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Celeas, also called the Celeas Empire, is a powerful nation in the Lowiras. Celeas is presently in the grip of a vicious autocratic regime under the Rautha Dynasty, which has absolute control over every aspect of the nation.

Rising from the core of Lowiras from the planet of Kenedir, the powerful Krazalan species expanded through the galaxy until they bumped against other nations, including the Zopoque. The ruling Rautha Dynasty spreads propaganda which says that the Celean state rules the entirety of Lowiras, which is flatly false, but any who question the self-proclaimed God-Emperors of Lowiras abruptly vanish off the streets.


Telach, with its large rings.

The capital of Celeas is the planet Telach, recently relocated from Kenedir due to severe overcrowding. Telach is home to many government institutions and trillions of individuals, and is very important to the history of its patch of the universe.

Telach itself is an ordinary habitable planet, covered mostly in shallow oceans. The government institutions are all on specially designed "chandelier cities", to avoid disturbing the fragile ocean ecosystem below, which the current God-Emperor is very interested in. Telach is also the home of many important figures in Lowiras galactic history.


Celeas began as an egalitarian democracy centered around the Doret System known as the Assemblage of Twelve. The twelve worlds of the system, lit by the soft blue light of Doret, lived in harmony for hundreds of years. Kenedir, Kanden, and Eyoras, the three most major planets of the system, were the most prosperous worlds in all the galaxy.

Unfortunately for everyone else, a rich family known as the Rauthas slowly wove themselves into positions of power in the Assemblage's political system and began to corrupt the once-glorious democracy of the Doret System. Dalanad Rautha, the most famous of the dynasty, won the office of the Lord President of the Assemblage of Twelve, and attempted to control the media and other services to ensure a second term. Dalanad's policies only appealed to the most extreme members of the population, and so he was too unpopular for even the most distorted propaganda to save him.

After a centrist politician, Cenedras Jalak, was elected in a historic landslide victory, Dalanad stirred up his supporters into a frenzy, culminating in an all-out invasion of the government buildings on Kanden and Eyoras. Although his supporters were a small fraction of the total population, when gathered together they were enough to overcome the meagre defenses surrounding the two campuses. Jalak and most of the more sane government workers were brutally ripped apart by a mob, and for weeks the buildings smelled of rotting flesh as their heads were mounted on the lightpoles.

Dalanad Rautha now had regained control of the Assemblage of Twelve, and began to install yes-men politicans which would pass everything he suggested. He had one of them propose sweeping amendments to the constitution to remove most elements from the Declaration of the Rights of Citizens, a major part of the document, as well as removing term limits and giving the Lord President "emergency powers" for the "duration" of the "emergency". These were passed depressingly quickly, and so ended the peaceful democratic era of the Krazalan species.

Dalanad died of a severe cardiac artery disease only 3 years into his reign, allowing his daughter Thalira to take over from him in the new Rautha Dynasty. As she had grand designs of drastically expanding the nation, she enacted a law to rename the Assemblage of Twelve, which was fourteen by this point anyway, to the Celeas Empire, after the region Doret was found in.

Thalira is widely considered the most influential of the Rautha Dynasty, as well as the most moderate. Under her reign, citizens were not murdered for speaking out or protesting, although they still got tear gassed. That is a really low bar. Thalira probably singlehandedly ensured the continued survival of the Rautha Dynasty by having a full 93 children over her lifetime. The current God-Emperor of Lowiras (the official title of rulers of the State) is the first since Thalira herself whose mother was not Thalira.

Under Queen Thalira Rautha I, Celeas expanded at high speed into the unclaimed space surrounding the Doret and Alseker Systems. Due to the general lifelessness of the inner portions of Lowiras, Celeas was able to expand greatly through the reigns of Thalira and her children. Only now is the nation beginning to bump against other nations, including the Zopoque. Tensions are high, and historians are only waiting for the next war to start.