The Cassiopeia Consortium is a large conglomeration of ten distinct corporations operating in and around the Milky Way Galaxy. The Consortium was originally founded as a coalition of wealthy individuals attempting to escape the turmoil that was gripping the galaxy in the early 20th millennia. Originally founded as a nation, the organization controlled over three hundred thousand star systems at its height before joining the confederacy in 21812 CE. It functioned as a Feudal-Capitalist state for the entirety of its history.

The modern-day company, trading under CassCo., is the fifty-first largest corporation based in Local Group. As of the current year, the company mostly operates in the Milky Way and its satellites, however, it does have significant operations in and around the Local Group as well. The company sells thousands of products. What the company is most well-known for is the Skylone Craft Series. The series is the single best-selling vehicle ever produced at well over 1.5 quintillion units. The crafts are extremely versatile, making them the craft of choice for small crews, security forces, construction use, and some limited military use.

Other popular models include the Kaiser and Capella Series. These craft are both military fighters often employed by state-level militaries such as that of the United Federation of Star Systems or Molkoryo.



The nation called Cassiopeia Consortium was the idea of Kurt Spielmann, one of the members of the boards of CloseSpace Corp. He first detailed his plan to several of his friends at a party in 20112, as the instability within the LaC was slowly reaching its crescendo. He was worried that the government could collapse, causing the wealthy to be no different than everyone else, and most likely powerless to stop the hoard of angry workers that he knew would not be too happy with them. His plan entailed a large number of wealthy individuals forming a monarchy in the Cassiopeia Constellation on the planet Cepheus, which he owned. There they would organize themselves into a Feudal Nation. This would preserve the wealth and power of the wealthy individuals as well as give them the means to defend themselves.

He was laughed out of the party that day; his plans were seen as ludicrous. They did not believe the LaC was capable of collapsing. The civil unrest, the reasoned, was just a phase and that the people would settle down once the War ended. They never settled down.

Spielmann once again proposed the idea to his colleagues in 20261. This time, rather than ignore him, they took him seriously. They were already essentially surviving only because of paramilitary groups they've hired, so forming a nation would not be any different. He convinced almost two hundred extremely wealthy individuals to fund his plan. In 20263, construction began of government structures, massive fleets, and several hundred Dyson Swarms located in the stars of the Cassiopeia Constellation. Workers who lost everything were happy to find work building all manner of structures in the nation. Most other businesses were liquidating assets in what would become the single largest economic depression in history before the nation collapsed.


These projects were mostly completed by 20275, the year the consortium declared independence from the barely legitimate LaC. Thye waited until a large number of rival governments were set up so that their departure would be lost in the chaos. Even so, the Federal Government sent several waves of troops to attack the fledgling nation. These waves, while not easy to fight, proved to be ineffective against the newly formed military.

The nation controlled only one hundred and fifteen systems at its start, making it one of the largest polities in the ruined areas of the LaC. When the LaC government collapsed in 20347 CE, the nation quickly occupied several thousand deserted star systems around them, slowly building up defensive infrastructure in the area. Even with some of the most advanced technology money was able to buy, the mostly automated colonization of the systems took almost five centuries.

This period saw general prosperity in the nation. Since it was the largest and most legitimate nation for many lightyears in any direction, the nation saw a large influx of population mostly from refugees fleeing their ruined homeworlds. Kaiser Kurt Spielmann I, the first of eleven Kaisers that would rule the nation, made the Archdukes and Dukes organize a portion of their territory to be devoted to nonhumans. This area was called "The Alien Margraviate." While inappropriate from a modern viewpoint, the idea of giving nonhumans their own fully legitimate sector in a human nation was fairly progressive. In most of the Fiefs scattered across the galaxy, members of minority species were often deported or barred from entry. Nonhumans were technically second-class citizens, however, most of the leaders in the government were wary of causing another revolution. This made the Consortium a fairly egalitarian society for its day.

The Kriegszeit

The Kriegszeit (German for "War Time") was a period from 20466-21679 CE in which the nation saw expansion that made it rival even the remnants of the Federal Government in terms of regional power. During this time, the nation occupied over one hundred inhabited systems as well as the many uninhabited periphery systems around them. This period of accelerated growth saw the edition of hundreds of new duchies and counties as well as another surge of population growth. To this day, the areas once controlled by the Consortium have a denser population than areas around it due to the large amounts of immigration.

One homeworld of a native species, called Fremdin was also conquered. It was made into its own Duchy for the native species, even though the planet remained relatively primitive until well after the Confederacy of Borealis was formed.

The Duke's Conflict

In 21679, the nation was at its peak. It directly controlled over nine-hundred inhabited worlds as well as occupying well over five-thousand total systems. Over twenty fiefs around it were made into Vassal states, as well as even controlling a small Penrose Sphere. In 21679, the Kaiser died suddenly in an accident. His heir, Kaiser Isla, was only twelve years old. The young girl had to rely entirely on her advisors until she was deemed fit to run the nation by a popular vote among the nobles of the nation. This vulnerability gave several of the Vassal states the idea of rebelling. Expansion all but halted as the military had to focus on the rogue emperors or kings on the border.

Archduke Arnold II and Archduke Jarvis both had the idea of deposing the Kaiser and replacing them with themselves. They almost simultaneously rejected the rule of Isla and rallied a large portion of the army as well as their own militaries. They both wanted the throne, making them enemies of each other as well as the state. A fifty-year war took place. Many of the lesser Lords sided with Arnold, others with Jarvis, others with Isla, and still others trying to gain their own independence.

In 21721, Jarvis and Arnold were both defeated by the now fully legitimate Isla. In this time, the nation shrunk considerably, many of the periphery territories were sacrificed to send much-needed troops to the rebelling Duchies. Finally, in 21723, the war ended and peace returned to the weakened nation.

After this conflict, a parliament was created. This was meant to reduce the power of local Lords as well as the Kaiser, in exchange for added stability and a more content populace. This is when the nation transitioned from a monarchy to a constitutional monarchy.

The CoB

Even after losing significant portions of their territory, it was still one of the largest nations within the Milky Way. The nobility of the nation were not terribly eager to join the CoB. Their citizens were not eager to join either. Most of them were content living under their new, fairly democratic government. The government decided to join under the circumstances that they could remain as they were, a constitutional monarchy. This was quickly denied, the purpose of the CoB was to ensure peace and equality. The very existence of a monarchy with any power that was not symbolic undermined this goal. At the time, the Kaiser essentially acted as an unelected president.





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