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Cevros (Pronounced Sev-Rohs) is a heavily populated planet, located in the Nerichi Sector of Aylothn. It is controlled by the Economic States of Nerichi, a member nation of the Commonwealth which has resided over the world for many millennia. Cevros is a very industrial world, with much of its area being dedicated to the facilities on and around the planet. As such, its need for the industry has made it one of the only planets with direct access to the Intergalactic Gateway Network. Cevros is best known for being the only major Commonwealth capital that is a planetary object. It is also has a high economic value, which allows the industries to profit heavily.

Cevros, being the home planet for the Staleyans has received a high amount of prestige and cultural value. Ever since the Staleyans rebelled from Sedrua, Cevros has acted as a fortress world, with many layers full of housing and industry. Much of the planet's deep crust and upper mantle has been excavated, with heat either being funneled away or being turned into energy. Cevros also receives a positive reputation for its quality of life, as most citizens live comfortably in any given layer of the planet. Cevros has come through the eons, untouched by war or crises.

Economic Value

Cevros has two driving forces behind its economy, which are the technological, cultural, and tourist markets. The technological markets are usually run by computer or robotics manufacturing, a feat which Cevros has excelled at through peace and war. Tourism is run by the interest of the people, which has stayed at a high rate since the establishment of the Intergalactic Gateway Network. Furthermore, all markets have a positive relationship with each other, as planetwide technological development has attracted many people in Cevros' history.


Cevros' culture is heavily based on its immigrants. While it changes slowly now, the activation of the Intergalactic Gateway Network allowed countless people from all walks of life to flood the planet. With the then-miraculous level of technology, combined with relatively high freedom, cultures were able to freely express themselves and integrate with Cevros' society. Through the planetwide cityscapes rest coves for all sorts of cultures, with new ones being not too uncommon. The excellent status of Cevros as a cultural center helped it become the only planetary object which is a primary CUEN capital.


Cevros primarily relies on the trade of technology, cultural goods, and other materials which are exported locally. Trade is mostly done through hyperlanes, though a local Intergalactic Gateway allows Cevros' goods to travel far and wide. Additionally, Cevros has a large number of factories, allowing it to produce a vast variety of products. These products are sold throughout the galaxy, making Cevros one of the largest trading planets in the Commonwealth.


Once being an integral planet to Sedrua, Cevros was well known for being the center of the Staleyan Sector. Sedrua's administration over the planet was like most others, as it was quickly urbanized. Guidelines for the Staleyans were made after planetary ownership, allowing the fledging vassal to expand under the guise of Sedrua. Many planets in the said sector were colonized by Staleyans, as their adaptability and newfound technology allowed them to easily establish colonies on alien worlds. Cevros was the center of it all, with Staleyans being satisfied with their home planet's newfound success.

As Cevros became better known in the eye of Sedrua, it became known as the "Land of Opulence", as its area was a large source of income for Sedrua. As time passed, more and more areas would be subsumed in the Staleyan Sector. Sedrua would face a crisis, however, as the Wane of Reality destroyed any hope of future Sedruan expansion. In the wake of this event, Cevros' economy was shattered, security over Sedrua's subsidiaries was tightened, and quality of life went from blissful to questionable.

Cevros itself turned into a fortified military world, with members of Sydiah's Architects enforcing its status as such. Life would shift from gritty to casual, back and forth for centuries until Sedrua's borders closed in. National instability urged local forces to become authoritarian, forcing Staleyans into submission with military force. The Staleyan Sector, including Cevros, was denied a military and political entity, leaving Cevros' fate in limbo. its economy had also been severely damaged, and many citizens attempted to leave to no avail.

The thought of fighting back against Sedrua became a common thought in the eyes of the people. Cevros, as one of the few worlds which did not succumb to total disaster, was powerful enough to fuel the Staleyan Sector in resistance. Cevros' population, along with those of many other worlds in the region, later rose in an event named the Staleyan-Sedruan war. Cevros, being the most populous of the worlds, decided to lead the charge, and the rest of the sector soon followed. The overwhelming weakness and isolationism in Sedrua prompted minor pushback against Cevros. Military action from surrounding nations ruined any chance of counterattack, and Sedrua let go of the Staleyan Sector in 9,843 BCE.

Cevros, now an independent planet, began to build its strength. The newfound Economic States of Nerichi would fight alongside like-minded individuals through the Central Sedruan War. Cevros would again be the center for military backing, as it would secretly supply rebelling nations with supplies, spacecraft, and troops. Cevros' economic value also increased, as it could now produce much-needed technology for the war effort. Sedrua would seal itself in the Suvaren Field not long after, re-affirming the independence of all free nations.

The population of Cevros would rise from then after, as Vaspujian and the High Rule of Cenades opened borders with the Economic States. The re-establishment of Intergalactic Gateways gave Cevros an age of prosperity. Tts trade and tourism also increased considerably. Cevros, now a true center of commerce, remained that way through all future conflicts in Aylothn. The Eclipse, Aylothn's Totality, and the War of the Ancients would not affect its status as a bolstering realm.