Cerel is the fifth planet in the Cirand-Hursel system. It is a frigid gas giant similar in size to Qesboth and Mallnbra. The planet was colonized in 12300 CE by the state-run Cerel Settlement Company of Zaramor. Currently, the planet holds the record number of graduates from military school from any world found in the system. Cerel also is the leading ship producer, due to it being close to the capital planet Zaramor.

Physical Statistics

  • Mass: 2.5377 x 10^27 kg
  • Diameter: 145075.92 km
  • Solar Day: 8 hrs 27 min
  • Temperature: -201.03°C
  • Rings: ~20 (thin)
  • Moons: 65


Cerel was never home to any sort of creature. However, the same ancient beings that lived on Zaramor must have probed the planet around 34720 BCE. This has been discovered due to petroglyphs and papers found detailing an excursion to the gas giant from Zaramor. After the disappearance of the species, life never reached Cerel until the advent of humans. Sent by state order in 12300 CE, the first humans to colonize the planet readily had the technology available to live successfully. Such technology were the same machinations that could produce floating (levitating, more specifically) cities and shipyards as found on Qesboth and Mallnbra.

At first finding the planet uninhabited, the first human pioneers made it their objective to bring in the colonial government that would rule them for the next 797 years. The primary industry that employed most of the 175,000 settlers was searching for precious stones and metals. When minuscule amounts were found, the focus of Cerel's industry became shipbuilding and growing the numbers of the military. Two schools were established for the purposes of training the armed forces: the Naval Academy of the Domain, and the Pilot Institution.

Cerel Civil War

Cerel was launched into chaos with the outbreak of civil war in 13097 CE. Fueled by a movement of total sovereignty, Cerel was sharply divided in its populace's loyalty to Zaramor. The colonial government (hence a puppet of direct Zaramorian control) was accused of mistreating the civilians by discrimination in local governmental affairs. Because the local (municipal) legislatures were run be Cerel-born individuals, the calls for liberty and an end to Zaramor ensued. A "People's Republic" was declared, and the bold move elicited a sharp, harsh response from the Zaramorian Domain. Warships from Zaramor arrived and bombarded the Revsiror Sector city and shipyard on Cerel (this location contained the de-facto capital), and practically obliterated the settlement.

Cerelians responded by hijacking and destroying two vessels from Zaramor carrying notable mayors. The mayors died in the attack, as the ships were detonated from the inside, and the war further scaled into a series of bombardment and counterattack. The battle of Gordoyin Shipyard ended the war on the planet. Four monstrous Zaramorian bomber craft razed the Gordoyin shipyard, which manufactured some of the most feared vessels to cruise the Domain. By destroying the base, Zaramorian forces also happened to annihilate most of the personnel in the rebel government, thereby putting an end to morale in the "People's Republic".

After the surrender of the rebellious forces, the United System Council aimed to listen to the legitimate grievances of the Cerel people. Instead of becoming a separate government which would have warred with Zaramor for ages, Cerel became a "home rule republic" with affiliation to the Domain.


Since the Cerel Civil War, life on the planet ha been peaceful. Only a few people have been arrested and indicted with attempting to initiate other rebellions, but every effort has fell short of its intended purpose.

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