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The Centrality is the central black hole of the Viana Cluster. The Centrality is a rather massive stellar object, being 52 thousand masses in size. It is extremely ancient, being older than the Viana Cluster itself at 12 billion year old. Fourteen stars orbit around the Centrality, each likely being captured by the black hole's gravitational pull.


Mysterious "signals" and audio frequencies have been detected coming from the Centrality. These "signals" almost seem artificial due to their fluctuating frequencies and overall odd nature. Because of this, a space station known as Centrality Station has been put in orbit of the Centrality in order to study these signals.

Centrality Station

Along with the signals, weird lights have been sighted "flying" around the Centrality. Because of how fast these lights are, as well as their unknown nature, no close up photograph has been caught of them. Only a few videos and blurry photos have been caught by the station's cameras.


There has been many speculation about the Centrality and the anomalies surrounding it. Some scientists have theorised that the signals are a the result of an unknown type of radiation whereas wilder theories state they could be caused by mysterious beings inside the Centrality itself. These theories are often dismissed since it is impossible for life as we know it to exist inside a black hole (according to our knowledge).

As for the "lights", some think that they are merely an optical illusion caused by the station's vicinity to the black hole. Others think that they could be a strange, unknown type of star or even something Pluon related.