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"As the flagship of the Federation, our role is to give a good first impression to any alien civilizations that we come across, and defend the Federation with everything that we have. Out of trillions of people, and out of billions of applicants, the reason that we were selected is because we were the best. We all share a duty, in spite of our home-worlds, our cultures, our species, and we put everything into the Federation. We're here because we've proven that we're the best for the role. So we have to act like it - And work like it. We represent the Federation - So let's do a good job of it." - Exert of the inauguration speech of Captain Luna Sanderson, who took command of the star-ship in 99,975 CE

The CFS Eternity is a ship in service of the Stellar Fleet of the Commune Federation. It is the most famous ship in service of the Federation and is the nation's flagship. It is currently under the command of captain Luna Sanderson.

As the nation's flagship, the Eternity has been present at a large number of major events throughout the history of the Federation, as well as being the most well-travelled ship in the fleet. It has run countless missions, both diplomatic and militaristic, and has always served with distinction.

It became the most famous ship in the fleet after a three-year tour behind the borders of the Kriegsleute. Having been cut off from escape in battle, the crew of the Eternity managed to not only complete their mission of destroying a military base, but also destroyed two more Kriegsleute bases. Since then, the Eternity has been regarded as a symbolic ship representing the entire fleet. Later in its service, the ship has become the flagship of the Federation.

It is considered a great honor to serve on the Eternity, as only the best of the best within the Federation's astronavy is considered for service on the ship. New personnel are selected based on their service record, being sent to serve on the ship should they prove worthy. Commanders can also request specific individuals if they so desire.

Service History


The Eternity was constructed around the world of Marx in 92,887 CE, designed to be a ship capable of defending itself while engaging on primarily diplomatic missions. Its purpose was to find new civilizations, whether populated by humans or otherwise, that had not been brought into a faction in Verpletter. Afterwards, its crew would establish and facilitate diplomatic relations, with the end result hopefully being the newfound world becoming a member of the Federation. To this end, it was installed with the best technology and capabilities available to the Federation at the time. The ship was christened Eternity by the crew, symbolizing their hope for the Federation's continued success well into the future.

Under Vaddon Cadwalader

Vaddon Cadwalader was the first captain of the Eternity. He held the position for thirteen years and was responsible for at least fifty first-contact missions, one-hundred and twenty diplomatic missions, six-hundred and forty survey missions, and up to four hundred combat scenarios. Of the twenty-five hundred solar systems that the Eternity travelled to under Cadwalader, over a thousand of them had never been visited by the Federation. Cadwalader is also credited for bringing two other factions into the Federation thanks to the actions of himself and of his crew.

Cadwalader was also the captain of the Eternity during its stint behind Kriegsleute lines, where he and his crew had to survive behind their borders for three years. Before the opportunity to make an escape presented itself, during which they were able to inflict damage to various Kriegsleute facilities, they were able to inspire various uprisings, bringing in many species to join the Federation to fight against the Kriegsleute.

Maiden Voyage

The first mission of the Eternity was to a star now known as Riasiys. The Commune Federation had been receiving a series of odd signals from the sector for years, but had never been able to send any ships to the region. With the commission of the Eternity, the Federation was now capable of launching a mission to investigate.


After a two-week trip, the ship arrived at the region to find that there were no planets, asteroids, or any other celestial bodies aside from stars. After closely examining one of these stars, the crew found that several space stations were in orbit around it. Cadwalader ordered a communication signal be sent to these stations, to which they received a response by a bewildered collection of Humans. Upon learning that there were other Humans within Verpletter, they rejoiced.

The station dwellers were greatly surprised to learn about the wider existence of Humanity throughout Verpletter as they had not been able to leave Riasiys. They were also surprised by the existence of aliens, since they had come to believe that alien life was a myth. Cadwalader then offered the people of Riasiys a chance to leave their homes behind and join the Commune Federation, to which they accepted, as they were sick of being stuck on their space stations. The Eternity's maiden voyage was a resounding success.

First Contact

The Eternity's first contact with an alien species came some time after its departure from Riasiys, being sent to survey the Higo-Binarus System. The system was being surveyed for a Federation colonization effort and the Eternity was there to send feedback to the Federation as to what planets there were, their condition, and recommendations for proceeding with the colonization effort. As they surveyed the fourth planet (now known as Girus-Larshe), their scanners detected an unknown ship heading towards them at high speeds.

This new vessel was unlike any the crew of the Eternity had seen, being constructed out of a strange crystalline material. Upon reaching communications range, the ship identified itself as the Rikkatonagra and warned the Eternity that it was in restricted space. The system had been designated the territory of the Lizunnegnoith, who had selected the system as their next region of colonization. Upon learning of this, Cadwalader requested to meet the aliens face to face. This was rejected, however, as the Lizunnegnoith were not capable of breathing in an oxygen-rich atmosphere. Cadwalader offered to utilize their own equipment to speak to the Lizunnegnoith on their terms. This was accepted and environmental requirements were sent.

Upon receiving the requirements, it became apparent that the Lizunnegnoith did not evolve on a terrestrial world, but rather on a gas giant, and that their ship did not possess artificial gravity. This eliminated the possibility of utilizing any sort of jetpack-based movement, as such a device would ignite the gas within the Lizunnegnoith ship, destroying it. Having to rely on magnetic boots for gravity, Cadwalader led the diplomatic mission personally, taking with him six of his most trusted officers.

Upon arriving on the Rikkatonagra, instead of being welcomed, Cadwalader and his aides were immediately ambushed by the Lizunnegnoith. They were able to kill several of them, but also lost one of their number in the ensuing battle. The remainder of the team were able to escape back to the Eternity, when they were once more contacted by the Rikkatonagra and informed that their presence was now in the way of the Lizunnegnoith Collective. The Rikkatonagra then tried to destroy the Eternity by ramming it, hoping to pierce clean through it with its diamond-hard bow. This left the crew of the Eternity no choice but to open fire, unleashing a barrage of laser fire and destroying the Rikkatonagra.

Within the hour, another Lizunnegnoith ship arrived in the system, the Yukkonparatsi. Instead of seeking to destroy the Eternity once it learned of what it had done, the Yukkonparatsi instead thanked the Eternity. The Rikkatonagra was the ship of an extremist group who sought to expand the Lizunnegnoith Collective throughout the stars after observations proved the existence of alien life back on their homeworld, and were fanatically opposed to interacting with it to the point of active terrorism against civilian targets. After a funeral was held for the officer who died in the ambush, the Eternity left the system.

The Battle Of Uvea-Thoab

In 92,894 CE, Kriegsleute forces launched a series of attacks along the Commune Federation's borders and began to amass their forces near the Uvea-Thoab System. It became very clear that the Kriegsleute was planning to launch a major offensive into Federation territory, seeking to break the stalemate since the two nations had run into one another just a century prior. Uvea-Thoab was home to multiple major manufacturing stations and was also the entry point to a nation allied with the Federation, the Hes'un Confederacy. Understanding that to lose Uvea-Thoab would give the Kriegsleute the ability to target dozens of poorly-defended systems, the Federation sent a fleet to stop their invasion. The Eternity was redirected to the region and was given a combat role.

The battle of Uvea-Thoab - Kreigsleute forces attack the Federation ship construction fleets with immense vigor, seeking to cripple ship construction within the Hes'un Confederacy.

The resulting battle would become known as The Battle of Uvea-Thoab, and would be the precursor to the Hes'un Defensive Conflict. Four thousand Kriegsleute ships invaded the system, primarily targeting the Hes'un Sector's shipyards and then turn its efforts towards the destruction of the fleets there. In ensuring that the Federation would not be able to create new ships in the region even if they lost, the Kriegsleute would significantly weaken the Federation's presence there, and would be able to send a secondary invasion fleet.

As the Federation engaged in this fight however, another two thousand Kriegsleute ships appeared on the flanks of the Federation fleet. They then surrounded the Federation ships and open fire, destroying them in a massive ambush. During the battle, the Eternity's engines were heavily damaged, leaving the ship adrift. The Federation lost the battle and the Kriegsleute began to invade nearby systems.

However, as the Kriegsleute searched amongst the remains of the Federation fleet for any survivors ,the Eternity was not detected due to its lack of power. It would remain amongst the wreckage for another week as the crew attempted to restore power to the ship. During this time they were able to rescue some survivors from other ships. However, most of the survivors had already been hunted down and killed as Kriegsletue forces searched the wreckage for any signs of life.

The ship would regain after another eight days and would make the effort to return to the Federation. However, Kreigsleute defense networks and automated security systems made this impossible. They were forced to retreat to less defended systems where they would play a game of hide-and-seek for the next three years, waiting for an opportunity to escape back to Federation space.

Design and Capabilities

The Eternity is a large yet fast spaceship, and houses up to ten thousand crew members in normal situations. During events such as evacuation missions, the ship is capable of transporting over fifty thousand people. It is also very capable of moving several thousand tons of cargo when the need arises.

It is equipped with ion drives, powerful weapons, state-of-the-art science labs, recreational centers, and everything else that the Stellar Fleet equips its ships with. It undergone hundreds of major retrofits and upgrades, and has taken part in countless diplomatic missions and conflict scenarios.

Kinetic Shielding

Like most other ships within Stellar Fleet, the Eternity is equipped with kinetic shielding, a type of shielding that is unique to the Commune Federation. Utilizing a forcefield and a flexible metallic substance, it is able to handle the hardest of impacts.

Command Deck

The command deck is located within the center of the Eternity. This is to reduce the risk of any vital personnel, including the captain of the ship, being lost in combat. From here, the commanding officers are able to view the outside via a series of cameras and transmitted images that are sent to this room, and allow them to make informed choices as so how to proceed. The command deck is where many key personnel can be found. Aside from the captain, the strategic officer can be found here in times of conflict. Navigations officers can also be found here.

Room in the CFS Eternity.jpg

Observation Bridges

Observation bridges are sections of the ship that is designed to look like a traditional bridge, but have the purpose of being a pure observation post in the event of a combat scenario should all other lines of visual feedback have been lost to the command deck. They are often mistaken for a bridge by enemy combatants, and as such often is targeted first. This allows them to double as a point of distraction, allowing the ship to trick its enemies into thinking they have destroyed a vital command structure. Because this was an unintentional effect of the observation bridges, they are now considered a design flaw. However, they have been kept, as various captains have found them useful in niche situations. The current model of the Eternity allows for the bridges to be retracted and folded back into the rest of the ship to avoid damage when needed. There are several observation bridges on the Eternity, which is vital when visual feedback to the command deck is down. It is considered very dangerous to perform observation duty, though on the Eternity, there is no shortage of volunteers.

Hangar Bay

The CFS Eternity has a hangar for smaller ships that it carries along with it such as shuttles, starfighters, and other similarly-sized ships. It can hold up to twenty of these smaller ships.

When launching, the hangar opens up to allow the ships stored within to leave and enter the vacuum of space. While doing this, the hangar is left fairly exposed and can easily be struck by enemy fire if not closed back up swiftly.

Noteworthy Crew Members

Being selected to serve on the CFS Eternity is considered an incredible honor within the Commune Federation, as being selected means that you are among the best of the best in your field, or have managed to impress someone enough that your service would be valued on the flagship of Stellar Fleet.

Many who serve on the flagship have gone on to have impressive careers after their tour of duty ended, with many going on to command their own ships. Others have decided to use their experience on the ship as a starting point to branch out into other careers.

Present Members

This is a list of the individuals who are on active duty on the CFS Eternity as of the current year

Name Species Home-world Rank / Role Description
Luna Sanderson Human Durruti Captain Luna Sanderson is the current captain of the Eternity and is the youngest captain to ever command the ship. She inherited the position during the Flaklands Conflict after the previous captain was killed in action. She took command of the ship and was able to secure a victory, protecting the Flaklands Asteroid Cluster from falling into Liberty Empire hands. After the conflict, many of the crew elected her to the position of captain, seeing her as a capable commander. She was given an advanced training course back on Marx, and was promoted to captain shortly afterwards. She is also romantically involved with Qinsya Vilagrassa.
Qinsya Vilagrassa Frugis Cicero Chief strategic officer Qinsya Vilagrassa holds the rank of chief strategic officer due to her natural charisma and ability to lead other people into dangerous scenarios. She has also displayed an in-depth understanding of military and navy strategy, which has won her several accommodations. She is also romantically involved with Luna Sanderson.
Reirfitalyn Oaken Dwanvo Engles Chief engineer Reirfitalyn Oaken, often referred to simply as "Oaken", is a Dwanvo who is well known throughout all of Stellar Fleet for his ability to fix nearly anything. He claims that there is nothing that is broken that he cannot fix, given enough time and the tools to do the job. His service record shows that he has only been spoken of positively, and has received multiple distinctions for his service throughout multiple posts throughout his forty years of service. He also appears to have a mentoring personality, often giving advice to captain Luna and his assistant, Jorildyn. While young by both Dwanvo and Federation standards, he sees himself as quite old due to a great number of challenges faced throughout his life.
Jorildyn of the Clan Xilgeiros Elaven Fasia First-class


Jorildyn, of the Clan Xilgeiros acts as a first-class engineer on the Eternity and answers directly to Oaken. He is a skilled technician and has a knack when it comes to improvisation. He is also well-versed in multiple alien languages and considers the various equations and mathematics required for his job to be nothing more than another language. Due to this, he often doubles as a translator should the need arise.
Alexia Ros Human Morales Chief medical doctor Alexia Ros was born on Morales, a world in the third solar system that the Federation colonized. She acts as the chief medical doctor on the Eternity, being in charge of all other medical personnel.
Laytn Shar Ki'Zimeon Oswaihr P'Teska Ensign Laytn Shar Ki'Zimeon is an Oswaihr that has served with bravery and distinction, making him an honored soul amongst his kind. He received fame after using one of the smaller ships on the Eternity to directly impact a suicidal attack by a Kriegsleute bomber.

Previous Members

This is a list of notable individuals who have previously, but are no longer serving on the CFS Eternity as of the present day.

Name Species Home-world Rank / Role Description
Vaddon Cadwalader Human Marx Captain Vaddon Cadwalader was the first captain of the Eternity. He is directly responsible for several species joining the Commune Federation, and for providing the data needed to colonize several major solar systems, which are now heavily settled systems.

He is also famous for a three-year stint behind the lines of the Kreigsleute, during which he was able to not only save his ship, but was able to inflict damage to the Kreigsleute behind the lines, and convince several species to revolt or flee from the incoming threat. He was also credited for being able to inspire Humans to rebel against their home Faction.

He is perhaps the most famous captain to ever command the Eternity.

Ulrich Rassendan Human Cephe Ensign Ulrich Rassendan became a member of the Eternity after the ship was stuck behind Kriegsleute lines. While originally loyal to Krieg, Ulrich was captured by the Eternity before he was able to call for backup. He became impressed with the Eternity and, after a while, was given the opportunity to join the crew officially, where he helped in attacking weaker Kriegsleute targets.