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Carlea first formed roughly 3.1 billion years ago, around 100 million years after the formation of Raea and Maea. It evolved life around 300 million years after that, after several impacts from large protoplanets. Roughly 400 million years before the present day, an explosion of diversity happened, in which thousands of multicellular species burst onto the scene. After a lot of evolution, one particular species, which would come to be known as the Carleans, would rise to intelligence, and invent space technology in the 43,000s CE.

After this breakthrough, they colonized their home system, and then expanded outwards to colonize the whole of the Cnara Cluster. Many of the planets they encountered had developing life, ranging from pond scum to large animals. However, the first planet they encountered with properly intelligent life was Darvikus, which was four hundred light-years away and outside of the cluster. Small sects among them wanted to simply conquer them, but the overriding opinion was that they should make contact, and this proved to be the right decision as the two intelligent species had different sorts of technology, which allowed them to combine their research and grow much more powerful than they would have been able to otherwise, forming the most powerful nation in the galaxy, the Cnara-Frealee Federation.

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