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"The Ceving Tree is the living example of Haven's winter beauty, with its snow-white coloring across its brilliantly crafted structure. Despite their commonality, one should always find it to be a privilege to see their beautiful splendor whenever one gets the chance to."-William Tancard's: Haveborne Flora illustrated.


The Ceving Tree - Also known as the "Snow-Wood" is a common species of tree located in colder regions of the planet Haven, such as taigas and arctics of southern Ruhiel, and northern Vanriel respectively, along with some of the other colder areas of Haven's continents and islands, with a global population of around two hundred billion individual trees. They are most well known for their snow-white coloring in both their wood, and their pine leaves. They are often beloved by those who live near them, as their white leaves remind one of the beautiful magical winter wonderland northern Haven truly is.


The Ceving Tree's baseline physical appearance and structure resembles a small Haven Pine tree, however there are a few differentiating features between the two species of tree. The first and most obvious is the coloring the Ceving Tree has, with a bright and piercing white finish in their woods, making them appear like large pieces of upright snow, though in some cases darker regions of the wood have been known to occur in some trees. This white coloring extends to their pine leaves as well, giving them a similar appearance to a snow-covered Haven Pine Tree. Unlike Haven Pine Trees however, the Ceving Tree typically does not grow very large, usually only growing to a maximum height of around twenty feet long. The wood that makes up their structure is also fairly weak, taking around five hundred and fifty-two pounds per square inch to break it.

Unlike most species of tree on Haven, the Ceving Tree does not require vast amounts of sun light, as they typically grow in areas where the nights are long. As a result, they only require around a third of the sunlight other similar tree species need to survive. They are among some of the most efficient species of flora in the world when it comes to absorbing water, as they constantly gather the water within the snow they sit upon. Typically, it will take around fifty-seven standard years for a Ceving Tree to fully grow from a pine cone, which also share the same snow-white coloring their parent trees do.


As their wood is very week when compared to other tree species of Haven, the Ceving Tree is not typically used in the construction of any buildings. Instead, many pieces of furniture and other decorations are created with delicate precision and care, creating vibrantly beautiful pieces of art out of the snow-white wood. Along with its usage in artwork, it is often used in cultural pieces and iconography in cities, towns and other settlements located in colder areas where the tree is known to grow, such as the city of Hevin Log in western Zazriel, which incidentally stands as the only example on the planet where Ceving Trees are known to grow in a warm climate.

Certain small animals are known to have specifically evolve to puncture the wood of the Ceving Tree to drink from the vast amounts of liquid water the respective tree absorbs from the snow. These aforementioned animals are usually certain species of bird, however some insects are known to do the same. Often times, birds will create nests from the twigs and leaves of the tree, perching them on the higher branches of the individual tree.