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The Cenadean Interstellar Union (CIU) is a notable democratic assembly of provinces, located primarily at the central southern side of the Aylothn Galaxy. It is a major member of the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations, and serves as one of ten current nations. The Cenadean Interstellar Union is revered for managing to hold a heavy level of trade lines and internal development through all of its domains. It is bordered by the ICSC to the west, the ESN and LZF to the south, as well as the VFL to the east. The Cenadean Interstellar Union is well known for its extensive use of trading networks, which include mass hyperlane zones and vast systems of importing and exporting goods. The union is very much a trading nation, with many of its provinces holding their own set of independent hyperlanes, and many more holding ties to the main network.

The Cenadean Interstellar Union is the largest member nation of the Commonwealth, with over 18 billion star systems under its influence. The most major realm in the Cenadean Interstellar Union is Lipiclite, and has remained so since the birth of the nation. It has been noted by many to be a very important area for the economic growth of the entire nation. The CIU has managed to maintain this status with its large population, prowess in trading, military might, and overall prosperity. The other large worlds of the CIU are Nocra and Caxxen, which bring large densities of people to the sparser areas of the nation.

The Cenadean Interstellar Union is separated into many provinces and prefectures, which were implemented to maintain cohesion. After numerous revisions and changes in territory, provinces of the Cenadean Interstellar Union have rested as they are today. Most provinces remain bare of cohesive populations, with only four major worlds being located, strewn across its hinterlands. The empty areas are usually maintained by local forces, and are populated with major and minor Hyperlane Networks which cruise around the nation. The most densely populated province of the Cenadean Interstellar Union is the Lipiclite Prefecture, which holds 54 percent of the national population. The rest are allocated to remaining major worlds and rural and sparse regions, brought under control by loose local governments.

Founded on the basis of a loose federal government, the Cenadean Interstellar Union has given a higher level of autonomy to its member provinces - allowing them to enforce local laws and control numerous prefectures and smaller provinces. While effective at promoting cohesion, this has made the action of passing national laws a tedious task - something which has been shown in similar governments in history. Even so, the Cenadean Interstellar Union appears to be excelling in national level of development, treatment of people, and equity in all scopes.

Recent territorial gains near the center of the Aylothn Galaxy, including further gains on the rim of the core have given the Cenadean Interstellar Union a heavy potential for influence over its immediate areas. Recent developments on the Aylothn's Sphere have also given it an upper-hand in terms of influence over the core. Not only that, but the massive amount of star systems have let the CIU orchestrate numerous megastructures, notably increasing its energy output and reserves.


The capital of the Cenadean Interstellar Union is an ecumenopolis known as Lipiclite. Remaining as the most populated realm in the nation, Lipiclite has gained a high level of prestige and fame. Lipiclite is a world which is primarily focused on heavy industry, economy, and centers for commerce. It is surrounded with a heavy level of stations and starship docks, and is close to a valuable wormhole station. Lipiclite is also a reasonable distance to an Intergalactic Gateway, and provides many hyperlanes to bordering nations. As such, Lipiclite is useful for its ability for local and international travel.

Lipiclite, existing as a major capital of the Cenadean Interstellar Union, is also a cornerstone capital of the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations. It is one of the most populated planets, with many layers and developed undercities which stretch far below the surface. Natural activity in the core of Lipiclite has ceased after extensive layering and development of the layers, replaced with a miniature black hole which keeps the gravity on all layers stable. Populated layers stop at automated industrial regions, where Lipiclite is granted its fame in terms of exports and development. The miniature black hole is kept stable with many receptacles which not only feed matter to the black hole, but draw power which is obtained by superradiant scattering. While not powering all of Lipiclite, it is noted to be influential over its industrial sectors.

Local Government

The Cenadean Intranational Provincial Government is the overseeing body of all provinces in the union. Not only may it help enforce the admission of national law, but it has been able to keep all provinces kept well in the Cenadean Interstellar Union. The local government of the Cenadean Interstellar Union also stretches to the level of its provinces, with an appointed governor of each. These governors are able to ratify new laws with support of the local government and popular vote. They may also influence greater national affairs in the Cenadean Intranational Provincial Government.


The economy of the Cenadean Interstellar Union is much like that compared to the rest of the Commonwealth. The nation usually runs on production, imports, and exports of valuable material. It also utilizes the foundation currency, the Carosi, as a backbone for more valuable and local currencies. The Cenadean Interstellar Union also specializes in the development and admission of hyperlane networks for the Commonwealth. It manages to hold some of the densest hyperlanes around its two Intergalactic Gateway Hubs.

Much of the legwork of the CIU economy is run by a set of artificial superintelligences, which manages much the economy and watches the flow of trade. The rest is usually done by executives as well as the government, including corporations and other businesses of the like. Rules regarding the AIs influence may be changed by governors of Cenadean Interstellar Union, as well as general economic attributes. There is also a set of failsafes, which are used if the AI becomes unstable, is shut down, or compromised in any way.

Furthermore, the economy of the Cenadean Interstellar Union, as well as much of its government, has prevented the formation of megacorporations. Since the Commonwealth's Eclipse, as well as other conflicts with relation to corporations, the Cenadean Interstellar Union has allowed for a set size for corporations, which remains rather vague and ambiguous. Most people agree that megacorporations in the Cenadean Interstellar Union are assemblies of corporate entities, which may challenge or heavily influence governmental affairs. Changing from region to region, the vagueness in the definition of 'megacorporation' has allowed for varying levels of corporate influence across the Cenadean Interstellar Union.