The symbol of C-Units, in use since its introduction.

The C-Unit (sometimes abbreviated as cunit, more often simply known as C's) is the official currency of the Confederacy of Borealis, as well as many other nations in the Local Universe.


Central authority to issue the currency lies on the hands of the Confederacy of Borealis, or to be precise, the Central Terran Bank headquartered on Earth. This is strictly dictated in the Articles of the Confederacy (Act 17, section 2). This includes minting, printing, burning, crediting, blockchaining, and various other methods.

The C-Unit is divided into 100 sub-units (better known as decas) and 10,000 sub-subunits (better known as decies). The latter is rarely used with 10 sub-subunits (called as singles) being the smallest available denomination in coins.

The physically circulated currency is available in form of silicon chips, metal coins, sheet prints, and special hologram pods. A Nickel-Chromium alloy is the main constituent of the coinage system, with the composition varying by value. For high-value coins, more precious metals like silver or platinum may be added. Actual paper or cotton fiber are used where available, but in most colonies plastic is used instead. Over 85% of transactions occur digitally, either by banking transfer system or by virtual currency similar to old Earth's bitcoins.


The digital currency is accounted to a millisub-sub unit i.e. 1/10,000,000 units, mainly for details in bank interests. The 'bits' are available in any amount to the sub-sub unit.

The coins are available in these denominations:

  • 10 sub-subunits (1 single)
  • 25 sub-subunits
  • 50 sub-subunits
  • 1 sub-units
  • 2 sub-units
  • 5 sub-units

While the chips are available in:

  • 50 sub-subunits
  • 1 sub-unit
  • 2 sub-unit
  • 5 sub-unit
  • 10 sub-unit
  • 15 sub-unit (somewhat rare)
  • 25 sub-unit (Q-nit)
  • 50 sub-unit (Halfyt)
  • 1 unit

The banknotes have similar denominations with the chips, but with several additional values:

  • 2 unit
  • 5 unit
  • 10 unit
  • 25 unit (largest in common circulation)
  • 50 unit (rarely found outside highly populated systems)
  • 100 units (only issued by Core worlds' central banks)
  • 500 units (commemoration of the Battle of Hathia, generally worth more due to its rarity)


According to the articles, only the Central Terran Bank has authority to issue the currency. In practice, the bank produces less than 0.1% the issued currency, giving issue quotas to multiple other bodies across the galaxy instead. As of now, all currency is still produced in Via Sagittaria Galaxy, save a single Molkor-owned chip issuer and a single money printing press in Nova Rexina.

Counterfeit currency is occasionally found in the galaxy, and culprits face harsh criminal charges. Most of the counterfeit found are chips (which are often overlooked by the seller, unlike paper notes). The banks have resorted to adding physical features to the chips to increase its authenticity.


The buying power of the C-unit has varied wildly throughout it's history. Currently, the minimum wage for a day's labor is 41 C-Units. In many countries, the minimum wage laws drastically lower or increase the value. Making it very difficult to give a standard value for all C-Units.

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