Nebula worlds or as migrants directly from the Arati Nation.

The Murban, came from the Jord Nebula Worlds, mostly as scientists, administrators, and traders. They make up just 2% of the population. Some Murban live on the ocean seabed, floating ocean towns, or in coastal cities. They try to avoid the Southernmost and Northernmost latitudes, that are too cold for them.

The Noraki came as scientists and engineers, from some of the Jord Nebula worlds. They make 1% of the population. They prefer coastal regions of the equator and Boreas is a bit too cold for them so they are rarely seen outside the Tropics. They live in some floating cities or coastal cities.

Main cities

Boreas 3.jpg


  • Alminar: The Largest and most populated city in Boreas, and largest in the continent
  • Hasun: Rural center of the large central fields
  • Igan: A coastal center, with energy production and service industries at its core. Its the fastest growing city of Boreas. It harbors a large Arati population.


  • Tiris: The oldest human settlement on the planet, and third-largest city in Boreas.
  • Erban

Boreas 2.jpg


  • Argalirdan: the largest city of Ossanda and the fourth largest on the planet.
  • Milauda: A main agricultural and cattle raising center of the continent. It has considerable Arati and Aldorian minorities.
  • Tekan: It a city founded by the Arati, where they make the vast majority of the population.


  • Odassis: The second largest city in Boreas and the largest of Adaska. Its an economic hub.
  • Tirgalan: The second biggest city on the continent, it is a key research and study center.


  • Nudandra: Originally founded by Aldorians, it has a majority of Aldorian population with some smaller human population. It is the largest city on the continent.
  • Kiral: its the biggest human city in Ida, and the second largest of the continent. It has a majority of Humans with small minorities of Arati and Aldorians.

Boreas 5.jpg


  • Elleura: Its the biggest city on the continent. Most of its population is human and is as well the main economic center of the Continent with large finance and service centers.
  • Lordan: It is a mixed city with large populations of Murban and Aldorians, as well as Humans.
  • Bedaris: A city founded by Aldorian settlers, its population is splitted between Aldorian and Humans, although Aldorians are still the majority.


  • Urana: Its the largest floating city of boreas, it is located between Adaska, Ossanda, and Elleman. It has a large Murban and Noraki population but important Human and Aldorians also live there
  • Korena: The second biggest floating city in Boreas, it is mostly inhabited by Noraki with important minorities of Murban, and some Humans and Aldorians.

Boreas and the Jord Nebulae in the Background. Boreas is a the Key point of access and trade to the Nebula.