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The Celestial Plague (Often shortened to The Plague) is a major threat to the current way of life in the Aylothn Galaxy. It is a collection of numerous genetically engineered organisms and artificial automata capable of traversing interstellar space. It was initially created by the Septet Alliance of Free Aligned Nations (SAFAN) for the prevention of the Paragons of Sydiah. However, the turn of the modern day has shown that The Paragons have used The Plague since its re-awakening.

Since its creation, it has morphed into an emergent threat, especially after the War of the Ancients. In the war, The Plague was unleashed upon various warfronts, deep inside territory in the Aylothn and Via Sagittaria Galaxies. Currently, The Plague is classified as a threat to the Aylothn Galaxy, though it is mostly confined to the Orithyia Spiral.

As it stands, The Plague is infamous for the chaos that it is responsible for. It has caused the widespread destruction of worlds during the WOTA, as well as many areas post-WOTA. The Plague is also responsible for the deaths of billions of individuals, classifying it as a very dangerous threat in the eyes of many. The Commonwealth of United Economic Nations, the most hard-hit by The Plague, has been unable to fully quell to ongoing crisis since the War of the Ancients. As such, joint resistance efforts have been created between them and the Quintet Puontari Federation.

In the modern-day, the Quintet Puontari Federation gets an understandable amount of resentment for the now out-of-control creation. With The Plague, Many people, especially Confederate citizens, consider the plague to be the largest threat to national security. The rampant usage by the Paragons of Sydiah has also spread a large level of social disdain to them. While The Plague is relatively mitigated in comparison to the War of the Ancients, it is still a very large issue for many nations. However, various instances of Plague in-fighting, combined with action by major governments, has made its projected long-term survival short.

Fear of The Plague is very rampant in social spheres, as its power has contributed to the death of trillions. Battles are also very expensive to local forces, though defeat of The Plague has been accelerated following a recent increase of defense. The Second Recreator Conflicts have also prompted several nations to crack down on The Plague, as well as the Paragons of Sydiah.


There are many major components to The Plague, which are all modified artificial or biological life forms. Utilizing secretive genetic editing and mechanical work, The Plague has come out as elusive, with its many parts having a unique composition and set of goals. This has made managing The Plague almost impossible, considering the heavy diversity in its many components. The Plague is most commonly seen as a multitude of genetically engineered organisms, which are often very aggressive and dangerous. These organisms were either created in labs or are designed to be spread as quickly as possible, with little regard to their environment.

The Paragons of Sydiah

The Paragons of Sydiah, a group focused on the removal of the QPF, has used The Plague all across the Aylothn Galaxy. Thousands of instances of The Paragons administering The Plague have been documented, which makes them a very elusive target by both the Quintet Puontari Federation and varying other nations affected by The Plague. The Paragons of Sydiah also lack any formal relations with established nations, with the only interactions being aggressive and dismissive.

Considering that The Paragons of Sydiah have held resentment towards the Quintet Puontari Federation since its creation, it is remarkable that any full-scale assaults or any continuations of the War of the Ancients have not happened yet. However, smaller but worrying events have come to pass by The Paragons of Sydiah, including its recent increase in sieges by The Plague. The recent arrival of Troxinians and the re-use of The Essence has also made The Paragons of Sydiah come back to attention by many nations.


The Plague was first manufactured by the Septet Alliance of Free Aligned Nations (SAFAN), as a method of staving away the Paragons of Sydiah. It merely consisted of a few pieces of technology, designed to protect the system of Vaults that the SAFAN established. It temporarily served as a method to fiercely defend surviving colonies of the SAFAN, though they were eventually disabled or destroyed. Eventually, the SAFAN was defeated, and the Quintet Puontari Federation rose from the ashes. After a few decades, the QPF and the Paragons moved to the Aylothn Galaxy in an event named the Grand Migration.

After the process of their intergalactic migration, The Paragons of Sydiah and the Quintet Puontari Federation arrived. The Paragons of Sydiah, however, were not able to detect the Quintet Puontari Federation. So, they remained silent in their own set of Vaults which would house their important assets. They stood silent for many years as the Quintet Puontari Federation. Eventually, tensions started and rose as the Confederacy and the Commonwealth discovered their mysterious and threatening nature. Soon after, it broke and culminated in a massive intergalactic battle known as the War of the Ancients. During this time, The Paragons of Sydiah were dormant, only existing in isolated areas similar to the Vaults in the Vault Nexus.

Long before the War of the Ancients ended, the QPF realized their mistake with The Plague, though it was too late. The high reproduction rate of The Plague, combined with prior levels of ruthlessness in the QPF, spread The Plague all around the Aylothn Galaxy. Essentially, it was rendered as uncontainable. The Commonwealth was the first to respond after the war, sending many task forces and containment units to neutralize the most threatening of The Plague. Not too long after, the Paragons of Sydiah were disturbed from stasis, discovered the Quintet Puontari Federation, and used The Plague against all rival civilizations.

The War of the Ancients
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