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Carleans are a species of intelligent dragonlike reptiles, hailing from Carlea in the Cnara System. They are primarily located in the Flower Galaxy, and are only just beginning to spread out outside it. Carleans are mostly known for their cooperative, fair and peaceful attitude, which has allowed them to mediate thousands of different treaties. This causes most of the civilizations in the Flower Galaxy to trust them to mediate fair treaties between enemies, which actually gives them quite a lot of power.

Compared to other species, Carleans are quite smart and resilient, which has led many of them to be scientists. Many species attempted to invade them on the assumption that they would be total pushovers due to their peaceful nature, however they will still defend themselves with astonishing ferocity. However, their attacks are specifically designed to not hit any civilian populations, and because of this, their army actually contains more defectors than native enlisters, as those who attack them are often much more ruthless than they are.

With a history of rapid advancements, they became a K2 civilization, one of the quickest to do so without help. Over many millennia, Carlean subspecies have originated, the descendants of the colonists of strange worlds, genetically engineered to live in their environments without support. As they colonized the Cnara Cluster, they came across the Frealee System, a system with a nascent K1 civilization. They spent a few years decoding their language, started a dialogue, sent a whole bunch of technology plans, and the civilization there rapidly rose to K2. They joined the Cnaran Federation, and their system was actually named the second capital, and the federation was renamed the Cnara-Frealee Federation. This is a prime example of their cooperativeness.


Carleans are blue-gray winged reptilian creatures around fifteen meters long. They reproduce ovoviviparously, which means that the eggs are inside the mother's womb up until a few days after hatching. This means that the eggs do not require hard shells. Carleans also evolved to have this odd-looking extendable jaw that can extend up to several meters from the individual in seconds, and grab something out of the sky. This evolved due to their original diet, maneuverable seabirds which were hard to catch without these.

Another feature, which is practically useless now, is small poison quills that can shoot out of their tails in case of danger.

Nations/Areas with significant Carleanoid populations

  • Cnara-Frealee Federation - 65%, 55% of Carleans
  • Providence Neutral Zone - 71%, 40% of Carleans
  • The last 5% are scattered throughout the galaxy and its satellites.