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Cargo freighters, often shortened to just freighters, are ships designed to carry large amounts of cargo across space. They are typically used by large-scale shipping companies or by government organizations. However, this hasn't stopped criminals and smugglers from getting their hands on freighters as well.


Freighters are typically built in a utilitarian fashion in order to maximize their efficiency. As such, most freighters share many design commonalities despite coming from several different manufacturers. Features such as powerful engines, strong hulls, and basic, edged designs are a common sight on freighters across the universe.

As freighters are usually prime targets for pirates and other criminals, they are usually accompanied by other ships in order to keep them safe. However, many companies often fit their freighters with their own weapons systems.

Criminals also make great use of freighters in their operations. These are usually freighters that have been stolen and then fitted out with illegal modifications. They are typically seen transporting all kinds of contraband.


Light Freighters

Light freighters are designed for small-scale hauling operations. They are usually used by smaller shipping companies and independent haulers, although criminals also make extensive use of them, as they are relatively easy to acquire and maintain.

Medium Freighters

Medium freighters are often referred to as the "middle ground" of the freighter family, being smaller than bulk freighters, yet larger than light freighters. They are the most common type of freighter in the universe, with large convoys of them being a daily sight on many worlds.

Bulk Freighters

Bulk freighters are enormous vessels designed to carry extremely large amounts of cargo. Most bulk freighters are owned by large corporations, as maintaining these ships is quite expensive. However, this hasn't stopped some enterprising individuals from getting their hands on one.

Passenger Ships

Passenger ships are designed to carry large quantities of people from one place to another. Many of these ships are modified freighters that have had their cargo bays turned into passenger bays.

Notable Examples