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Casoria is an Ocean planet, located in the Xenessi system. It is an oceanic world, with only a few small islands above it's sea level. The rest of the world is a huge ocean.

Casoria is home to the Casorian species, a hyper-intelligent octopus species. They are members of The Commune Federation.


Casoria is a moderetally sized planet that is almost entirely covered in a body of water known as the Casoria sea. Only a few islands exist on the planet, the largest of which exists in the northern hemisphere, and a few scattered islands along the equator. The world is otherwise very tropical, with small jungles growing on the islands.

Under the water, there are hundreds of thousands of special canyonways, passages, and trenches which are inhabited by the Casorians. Many of these trenches are lit up permanently, home to the cities of Casoria's underwater civilization.

In living with conjuction with the natural life of their world, the Casorian's have ensured that there are plenty of coral reefs that still bloom constantly. The oceans are constantly teeming with fish and natural life, which the Casorians can then consume as part of their pescetarian diets.

Offworld Colonies

Since joining The Commune Federation, the Casorian's have allowed other species to settle on the sparse number of islands that their world has. These islands fall under the overall Casorian Commune, but they have set up their own personal Communes, allowing them to live their lives and democratically elect their own rules within their settlements themselves.


Casoria possesses only asteroids caught into orbit around it as moons. These three moons are Isencer, Kyonsera, and Viveinax. They are all named after renowned Casorian intellectuals and philosophers.


Insencer was the first moon that the Casorian's sent probes to, and was eventually one that they attempted to settle as an experiment with the help of The Commune Federation. The Asteroid is now full of complexes and facilities, all of which are flooded to provide a suitable environment for the Casorians. The facility is now used as both a research facility by the Casorians, as well as a forward communications base, letting them keep in easier contact with the wider Commune Federation.

Lessons learned from Isencer taught the Casorians that efforts colonizing in the same manner that air-breathing species was not a good method of colonization - Water is heavier and takes more effort, and more of it, to create an environment suitable for their needs. This is what lead them to appeal to species who have already colonized worlds for their rights to co-inhabit them. Isencer is now considered a location that Casorians should visit at least once in their lives due to it's cultural signifigance to them. Roughly 500,000 reside here permanently.


Kyonsera is an asteroid that The Commune colonized with permission from the Casorians. It handles trade relations with the Casorian Commune, taking inventory and redistributing it as needed. The asteroid is a series of paraterraformed domes, with buildings that breach the dome and enter exterior space. It is permanently inhabited by about six million sentient beings


Viveinax is home to an industry complex for the other species that inhabit the Xenessi system. Due to it's inhabitability to the rest of the Casorians, they allow other species to settle their star system with their permission, and Viveinax is a forge for the processing of the various materials that are mined from elsewhere in the system. Viveinax is an industrial power throughout much of the system, with many goods and materials coming from it. It is also responsible for the construction of many space stations and space cities throughout the system, many of which are inhabited by the Casorians themselves.