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Bulii is a incredibly bright and massive Wolf-Rayet Star in the Bulii Cluster. It is the most luminous and massive star in the Zalanthium Galaxy.


Bulii is only 4 633 000 years old, which is remarkably old for a star of this size. It merged with five other stars and has been using their mass as fuel to sustain it. It is expected to go hypernova in about 500 000 years, and wipe out all life within 1000 LY from it. Many projects are being undergone to stop this from happening, including splitting Bulii apart using antigravity, mining it, and redirecting its incredibly powerful solar wind back towards it.


Bulii was discovered in 23 922 BCE, by the Fullistra Commonwealth. This was before it merged with he Zalanthium Coalition, in 42 833 CE. It established many stations and star mining stations in the quadruple star system, making it a very powerful industrial system. Many species had looked up into the sky and saw this star, some seeing it from the other side of the galaxy, due to its incredible luminosity and mass, so it had many names. Bulii, Munis, Bulaa, Miipas, Velu, Xemnna and Cvertas were just some of the names that the civilizations of the Galaxy gave to Bulii.



Presumably Bulii formed from, a extremely large cloud of gas in one of the main starforming regions of the galaxy as a normal O2V star five million years ago. It was destined to be like all the other extremely massive stars in the Bulii Cluster, until it collided with the other stars, energizing it and providing more mass.


Throughout its history, Bulii has merged with five major stars, and countless others. This is the main way it accumulated to much mass. In order of most recent to most ancient:

Collision with Redester

Redester was a large B1V main sequence star that collided with Bulii less than 50 thousand years ago. The collision was visible all over the galaxy, and banished the night on the few planets that had it. It will be visible in extragalactic environments for many days. The light has not arrived yet. The collision added 11 solar masses to Bulii.

Collision with Termines

Termines was a O-class star that was in a binary orbit with Bulii before it spiraled into the star. It had a mass of over 30 solar masses, and the collision sterilised all life within a hundred LY of Bulii. This collision happened many years ago, 191 022 years ago to be exact. Again, it banished night on all planets in the galaxy, and will banish the night from all planets in close galaxies, such as Aylothn, Via Lacrimosa and Via Lacrimosa.

Collision with Liisa

Liisa was a red giant star that actually did not belong to the Bulii Cluster. It wandered into it, and was captured into a decaying orbit by Bulii. Its collision was not as dramatic as the previous. It was so loosely held together by its own gravity that it was torn apart by Bulii, and then eaten. This happened approximately 332 932 years ago.

Collision with Yute

Yute was a B-Class star than was originally a companion of Bulii, until it was destabilised and plunged into Bulii. It originally had one planet, a gas giant, which evaporated as it fell toward Bulii. Even Yute, getting closer to Bulii, started to grow a comet tail, atoms bveing torn apart in its photosphere, and being flung away by Bulii's immensely powerful solar wind. The star was ripper apart just before it collided, creating a disk of gas millions of degrees C, moving at a fraction of the speed of light toward Bulii. The collision almost destroyed the star, but it came back together again. This hapened 574 021 years ago.

Collision with Deswad

Deswad was a yellow giant cepheid star that probably hosted planets, until it was vaporised by Bulii. This was the earliest collision with Bulii, and at the time Bulii was just a normal O1-class star with a mass of ~300 suns. The one predicted terrestrial world that orbited this sun hosted exotic life, capable of surviving incredible temperature swings. From absolute zero to almost a million degrees, it survived, as it plunged into the star. This is the predicted beginning of the Bulii Mind, a hive mind native to the photosphere of Bulii. Each lifeform is a cloud of gas, psionically connected to each other cloud of gas. This is why the Spitting the Sun Stellar Engineering Project has born no fruit so far, as the protection for the Bulii Mind is overwhelmingly powerful.

Stellar Engineering Projects

Stellar Mining

Due to Bulii having such high mass, you could take away a sun-like stars equivalent of mass and the star itself would not miss it. This hydrogen and helium could be used to manufacture more stars, or possibly used in a Recurrent Nova Engine or just fused to generate energy. Many mining stations are floating around in its photosphere, harvesting trillions of tonnes of hydrogen and helium every second. Even with this rate, it would take a million years for the stars mass to drop even 1%.

Splitting the Sun

Another high-energy project that could be constructed around Bulii, and by extension, every star in the Bulii Cluster. The Zalanthium Coalition would manufacture huge antigravity spheres around the stars, and manipulate them to split them into hundreds or even thousands of other, smaller dwarf stars. The Bulii Cluster would turn into a low-energy cluster made out of millions of yellow, orange, and red dwarf stars.

Engineering the System

Once the Bulli Cluster had been split, and the resulting cluster filled with habitable stars, then the could engineer the following stars to make the Ultimate Engineered Solar System around each of these stars. Hundreds of habitable worlds orbiting one star, and each star in a cluster of millions has these habitable worlds. A billion new worlds would open up, each orbiting a new star, with billions of years ahead of it. The only thing wrong with this is the presence of the Bulii Mind. They are a protected species, and the engineering of Bulii would be akin to the complete destruction of a homeworld for another species.


The Bulii Mind is a Hive Mind made out of sapient hydrogen gas. They presumably evolved on a long-lost planet orbiting the cepheid star Deswad. The fact that their origninal sun was cepheid, coupled with the fact that their planet was extremely close to it, made it so that the Bulii Mind could withstand many thousands of degrees in temperature. This was key to their survival when their star, and it's lone planet, fell into the churning depths of Bulii.


This type of life is not based on any known biology. They are made of a multitude of gasses, the most common being hydrogen. We still know very little about their biology due to their protected status.


Due to their high-energy lifestyle, they zoom around the star a speeds often in excess of 1000 kmph. They eat the plasma, and convert it somehow into energy to fuel themselves. They have a rudimentary intelligence, around the level of stone age, but without the stones.


They are a panspermatic species, having been carried to this star by the collision of their original homeworld with the star. Their homeworld's star was a cepheid star, enabling them to survive extreme temperature changes. Apart from this, why know little else.

Galactic Laws concerning them

  • Article 2881CF, "Any contact with the Bulli Mind is here forth prohibited to preserve their incredibly exotic species."
  • Article 2881CG, "Any attempt to deface the star Bulii will be resulting in the imprisonment and exilement of the offending party to prison world 'The Dreadcamp'. This is because of the precious civilization living inside and in the photosphere of the star Bulii."
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