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"Oh, how I yearned to understand the secrets of the Deagami. Now it feels like I've found a lost part of my own family. These people are such unique wonders of the Universe. I feel honored to even stand alongside them."

The Cerulean Kings are an ancient order of 7 siblings, whose presence has only recently become something known to any. The direct children of Azurade, created by her hand, each Cerulean King is but an experiment to further her ultimate goals. The Cerulean Kings were created over a long timeframe, beginning some 1.8 billion years ago and only ending with the creation of Silverstar 290 million years ago. Their power is unbelievable to most peoples of the Cosmos, rivaling even the Angels of Aeternalist doctrine. Perhaps it is for the better that they have chosen to keep Azurullya as their home.


The Cerulean Kings are not physical lifeforms in the traditional sense. Their body is bound to a large mass of energy, usually taking the form of a star in its dormant state, within their respective Deagami Nebulis. While in this state, which is their base and natural form, they experience time at an astoundingly different pace to most life. While seconds pass for them, the stars of Azurullya pass through their nebulae and swirl around them. Stars are born and die within hours for these sleeping monsters. When awoken, their forms are much smaller, but contain similar levels of energy. The form itself is fluid, allowing the Cerulean Kings to warp their bodies to their own desires. One constant with their forms is the color of their eyes, which take the hue and glow of their dormant form's "star". The colors of these do not necessarily correlate with the primary hue of each King's nebula.


The Cerulean Kings have a specific pattern to their names. Each one has three names. The first name of a Cerulean King is one they choose themselves, to prove their life and will to all. Second is the name of their plane, to remind them of their origins, no matter how long they live. Third, the name of Azurade, to bind them all together and to evoke the image of their creator's power. Together, the Cerulean Kings are a family, united under common birth and form and name.


The primary source of power for the Cerulean Kings is their Deagami. Each one is the manifestation of a tiny plane, which each span likely only a few hundred light years. These planes, however, are incredibly potent. The incredible difficulty needed to enter such planes is met only with oblivion, as all foreign matter and energy is assimilated into the plane's overpowering radiance within a few seconds.

The Deagami planes are named after the nebulae that result from their intersections with the Local Cosmos. Each one represents a certain concept, which is not necessarily reflected by the nebula's effects, but through a certain ability of each Cerulean King. This ability is a property contained within their Ichor, a blood-adjacent fluid that exists in vast quantities within each King. The abilities displayed through use of Ichor are sometimes called hemomantic abilities, but this is not entirely the case. The concept of each Deagami can be inferred through the Ichor's properties. For example, Silverstar Ravenfogg Azurade's Ichor preserves objects and beings, even ridding people of chronic conditions. Thus, the Ravenfogg is said to be the Deagami of preservation.

While it was once believed that the Cerulean Kings were the cause of the Deagami Nebulis' odd properties, the recent emergence of all 7 of them has proven otherwise. While they now have a semblance of control over the effects within each of their realms, the nebulae have not waned in power in the slightest. The true cause behind the Deagami Nebulis is now clear: the leakage of energy from the Deagami planes. This energy is difficult to detect, requiring the use of Esoteric Thaumaturgy.


The Cerulean Kings, hand crafted by the first soul in this universe, have no Pylons in the Lux Aeterna. They are incapable of any Thaumaturgy relating to it. What they do have, however, is their Deagami. Each Cerulean King is a full conduit for a plane of their own, resulting in the purest Esoteric Magi in all of creation. Born with instinctual knowledge of energy manipulation, each King has honed their Thaumaturgy to nigh perfection.


The seven Kings have long drifted through Azurullya. Through light, they spoke through the vast expanses of stars. Aythraani, they called it. Their language of light, though quick to the dormant Kings, was seen as the slow ebbing in the light of the Deagami Nebulis. The Kings can occasionally be witnessed speaking through Aythraani even now, locking eyes as they flash their thoughts between each other.



Azurade is not a passive being. Though she watches the slow evolution of the Cosmos in fear, she does not cower and wait for the end. One of Azurade's plans to keep her galaxy burning eternally seems to be the creation of the Deagami. First, 1.8 billion years ago, the Dreamhaze was created, carrying with it the concept of "memory". It roamed slowly, watching and noting the births of its younger siblings. Second was the Viritacloud, glowing with amber-green might. Third was the Nullheart, dimming the passion of hearts once bright. Fourth was the Nightmarelunen, plunging Azurullya into wrathful night. Soon after was the Wondertsuki, fighting the Nightmarelunen for its place as "right". Sixth was the Auramest, worshiping the first child of Azurade, the eternal light. And seventh, at last, was the Ravenfogg, whispering to the souls wandering its dull white.

Silverstar's Escape

Out of the Cerulean Kings, something was different about Silverstar. He seemed to hear the voices of the ones wandering into his domain, and soon became fascinated with them. Though he was Azurade's final child, of whom she felt so proud that no others were created after, he found a way to break the form he was given. For a while, the Ravenfogg went dim. Silverstar had taken on a new, smaller form. With this, he looked up, outward upon his vast skies. Captivated by the saffron spires he saw glowing far away, he decided on his first destination.

The Great Awakening

Recently, the secrets of the Ravenfogg's whispering were understood. Moonmoon, the leader of Azurullya's people, used a series of artifacts and aberrations within his reach to return Silverstar to his awakened form. From here, not a thousand years passed before the other Cerulean Kings had also been awakened. Now free to experience and change their home at the hastened pace of mortal lives, Azurullya is now under the partial dominion of its eldest residents once more.