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Brelax is a planet located in the Trimeka System, in the Lewis Galaxy and thus in Herschel Space. This world belongs to the nation known as the Empire of Mankind. It is the most important world of the Trimeka system as well as the seat of House Lavey. This planet is wealthy in terms of economics and is considered a hub of the system's economy.

This planet is knows for its genetic research, it's commerce, high-tech and agricultural production. Most of their agricultural excedents are exported to the nearby world of Vinedren as well as other orbital stations around. Mining is important mostly around the rings of the planet which are producing a special substances used by the guardians of Vinedren to enhance their own abilities.

This world has several rings of a purple color that are heavily mine to extract Brelax pouldry, a mineral used to created the Brelax lasers, a very well known laser artifact used for equipment and most notably weaponry.

Brelax is considered a paradise world. Most of it's population has a high degree of quality of life and entertainment, food and services. Brelax is the center of the Trimeka System and was the first planet to be colonized. The Lavey have a large palace on this world and they commission most of the colonization of the system themselves. Lavey was not their seat of power but soon, they took Brelax as one of them.

The title of Duke or Duchess of Brelax is not hereditary and is normally given to the brothers or sisters of the actual Archiduke of House Brelax until their deaths. Then it passes on towards the nephew unless, the Archiduke dies without a living descendant, in which the Archiduke title could be given to the Duke of Brelax and so the title would pass on to their second son. If the inheritant has no sons, then the title moves to another brother.


There are 5 continents in this planet: Sahela. Zormon, Kirus, Theraspion and Esafi. They are separated by four oceans, Hireshi, Tarlos, Mayera and Urisi.

  • Sahela

A continent that streches from the midwestern regions all the way to the north pole. It has mostly a very nice weather and it's full of lush vegetation. It is as well very populated and fertile land. The Territory is divided in three clear regions. The north is the least populated and with a cold climate that reach polar temperatures towards the north pole. In the south, the land is lush and very fertile where all the rivers of the continent flow towards from the north all the way to the south. The coastline also is heavily habitable and covered in fields and heavily used for agricultural purposes. The middle region however, mixes perfectly wilderness and agricultural explotation of the land. The innerlands have a special,

  • Zormon

Located towards the east-equator, It has a warm climate with large forested lands. Impressive mountains also complete this continent. It is not very populated but it is known for the quality of it's pharmaceutical products, it's biology research and it's exotic fruits. The northeastern area of Zormon is covered in large pics and mountains, being home of the Mount Irtion, which is as high as 18 386 km, covered in snow and visible from space. Vast rivers flow to the east and the west of Zormon from the mountains. The west area is much smaller and thus the rivers flow forming large bays and lakes as well as some marshes. The eastern area however is home to long rivers that pass through extensive jungles, which a high degree of rain.

  • Kirus

Brelax and it's rings

This planets covers most of the southwestern hemisphere. It is forested and lush, similar to Sahela. Large cities live here, and the land is one of the most fertile in the entire Brelax. Most of it's economy is driven by agriculture and its exportation. Rivers and lakes are found all over. The area is known to be beautiful and is divided through 3 mountain chains (although smaller than the one in Zormon) which covered the continent with riverflows and other aquatic bodies, make the land fertile and a source of drinkable water. Many big cities have been built in this continent and due to it's fertility agricultural production is the main engine that fuels the continent's economy.

  • Theraspion

Most of the continent is a large archipielago that covers from north to south the ocean known as Hireshi. This islands have a varied set of climates and most of them are based around the high-tech and fishing. Tourism is also popular as the islands are a famous destination not only in Brelax but all across the Trimeka System for entertainment and holidays.

The Islands have also a large production of Luxury for the local inhabitants of Brelax. The northernmost and southernmost islands have very cold climate and cold forests, while those in the equator have lush jungles and are warm and hot.

  • Esafi

This continent, located towards the southeast is not very big but is known for being a center of the local textile industry and commerce. The people in this continent are said to be good bankers and ambitious people. A large military base exists in this continent.


The world of Brelax is the most populated world in the system and the economic center of it. For carrying on mining operations in the planet's rings, several stations exists here to subtain the miners. The stations holds about 500 million people in all and are sometimes often visited by the inhabitants for entertainment. The population is around 48 Billion.

Fauna and Flora