Fauna and Flora

Carlea is the fourth planet around the star Maea in the Cnara System. It is a cool, temperate planet with life filling its vast oceans and small continents. It is the homeworld of the Carlean species, the second most populous planet of the United Nations of the Flower Galaxy, and one of the two capitals of the Cnara-Frealee Federation.


Carlea was named by the native Carleans in prehistory, after one of their gods. It is a planet filled with life, tens of millions of lifeforms of all sorts. One of those lifeforms that lived here was the Carlean species, an intelligent species that would later rise to conquer a good portion of the galaxy and create the Cnara-Frealee Federation.

Carlea is one of the most important worlds in the Flower Galaxy, as it is the capital world of the Carleans, the intelligent species it gave birth to, and the Cnara-Frealee Federation, the most powerful nation in the Flower Galaxy. The Carleans, being a naturally quite peaceful species, would forge multiple peace treaties among the warring factions of the Flower Galaxy, including the First Treaty of Providence, the Fifteenth Treaty of Providence, the Five Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Third Treaty of Providence, and so many other Treaty of Providences. Essentially, the Carleans would bring lasting peace to the galaxy.


Carlea is located near the center of the Cnara Cluster, a region of the Flower Core comprising a few hundred star systems in a dense cluster, and the first systems to be colonized by the Carleans, and one of the most populous regions of the Cnara-Frealee Federation.

Interestingly, this area of space is filled with inhabited worlds with around 30 % of its star systems having at least one planet or moon with some form of life. Studies have not revealed any particular reason as to why this region is so life-filled.

Moon System

Carlea, orbiting so close to Maea, has no natural moons. However, occationally a quasi-satellite gets temporarily captured. The lack of major moons makes vast orbital infrastructure very easy to set up.

Space infrastructure

The space within Carlea's sphere of influence is positively stuffed with various rotating habitats, space stations, transport spacecraft, space farms, and solar collectors. This often makes it very tricky to find where one actually wants to go without navigation. Luckily, among the things floating around Carlea is a portion of the Galactic Positioning System, a project funded by the United Nations of the Flower Galaxy as a whole to help citizens navigate easily. Carlea was one of the first planets for it to go up around due to its importance.

There are also many rotating habitats around Carlea. There are in fact so many that over half of Carlea's population isn't actually on the planet. These rotating habitats are mainly fed by low gravity space farms, carefully designed to be as efficient as possible.

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