The Capi were an ancient late type one species of bipedal mammalian organisms native to planet Et-Nos in the Fantasma Arm of the Ambrosia Galaxy that existed from 3,401,000,000 BCE to 3,300,000,500 BCE.


The Capi, while having quite the short history as a species, stand as one of the few in their like throughout the whole of the Ambrosia Galaxy. This is not because of any inherent physical or social trait of the Capi. But rather the actions committed by them near the end of their existence, as they stand as one of select few of their like to manage to beat back the once all-powerful and galaxy dominating Etymology from their home world of Et-Nos in 3,300,000,500 BCE.

While one can view this as an act of great heroism, to show the down trodden masses of the Etymology that they too could push back their overlords, in truth it would lead to the creation of one of the most atrocious things to ever grace the known universe. This of course would be the Oblivione, an artificial creation by the ever-so popular Mystara of Supreme Authority fame. This aforementioned creation would turn once living individuals into robotic-zombie slaves to the Etymology, trapping their minds in between life and death. So while the Capi may have enjoyed a short period of success against their enemy, they would be indirectly responsible for both their own destruction, and the endless others who would fall to the Oblivione's metaphoric blade.

Ironically, in a paradoxical sense, their destruction proved to be their salvation, as they would survive the faithful wrath of the C.Y.R.E.X during the Red Galaxy Event in 604,000,000 BCE thanks to a series of events proceeding their transformation into the Capi-Oblivione. They would also continue to survive well into the C.Y.R.E.X Era, even being able to regain a semblance of the former lives they once led, and join the ever-growing Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems. Proving that even the darkest of storm clouds have a silver lining.

By far the most famous member of the Capi would be a one; "Peccati Reus" the individual whom would be solely responsible for all major Capi history towards the end of their existence, for it would be by his will that the world of Et-Nos war with its Etymology occupiers in an act of revenge towards the faithful death of his beloved husband. Though his actions can be debated heavily on, one cannot argue his resolve and tenacity, even if it can be described as extremely selfish to some.


The Capi most closely resembled an odd mix of the Earth species of Canis lupus familiaris, or "wolf" and Oryctolagus cuniculus, or "rabbit". For example; their head and face would look that of your typical wolf, with sharp fangs and a protruding snout, and two front facing eyes, typical for your average predator species, also with the previously mentioned wolf-like traits. While on top of their heads they have two large and long rabbit-like ears, and on the end of their legs they have two rabbit like feet. Strangely, their hands more resemble that of your typical primate species, such as humans, however unlike Humans they have extremely long and sharp claws, also adding to their wolf-like nature. One could easily mistake a Capi as a strange mutant species created by a third-party.

The physical traits of the Capi are much in line with typical bipedal humanoid species, complete with the common cliches almost all known humanoids species share at there base level. So this includes two arms at each end of their torso, and two hands at the end of those arms, with five finger digits at the end of each of the respective hands. And of course, they couldn't be described as: "pedal" without legs, and they would poses two of them, which gave them an impressive average height of around six feet, leaving each Capi fairly tall.

Across their body is leathery type skin, which is covered in layers of fur, with the individual thickness, color, and shape being reliant on the ethnicity of the Capi in question. The colors in which a Capi's fur takes is typically very colorful, with colors ranging from bright whites and deep blacks. To more exotic colors like neon blues and purples.

Male and female Capi look fairly different from each other. Male Capi will often appear much shorter and slender, as well they will have longer arms. While female Capi will appear much larger , taller, and muscular. For both male and female Capi, their individual strength varied depending on the respective limbs one is referring to. As female Capi were typically bulkier, they were also typically physically stronger in both their arms and legs, allowing them to lift up to one hundred and ten pounds to a male's top lift of ninety eight pounds. Thanks to their thick hind legs and powerful feet, a Capi is able to run eighty five kilometers an hour and jump fourteen feet in the air.

Their eyes were typical for your average predator species, meaning they were front facing and very rigid looking. They were also very effective, allowing an individual Capi to see things up to four kilometers away. The colors their eyes adopt were as varied as their furs respective pigments, even conditions like heterochromia was fairly common among them.

Thanks to their large ears, your typical Capi had an impressive hearing range of around fifteen kilometers wide, easily allowing a Capi to detect any oncoming threats well in advanced. As well, their ears allowed them to focus on singular points of sound, making it easier to hear specific things rather then being bombarded with constant noise.

Due to their inherent physical appearance, you'd be forgiven in thinking that the Capi were a carnivorous species. However this proved to not be the case, as they partook in the many diverse flora and fauna that once dotted their home world of Et-Nos. As well, they would use the endless liquid ethane oceans of their home world as their respective solvent.

The Capi, while not having a particular large brain, have amazing memory. An individual Capi would be able to retain all the things they have learned throughout their entire life. With their unusually short natural lifespan, this wouldn't be much. However thanks to the introduction of virtual immortality by the Etymology, this could seemingly allow them to retain an insane amount of information, making each Capi a walking library's worth of knowledge.


The Capi, like the vast majority of species described as: "intelligent" in the known universe, do not have one collective behavior, meaning they didn't operate as a hive mind, or had some sort of strange inherent behavioral trait. In other words; the behavior and or personality of an individual Capi is very diverse, with very few commonalities. The few commonalities that are known are your basic forms of morality in terms of things most intelligent species find objectionable, such as murder and the like.

Despite the lack of inherent behavioral traits, many Capi do share similar values and mindsets when it comes to certain things. The most famous and prevalent behavior the majority of the Capi populace demonstrated would be their hatred towards the Etymology whom forced them to join in their intragalatic government. Even before Peccati's famous Free Et-Nos Movement, there were constant small scale rebellious actions committed by various Capi groups.

Another common trait among Capi would be their insanely long lasting grudge holding. If one would offend a Capi in some way, they would never forget it, holding onto it for their entire lives, which thanks to virtual immortality being extremely common among Etymology member species, this was seemingly forever. However, it wouldn't be just grudges the Capi would hold onto, but other more positive things like romantic attraction. Usually, a Capi will almost never lose their feelings for their chosen partner. And thanks to the aforementioned virtual immortality, this would in theory last forever.

So, with all this combine, one may think the Capi in fact *did* have inborn behavioral traits, but rest assured they did not. Instead, these were very mainstream and virtuous personality traits in every Capi culture. Rather then a Capi being destined to act this way, it is forced, and continued to be reinforced by the people they care about most throughout their whole life.

Friends and family were also extremely important with this rigid belief structure. In fact, it may have been the most paramount pillar of it. Capi were conditioned from birth to put trust in their parents, and to follow the belief structure condition that their parents themselves were condition to follow.

After their induction into the Etymology, anti-Etymology sentiments were very common among the Capi, to the point where it was the majority held belief of the whole of Capi-Kind. But despite this, thanks to the isolation from other Capi that certain Capi had from select worlds in the Etymology's domain, these behavioral and personality traits were rendered null and void. These rare few had unique and varied personalities, instead influenced by the respective culture they happen to be around. We can only imagine what Capi culture could've been like if only they had lived long enough to see it changed.


The Capi, like most known intelligent species in the universe, had different forms of government throughout their history. For the majority of their short history, their government functioned as an hereditary monarchy, meaning the same royal family ruled over the Capi throughout the entire history of this aforementioned monarchy.

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