The Celestial Plague (Often shortened to The Plague is a hyperactive and concurrent threat to countless forces of the Local Group, being presented in the form of numerous genetically engineered organisms and artificial automata. Constructed by POLIKY and the Quintet Puontari Federation for the purpose of brutal offensive conflicts, the Celestial Plague was unleashed upon countless warfronts and deep inside offensive territory in the Milky Way Galaxy and deeper locations of the Virgo Supercluster. The Plague is classified as a threat to the entire Virgo Supercluster, though it is mostly confined to the Milky Way Galaxy and its satellites, as well as varying major galaxies.

The Plague is an extremely dangerous threat that has a high degree of lethality, causing mass casualties and the widespread destruction of worlds. The Plague is also responsible for the deaths of billions of individuals and many races, and it is regarded as one of the most dangerous threats to the Local Group. The Confederacy of Borealis, which is the most hard-hit by the Celestial Plague, has been unable to deflect to ongoing crisis since the War of the Ancients.

In modern-day, the Quintet Puontari Federation gets an understandable amount of resentment for their now out-of-control creation, as many have cited them as the largest source of continuous causalities and chaos. While the Celestial Plague is much more mitigated than before, the Confederacy and even the Quintet Puontari Federation themselves come together in attempts to eliminate the Celestial Plague. Various instances of in-fighting within the Celestial Plague itself has also made combat more difficult.

Fear of the Celestial Plague is also rampant, as many fortified colonies and organized forces seemingly fall to their knees by the barbaric groups of the Celestial Plague. The violent and unruly battles which usually take place ae also very expensive to local forces, though defeat has been heavily mitigated following restrictions and guidelines which have been placed. Other instances of ills and chaos caused by the Plague are also seen in various instances of conflict, including recent destabilization of the Confederacy, and recent attacks on farther organizations such as the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations.


There are numerous major components to the Celestial Plague, which are all modified editions of artificial or biological life forms. Utilizing secretive genetic editing and mechanical work, the Celestial Plague has come out as endlessly elusive and numerous, with its many parts having a unique composition and set of goals. This has made any managing of the Celestial Plague almost impossible, considering the heavy diversity in the many components. The Plague is most commonly seen as a multitude of genetically-engineered organisms, which are often very aggressive and dangerous. These organisms are either created in labs or are designed to be spread as quickly as possible, with little regard to their environment. Components are also issued a threat level, from levels Mikro to Kolofon, and was created by the Anomalous Object Catalog for the purpose of categorization and warning.

List of components in the Celestial Plague
Name Description First Sighting Threat Level
Puontari Hive The Puontari Hive is known to be the most notable component of the Celestial Plague, as it was meticulously created by The Recreators to act as a hive mind. The Puontari Hive is characterized by its immense main body, which is made up of a sticky gelatinous substance. Multicolored bulbs, which hold spores, are attached to the Puontari Hive, and can spread its influence heavily. Usually, the Puontari Hive is able to subsume multiple hosts, which expand its reach and intelligence. Rapid spreading of spores is also hard to contain, as the Puontari Hive is usually detected late in its fermentation stages.

The Puontari Hive, however, can not travel through space if it exists in small numbers. This is where The Recreators come in, as they seem to intentionally spread the Puontari Hive all across the Local Group with no bias. Rapid spreading of infectious strains of the Puontari Hive is also done by itself, if enough hosts are collected in a singular area. There have been numerous reports of spacecraft being infected by the Puontari Hive in this way, causing them to have as much spreading power as possible. Many of these calamitous events took place during the War of the Ancients, adding a new yet small front to the war.

91632 CE Kolofon
Nanomachine Scourge The Nanomachine Scourge is a blanket term for a series of self-replicating micro machines, with many differing purposes and instructions. Usually, the Nanomachine Scourge is described by a massive self-replicating 'gray sludge', which has the ability to complete its job of self-replication feverishly easily. Sections of rural planets have known to been overtaken by these forces, and they are complex enough to craft numerous kinds of objects. Spacecraft have even been made by the Nanomachine Scourge, which is how it primarily spreads. The Nanomachine Scourge can also be used for varying other purposes, such as helping to spread and create various other components of the Celestial Plague. 88073 CE Kolofon
Null Space Null Space is one of the most lethal and dangerous components to the Celestial Plague, attaining its infamy off of its mysterious attributes and fearful way of spreading. Known to be an amorphous gaseous compound, the nicknamed 'Null Space' is a deep, almost black crimson gas which is created in part by the Nanomachine Scourge. Other groups, such as The Recreators, have aided in its development. Null Space is characterized by its high toxicity, acidity, and high reactivity. Null Space is known to kill clueless individuals without proper protection in mere minutes - applying to fleshly and bare creatures. 88073 CE Kolofon
Aeterna Caligine The Mist is a nickname given to a nebulous gas or fluid which a light purple or gray in color. Originally, The Mist was at the center of numerous interstellar myths and legends, showing itself as a fixed and docile anomaly. However, POLIKY and the Quintet Puontari Federation managed to get hold of The Mist, and replicate it imperfectly to create a more hostile anomaly. The mechanisms of The Mist are not known at the time, but it is apparent that instances of it have the ability to take victims to unknown or obscure locations. The Mist also appears to show up almost randomly, having unseasonal mass appearances and disappearances. This has made The Mist notably impossible to fully control. 35941 CE Imisy
Astral Assimilation Astral Assimilation is arguably one of the most dangerous components for the Celestial Plague, if allowed to complete its primary mission, it can consume and fully integrate massive objects into its force. Being comprised of micro-replicators, the Astral Assimilation behaves similarly to the Nanomachine Scourge, but uses its replication to completely destroy the inner and outer cores of planets. Eventually, an emission gas that ranges in color is left behind, leaving any objects to be husks. Astral Assimilation however is easy to detect, and almost no worlds in recent memory have been subsumed by their forces. 88073 CE Kolofon
Troxinians Troxinians (true species name not known) are a biological component to the Celestial Plague, corrupted and freed by the Puontari Hive. Formerly being the founding species of a Type-0 Civilization, Troxinians have been controlled by the Puontari Hive for their high intellect and pre-existing technology. The collective efforts of the Puontari Hive and The Recreators have transported Troxinians far from their home planet of Troxinia, and have seeded the now genetically modified race all across the Local Group. Instances of Troxinians and their newly found savage behavior have constantly appeared since the War of the Ancients, and it continues to be common in the modern day.

Troxinians are noted to contain a flurry of heightened attributes, including speed, resistance, craftsmanship, and its expanded intellect. Troxinians also hold a deep knowledge on the operation of technology, including those in which they have not seen before. The reason for this is not known.

91678 CE Kolofon

The Recreators

The Recreators, being a group focused on the disintegration of the Quintet Puontari Federation and other nations, has used the Celestial Plague to ensue chaos and calamity all across the Local Group. Thousands of instances of The Recreators aiding the development of the Celestial Plague have been documented, which makes them a very elusive target by both the Quintet Puontari Federation and varying other nations affected by the Celestial Plague. The Recreators have also lacked any formal interaction with the major nations of the Local Group, with the only interactions being aggressive and dismissive in nature.

Considering that The Recreators have held resentment towards the Quintet Puontari Federation since its creation, it is remarkable that any full-scale assaults or any continuations of the War of the Ancients have not happened yet. However, smaller but worrying events have come to pass by The Recreators, including a set of proxy wars, cyberattacks, and its recent increase in seiges by the Celestial Plague. The recent arrival of Troxinians and the Puontari Hive has also made The Recreators come back to attention by many nations. However, The Recreators have given no signs of a direct attack, but rather an increase in the potency of the Celestial Plague. Other events from The Recreators pertaining to The Administrator after The Exhumation have occurred as well, such as attempts in sending samples of the Celestial Plague to the Tloinin Galaxy.


The Celestial Plague was first manufactured before the Quintet Puontari Federation traveled to the Local Group - long before it was deemed a 'plague' at all. In the prototype and early development phases of the Celestial Plague, it merely consisted of a few notable Xeno Artifacts, designed to protect the system of Vaults that the Quintet Puontari Federation established. Eventually, the Quintet Puontari Federation left in an event that is known as the Third Migration. This made the QPF leave with many of its important assets and people, while simultaneously abandoning a large number of citizens/personnel, leaving them to be subsumed by the forces of The Recreators.

These citizens, being heavily affiliated with the QPF, were taken in by The Recreators and treated harshly, soon being forced to follow the QPF in the Third Migration. Promising to fight the Quintet Puontari Federation and disarming POLIKY, The Recreators launched their own system of generation ships, and followed the Quintet Puontari Federation to the Puonay Galaxy, which is where they were headed to. This would happen with time, but not too many forces followed the Quintet Puontari Federation in the end. However, their numbers and knowledge were enough to stay as a formidable threat.

Over the many millennia of their intergalactic trip, The Recreators and the Quintet Puontari Federation arrived near the Puonay Galaxy in a series of 'colonial trains'. The Recreators stood silent for many years as the Quintet Puontari Federation arrived and kept expanding. Eventually, tensions started and rose as the Confederacy discovered the mysterious and threatening nature of them. Soon after, it broke and culminated in a massive intergalactic battle known as the War of the Ancients. During this time, The Recreators sabotaged numerous areas around the Quintet Puontari Federation and CoB, causing chaos and aiding in the spreading of the Celestial Plague.

Long before the War of the Ancients came to an end, the Quintet Puontari Federation realized their mistake with the Celestial Plague, but it was too late. The high reproduction rate of the Celestial Plague, combined with the hidden hand of The Recreators, had spread the Celestial Plague all around the Local Group, essentially making it uncontainable. The war then came to a resolution with a ceasefire, but The Recreators only thought of this peace as the beginning.

Being completely split off from the center of their old colonies, The Recreators underwent many changes, upholding a tyrannical presence over those who were against them. They also expanded their borders, but kept away from the Quintet Puontari Federation until they thought they were powerful enough. When that day came to pass, The Recreators unveiled themselves to the Quintet Puontari Federation, and they were alarmed at the sheer power, scale, and ambition of The Recreators.

This meant that shortly following the War of the Ancients, severe tensions rose with the Quintet Puontari Federation once more, and many of the remaining forced were sent to guard the areas near their colonies. However, The Recreators began to escalate the situation, causing instability inside the QPF and causing further amounts of sabotage in its borders. Attacks were also common, as was attacks on the varying other nations of the Local Group. This is when the Celestial Plague attained its infamy, as The Recreators used the best technology to form an entirely new component, the Puontari Hive.

The Puontari Hive, designed to be the perfect organism, was let loose across multiple areas around the Local Group. In specifics, the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations and the Quintet Puontari Federation were targeted, as many samples of the Puontari Hive were sent to core worlds of the Commonwealth. This is commonly known as the Great Commonwealth Infection, the first major event pertaining only to The Recreators and its enemies.

The War of the Ancients
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