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The Celestial Plague (Often shortened to The Plague) is a major threat to the galactic ecosystem of Via Aylathiya. It is best described as a wave of genetically engineered organisms and artificial automata, created for spreading across interstellar space. The Plague was initially created by the Septet Alliance to prevent Sydiah's Paragons, a similar type of threat from Sedrua. The Celestial Plague has since be re-vitalized since the days of old, seeing major use in the War of the Ancients. It has since acted as a nuisance for even the most powerful of nations.

As it stands, The Plague is infamous for the chaos that it is responsible for. It has caused the widespread destruction of worlds during the WoTA, as well as many areas after the war. The Plague is also the direct cause of trillions of casualties, making it an automatic threat for many civilizations. Both the Boreal Federacy and the Commonwealth were impacted greatly by the plague, and still see threatening activity near border worlds.

The Quintet Payotari Association gets an understandable amount of resentment for the now out-of-control creation. With The Plague, many people (primarily Federate citizens) consider the plague to be a great threat to national security. Modern-day usage by Sydiah's Paragons has also spread a large level of social disdain to them.

Fear of The Plague is very rampant in social spheres, as its power has contributed to the death of trillions. Battles are also very expensive to local forces, though defeat of The Plague has been accelerated following a recent increase of defense. The Second Recreator Conflicts have also prompted several nations to crack down on The Plague, as well as Sydiah's Paragons.


There are several distinct components to The Plague, all of which are artificial or biological life forms. Utilizing secretive genetic editing and mechanical work, The Plague has come out as elusive, with its many parts having a unique composition and set of goals. This has management difficult, considering the heavy diversity among its many components. The Plague is most commonly seen as a multitude of genetically engineered organisms, which are often hostile and dangerous. These organisms were created in laboratories, designed to spread as quickly as possible with little regard to the galactic environment.

Sydiah's Paragons

Sydiah's Paragons has used The Plague all across Via Aylathiya. Primarily, it has used the Celestial Plague in an attempt to remove the QPA entirely. Sydiah's Paragons have used and modified the Plague on numerous occasions, making them a very elusive and high-priority target by the QPA and nearby nations. Sydiah's Paragons also lack any formal relations with established nations, with the only interactions being aggressive and dismissive. This made diplomacy futile, prompting the Commonwealth to join the Second Recreator Conflicts.

Considering that Sydiah's Paragons were designed to dismantle the QPA, it is remarkable that any full-scale assaults or any continuations of the War of the Ancients have not happened yet. However, smaller but worrying events have come to pass their hands, including its recent increase in Plague activity.

The War of the Ancients
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