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Calyion is a cold planet in the Ylion System of the Lowiras Galaxy. It is home to the Lacertians, and is the capital of the Zopoque. It is cold and barren, supporting the development of low metabolism. Having formed in ~5,630,000,000 BCE, it is an old world.


The climate of Calyion is cold and dark, with a average temperature of 120°K. Only a fraction of the solar day has direct sunlight. There are tundras, hills, mountains, flatlands, and plateaus, as well as glacial oceans with subglacial life. The hilly planet is full of fjords, cliffs, glaciers, and peaks. The planet has a orbital period of about 3.62 years and a solar day of about 9 days. To Lacertians, this is a temperate climate.


Calyion is full of flora and fauna. There are plenty of plants adapted to a cold climate in the flatter regions of the planet. The grasses can range from cyan to lime green, and greener grass tends to grow taller. The animal life on the planet is found in almost all biomes. There is subglacial life in the oceans, blubbery animals on the coasts, thick-skinned and furred creatures in the mountains and inland tundras, and scaly relatives of the Lacertians on cliffs.

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