100th Millennium Wiki

"Our glorious people stand upon a tower of wealth."

-Remeir Cree, 57 271 CE


Founded in 55 421, the Caoticol Corporation is a powerful business Megacorporation located in the Lewis Galaxy. Forming part of the Intergalactic Federation, It acts as the Government of Ustea and The B'va System, as well as all other populated systems in the Caoticol Jurisdiction, the borders of their power within the Federation. Although mostly controlled by the Federation, many citizens of, and working members of the corporation are working to earn the Corporations' independency, and become an official nation of Lewis.

The Corporation has become very successful, thanks to the work of the Corporation and the Federation to form Trade Routes throughout Lewis. From its humble beginnings on Ustea, they originally started as a hauling company for pilots to carry freight to nearby systems, however, they quickly grew.


The Corporation has its center in the southeast sector of the Lewis galaxy, near the core. This gives a slight advantage because of closer access to trading routes. Below is a map:

Map of Trade Routes Established By Caoticol and the Federation

The Fleet

The Caoticol Corporation has created a long line of fleet ships. Their first ships of the line being built in 61 101 CE.

Colony Ship

The Colony Ship is a long range vessel purposed to spend long haul trips in space. They stretch about 2.4 Kilometers in length are are truely the largest ships of the fleet.

High Executive Star-Cruiser

The High Executive Star-Cruiser, named "The Free-Penny" is the flagship of the corporation, and is exclusive to Executives of the company, vips, and Important members of high standing factions. Armed to the teeth and aided by four frigates at a time.

The Flagship



Frigates of the fleet have two uses: As either a support ship for executive ships, or as cruisers that carry passengers. Frigates are usually used as cruisers due to lesser amount of flagships in the fleet. But are as important as any other flagship because they often carry important cargo and passengers along with them on their journeys through Lewis.


Spicers are the cargo ships of the fleet. The thing about them though is that name "Spicer" is only a nickname given because of the frequent amount of spice transported by these ships. Originally, they were simply known as the Cao-Class Transporter. But the name just stuck. Cargo often transported by these ships are listed here from most valuable.

A Spicer owned by Caoticol

  • Bain-Lint Spice (1k DE per Lb)
  • Pink Frem Spice (689 DE per Lb)
  • Ore from Via Saggitaria (450 DE per Lb
  • All other cargo (10-100 DE per lb)


In 99 940, Executive if the company began pusing for independency for the corporation, it began as only a small idea for those who started the company out. But now leaders wanted change. In the summer of 99 941, Members of the corporation were called up for hearings in a court meeting with the The Lewis Nations. They pleaded to become independent and leave the federation. The Federation denied and said that it would be "impractical" for a company to ever have such power. The independence for the company was denied and they did not leave the Federation.

Second Attempt

In 99 956, they tried again. This time though, they would set borders for their nation without the permission of the Federation. This did not go well. The Corporation had but their borders inside The Empire of Mankind. The Federation, -and the systems that were now inside the border of the corporation- were NOT happy. This resulted in a small scale cold war. There was no actual warfare, the Empire however, threatened to launch a small attack on the B'va System. But no attack was ever launched. Two years later, the corporation shrank back to its original position, The Empire of Mankind was still a little annoyed, and alliances with the empire decreased.


Alright, so far, no progress has been made. Non-independent, and only in control of 2 systems, and some of them monitored by the federation. They tried all they could do, court hearings, and forcing themselves. No luck. It was time to try something else. Just ask the federation. In 99 960, they entered negotiations. A few months afterwards, they both came to an agreement. They would be given their own space for themselves around B'va at a radius of 31 Lightyears, and the federation would leave them alone. However, some planets would still have elements of the federation still present. The corporation agreed. Now, in 99 962, they now had declared their independence as a micronation. But who knows how long it will be until they want to expand larger.