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The Broken Nebulae is the largest star-forming region in the Zalanthium Galaxy, located near the tip of the Nulusian Arm.


The Broken Nebulae formed around 934 million years ago, on the end of the Nulusian Arm. Many stars began to form in it, and some wandered in. It is these 'wanderer' stars that host the life in the nebulae, with a few exceptions.

The nebulae churned out stars for the remaining 900 million years, until the highly faction species Fells arose on the world of Cewqua. Their warring factions immediately claimed parts of the nebulae for themselves, and it descended into chaos.

During this, the Swemni civilization, at the time branded to be the United Federation of all of Kilasa, arose on Kilasa. They were caught in the crossfire from the Fells, and had a hard time claiming and colonising any system or planet. Because of this, they became desperate. The begged and pleaded with the Fells to unite their civilization, and let them have a few systems to call their own. They only did the second.

After twelve thousand years, the Fells finally got the message from the Swemni, and united their civilization into the United Factionist Republic of the Broken Nebulae. The UNK decided, through a national referendum, that they wanted to be part of this new entity. So they begged and pleaded, and got their way. After another couple of thousand years, the UFRBN was just rebranded to the Union of the Broken Nebulae.


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