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The Casorian are an octopus-appearing species native to the oceanic planet Casoria, located in the Verpletter Dwarf Galaxy.

They are well renowned for their immense intelligence and academic institutions. While relegated to underwater environments, they are well respected for their contributions to The Commune Federation.


The Casorian's are a species of mollusc. They possess eight 'arms', all equpied with sucker pods to assist them in gripping objects, all of which are webbed, to assist them in swimming throughout the oceans of their homeworld. They possess the ability to camoflauge into the surroundings when they so desire, controlling this ability at will.

They are also far larger than most octopus species humans are familiar with - They are as wide as the average human is tall - about 1.7 meters - And up to 20 inches tall when flat. This puts them at about knee height for Humans.

Casorian's are capable of surviving on land without Saltwater for up to three hours. During this time, they are full capable of standing upright. This makes it possible for a Casorian to look a human in the eye if need be. According to many, this becomes tiring after about half an hour.

They do not live particularly long lives by the standards of other species - Only about 50 Human years. This gives many of them a drive to accomplish from a young age. They also possess seven distinct sexes.

Naming conventions

Casorians have a complex naming convention. Due to how the Casorian's mate, they are usually born in clusters of eggs of up to 100,000. Each egg will be given a number, and that will be part of their name. After hatching, they will be given another name, which is usually some kind of combination of the family name and the names of the parents, refered to as a Given Name.

Because of the sheer number of offspring, this nessesitates keeping the number, as many will receive the same name. They will also be given a 'Community Name', which is in honour of their community.

They are also given a "Reference name" - This is akin to a nickname in Human civilizations, and is designed to give each Casorian a unique name. What this is can depend on appearence, personality, or other such variations. Finally, at the age of ten, they are allowed to select a name for themselves, as a symbol of maturity and individuality. Many will decide to live by their "Reference name", but they are allowed to pick a unique name of their own choosing if they so desire. If they choose to live by their reference name, their name will be a full word shorter, unless they specifically desire both remain.

These names are arranged by, Chosen-Given-Reference-Community-Number. An Example of a Casorian name would be:

Chosen Name Given Name Reference Name Community Name Number Name Full Name
Fiescro Eqenser Osren Terrina Oco Fiescro-Eqenser-Osren-Terrina-Oco
Tyinere Adeer Tyinere Defblorgha Zwen Tyinere-Adeer-Deflorgha-Zwen
Okchoko Ressine Okchoko Wesser Sani Okchoko-Ressine-Okchoko-Wesser-Sani


In universal terms, the Casorians are an incredibly young species, having attained sentience only around 4000 years before first contact. Due to their incredible intelligence though, they rapidly developed civilizations and social structures. There have been very few wars in Casorian history, due to them being seen as incredibly illogical and counter productive.

The Casorians first came into contact with Humanity via The Commune Federation, and were first discovered not long after it's formation. A probe the Casorian's put into orbit around their homeworld welcomed the Federation's ships, and informed them of their existance. A meeting was set up on Casoria's largest island, Sesseria, in which The Commune Federation described their existance. Severeal diplomatic visits were made, including cultural and star chart exchanges. Within several months, the Casorians came to beileive that The Commune Federation were a force for good, and could assist them in their needs. They asked to become official members of the Federation, and were accepted by all the Founding members unanimously.

Since then, the Casorians have been huge contributors to the Federation, providing intellectual and philosophical contributions, as well as assisting in the creation and designs of new ships and weapons. Many technological projects The Commune takes on will be either overseen, or will have several highly qualified Casorians involved in. they have also begun to leave their homeworld, at a slow and steady pace, some opting to establish colonies on worlds such as Marx and Engles, and other colonized worlds within The Commune, seeing it as logical to utilize space that has already been claimed by their faction. Due to their readily available contributions, no colonies have shown a dislike of this.