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Ceruleopolis, often known as the Planet of Azure, is a prominent world in the Terran Bubble's United Terran Federation. Ceruleopolis is a semi-ecumenopolis, with cities covering the majority of the globe but significant swaths of land left for nature. The planet's population is enormous in contrast to other adjacent worlds, totaling around one trillion people. Ceruleopolis rose to prominence owing to its vicinity in the midst of Harmony's Way, as well as connections to both Indar and Theras, which allowed it to prosper far faster than other neighboring worlds.

During the Ether War, Ceruleopolis's fame grew even more. Due to valkyrie drones, the dictatorship's forces defeated those of the Terrans in the second phase of the horrific struggle, and the dictatorship's forces were closing in on Indar and other major population centers. Ceruleopolis, fortunately, had a vast fleet in orbit, mostly as a hiding spot while repairs. As the repairs were being completed, a substantial percentage of the dictatorship's warships entered the system, approaching Ceruleopolis. The terran fleet remained concealed until it ultimately defeated the dictatorship's fleet, allowing the terrans to deliver a crushing strike to the dictatorship.

Urban Centers & Settlements

An urban center of Ceruleopolis following the standard architectural standards of the planet

Vast urban centers cover more than a quarter of Ceruleopolis' landmass. Many of these cities adhere to Ceruleopolis' normal architectural standards, which include sleek and clean skyscapers overshadowing vast streets below, with white, black, and blue being the most commonly used colors in construction. The streets below, where the working class lives, are cast in darkness by skyscrapers. Large recreational pathways run between the towers, functioning as additional layers on top of the streets. Shops, entertainment centers, and apartments may be found along these walking paths, creating an above-ground new world above the murky streets.

Ceruleopolis' landscape is littered with gigantic arcologies, massive self-sustaining skyscrapers that house millions of people. Ceruleopolis now has precisely 600 arcologies, with this number anticipated to soar in the following decades. Most people who come to live in arcologies simply want to get away from civilization while remaining on the same planet. The typical Ceruleopolis arcology is a hundred kilometers long and has over two million residents, but the largest is twice as long and over six times as crowded. All of these arcologies are linked by massive maglev railway networks which span the entire planet.



Ceruleopolis is home to a strange and alien ecosystem that can be found all over the planet. Life is more or less the same throughout, considering the fact that there are few natural barriers such as oceans or large mountains. Ceruleopolis' lifeforms are carbon-water based, as one would expect on such a world. Ceruleopolis' lifeforms are all descended from a meteor that collided with the the planet, a process known as panspermia. Microbial species had to adapt to their new and unfamiliar environment, which led to the evolution of the earliest multicellular organisms. From there, life evolved into the Ceruleopolis ecosystem of today.

The Aizawa Whales of Ceruleopolis

The most numerous lifeforms of Ceruleopolis are tiny photosynthetic plankton-life present and very widespread in the atmosphere, which use a compound similar to chlorophyll, except blue, which makes the atmosphere appear as blue as it is. These have spawned entire ecosystems around them. Most terrestrial fauna consists of creatures anchored to the ground, waiting for the planktons to wander into their mouths. The skies are home to an ecosystem very similar to an ocean, with aerial filter-feeders of all shapes and sizes gradually wandering the skies. Ferocious aerial predators have additionally come into existence as to control the filter-feeder population.

Ceruleopolis' vegetation isn't quite as diverse and complicated as the planet's wildlife. Plants with blue hue cover almost the entire ground, using the same substance that planktons use instead of chlorophyll. There are no grass-like organisms covering the entire surface. Instead, every square meter of the planet is covered in ferbs, shrubs, and other short plants. These plants further enhance the planet's blue hue from space. Many of these plants, particularly those that resemble bushes, yield edible berries in a variety of flavors and colors.

The fauna of Ceruleopolis is regularly hunted and the plants are foraged regularly by the planet's residents. These are ubiquitous on the planet, yet they are regarded as delicacies off-worlds. For example, while the largest aerial filter-feeders of Ceruleopolis are regularly consumed on Ceruleopolis, they are a delicacy exclusively consumed by the wealthiest on faraway planets such as Indar. Off-world, the price of some berries and other fruits can soar a hundredfold.

Points of Interest

Azaris Range

Falcon's Cap

Sea of Avos



Colonization & Urbanization

The Ether War



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Ziven Falcon
Governor of Ceruleopolis
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42 Years Old
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Terran Public's Party